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he lived
through the pages of her journal
the brushstrokes on her canvas
and the scars on her heart
creative souls always find a way
to keep their memories alive,
even if it's unintentional
Sam Feb 14
I don't know why we never shared a goodbye. We just kind of ended like the stars do when the sun creeps up in the horizon. For a faint moment, I watched you drift away. Realizing the extent of my inner despair. Wishing for your hand resting softly in my hair. Dreaming of the days you were locked tight in my arms. Holding on to hope that someday you might return.
          Some time has passed since we shared a moonlit kiss. My heart would always race as your illuminated lips grew closer. The empty sidewalks came alive just to giggle at our romantic ploys. You'd always be there when I awoke. Ensnaring me with the limitless look in your eyes.
          When I think of you, I fall back in time. Clear as day, I'm taking your hand as we depart from your porch into the wide-open world. The world hasn't changed so much I suppose. It just seems a tad more lonesome now, and my boots feel a lot heavier.
speeding round the curves

flying over the hills

my ***** went in my stomach,

I spilled some beer,

when we had to slow down

for that tractor

with a plow attachment


was about to take a ****
luckily, we didn't encounter any deer that night
Marla Toledez Jan 30
Days of angst
Pursue me through
Awkward moments galore,
The hangover to my prior life.
Middle school bells ring
In the corridors of my mind,
Harkening back to a time
When sharpened pencils where More important than rent.
High school bells bring me
A cold comfort I can't explain,
I guess not enough time
Has passed for me to smile.
If only these tears
Could be wiped from my face
Without the slow hand of time
Quelling my soul's embrace.
Perhaps I'd smile with heart.
marjo Jan 25
sometimes, you're the only thing that's running inside my mind---
when it's past midnight and i can't seem to close my eyes,
when it's dark and cold and i'm all alone in sight,
i feel the ghost of your kisses on my neck haunting me.

maybe you'd think i'm having a nightmare, no.
because most of times,
i'd still choose this empty feeling over anything.
i **** at this, sorry.
Eric Jan 19
My life has drowned out
All I see are blurs
As time stood
My mind proceeds with flashes
I feel wet eye lashes.
zoe Jan 8
One day you will be
A five-minute memory
That fades away
When the music ends.
rai Jan 3
It's always like this,
My mind is confuse,
Always been failing,
but you're the one my heart beats.

How many letters have I written to you
How many tears have dried

When will I laugh
that's not forced, not overlooking sadness?
When will I get
your hugs and kisses without dreaming?
When? When? When is the old us?
M. T,J
Caro Dec 2018
Anxious she finds herself
Though lately less so
Childhood bed
In her childhood home
Thinking childish thoughts in her childhood head
Russian nesting doll

Nesting soon to be though not so
Rings and nausea
And please let me sleep
Head in her mother’s lap

Mental illness and lack of routine
Tapping on her glass

The blurry light from the hallway outside the bedroom reflecting on the shiny wooden headboard.
How many many many times has this dappled wood revealed its imperfections in that blurry reflected light?
Put me to sleep with your consistency and resolve

Thank you little light
And mother’s hands that flipped the switch
And eyes that remember
And mini terrors of her adolescents that gave this reflection the right to sweep across her consciousness in swooning waves that feel soothing as they scrape.

In this moment its comfort is quite enough
Trying to fall asleep over the holidays and the blurry reflection of the light on the headboard that I didn’t know was so familiar to me
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