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Iz Oct 9
Is it really survivors guilt if
I haven’t survived yet
MC Oct 8
It’s okay that you never put me first
Because I will
It’s okay that you never let go
Because I will

Someday you’ll be someone that I once knew
Someone who someday might become someone that’s worth it to know
But I will never
Know that it could have been great
You and me; imagine that
For now; it’s been too late
I was worth it, you know
You held onto your pride and me; you let go

It’s okay, though
I forgive you
And maybe someday
Even today
I’ll miss you
Jodie Davies Sep 24
There's a grey sky
over our magic garden,
the one I slept in as a child.
I remember when your voice
would bring my room to life
like the way we made
a pink butterfly in a book
when we coloured
between the lines.
My white pillow
sprouted red roses.
The shadows of the branches
on the wall swayed to
'you are my sunshine'
like the silhouettes of fairies
in the books we read
before we came here.
You said what blooms here never dies.
We coloured this world in so well
that there's no room
between the lines for worries.
There's a grey sky
over our magic garden.
When you left,
it took my sunshine away.  

Now I lay alone  
in a storm.
I try to sleep
to the sound of rain
that I made up
to mask the sound of silence.
Dead flowers balance on the edge
of your unmarked grave,
like time worrying about
all the bad things that haven't happened yet.  
Our garden is a dead land.
I grab hold of its only sturdy root
to stop me being
swept away by the storm.
Wrinkles form
where your hands should be and
my only friends are birds. They too,
silent as they wait
for you to come home
and colour them in once again.
Reminiscing on my childhood and those who got me here.
aennij Sep 23
I'll keep remembering you,
even when this love gets ill.
I'll keep holding you,
when no one else will.

When the stars continually shine upon us,
these eyes will only look at you still.
I will keep this trust,
when no one else will.

I'll keep longing and waiting,
even if I become numb and couldn't feel.
For you, I will keep on seeking,
when no one else will.

So this I ask for you,
let's keep this true and real.
I'll keep loving you,
when no one else will.
A Sep 6
Dear Room,

You have been pink
You have been blue
And yellow, then pink again
I even drew Whinnie the poo

And now you're white
With one wall blue
And I have loved 15 years with you

Soon another little girl may burst in
With different color to choose
But I will always remember
That you were me, and I was you
purple heart Aug 26
how can some people not see,
how can they not feel,
how terrible unkind and unjust
are they being.

doesn't their soul shiver?
does sound sleep come to them at night?
doesn't their heart, skip a beat?
does the unheard replies haunt them?

i wonder
they mange to breathe after.
people often forget, how to act like humans.
there should be a crash course for that.
Millie Aug 25
Our fling has flung
Our dream is done
You kissed me so
My heart awoke
Oh how the world moves on
JJ Inda Jul 31
Bittersweet song
on my radio.
Reminiscing on our story
as if conjured.
Some roads fork
and divide,
others turn to dirt
and get lost in the wilderness.
Still, there's a melody
to be found;
memories fondly held,
despite the lies.
My pictures in my room are not just for show,
they have way more meaning than you would ever know,
my pictures in my room are memories I wish had last
but now they are only in the past
My pictures in my room are moments ill forever hold
these memories are highlights, these memories are pure gold
however those times have gone away
I have never not missed them to this day
Nina Jul 25
He asked,
"What am I supposed to feel looking at these old photos?"

I guess
i wanted him to never forget those memories
The ones we had together
And how much happiness it has brought me.
But also remember that it's all gone
And i have been ruminating about those times
How deeply sad i am

Maybe you felt nothing
But those pictures,
Brings meaning to me,
Even if you don't feel the same
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