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Some friendships never die—
& others simmer softly
In a boiling kettle of
Misty potential.
I was that dying seedling in the desert
Revived by the beautiful gift of rain
The rain was the effect of you on me
When I was in pain.

Well, times have changed.
An oasis has bloomed, no dark sky looms
But one thing still remains the same
The droplets of rain, which remind me of you.
FELILA Sep 2017
Dalawang bata
Isang matanda
Babae't lalaki
Kasama ang ama
Naglalaro sila
Doon sa may kalsada
Napadaan lang ako
Ngunit tila paa'y napako
Habang sila'y tinititigan

---Isip ko'y bumalik sa nakaraan

Naalala ko nang kami ni ama'y
Naglalaro ng tagu-taguan
Sa tuwing ako'y nahuhuli
Ako'y kanyang kinikiliti
Oo, ako'y naging masaya
Sa limang taong pinagsamahan

---Bumalik ako sa kasalukuyan

Ang mag-ama'y tuwang-tuwa sa aking kanan
Hinihiling ko lamang sa Panginoon
Sila sana'y bigyan pa ng mahabang panahon
Sana'y maranasan mo ang hindi ko naranasan.
Vishal Pant Mar 2
I still hear my restless rowdy ramblings
The luminous lamp's light over us
No heart breaks,hubris or hindrance
Just an innocent inane imbecile

Our school was a scared site
Where my friends would flaunt and fight
When worries were bereft
And dreams were daft

I am not a joyful juvenile joking around
When will those desirable days dawn
She was transparent,
blunt and beautiful.
what she lacked in grace,
she made up for in good times.
I remember the face she would make
when she laughed at my stupid jokes.
her eyes would squint and her mouth
would shrink right before it widened
stretching from corner to corner
showing her lovely white teeth.
She wore a dark red shade of lipstick,
loved my writing, the poetry and songs.
I miss her pinot grigio kisses
and her nicotine scent.
She left me at Heathrow airport
and on her way she went.
She was going to be an actress
and I was going to be
whatever I was going to be.
She saw the best and the worst in men.
I wonder though, what she ever saw in me.
Estel Feb 6
I remember us as kids
We had it all planned
You and I dreamed of the future

We’d lay near the water's edge
Hearing the splashing waves
While the wind carried our words
We would close our eyes
And imagine a *** of gold in the sky
Overflowing with our hopes and dreams

But now that we’re older…
I wonder what your dreams have turned into
Mine are just ashes
They’ve poured down from the sky
Now the skies are grey
A fog covers our hearts

Don’t you wish you could turn back time?
Back to when the sun could still shine..

Just hold me close
Because I need you now
And together we’ll watch the birds fly away
Wishing it was us
Reminiscing of a better time.
Kimberly Jan 7
The summer breezed in Kraków field,
The fresh air that lingers in my hair
Watching the nuthatches safely arrived in their bield,
While we are holding our hands sitting on the chair.

At night, we were stargazing
You said, "what a starry night",
Like van Gogh's painting is so amazing
That I light up your world without your sight.

Then, You smiled back at me like how Mona Lisa smiled,
It gives me an impression
And that night my world become wild
I knew that You are my dedication and inspiration.

I need a love that grows
That your sweet and tenderness in my veins flows.

Last time, I made pączki for your birthday,
You're so vivacious
Oh dear, a week is not enough to see you everyday
Your love is contagious

We went to the beach for a night,
That day, You and I collide
You will be forever my knight
Please stay by my side.
Fifth of November, you dressed up like van Gogh,
I stared at you like how Frida kahlo fierce,
Honey, I want you to stay by my side everywhere I go.
I love for a thousand years,

I can't stop thinking 'bout your face,
You can never be replaced.

Our relationship has different strokes,
As I painted our love story in Tatra mountain,
Here, under the oaks,
Dear, No one could ever erase you in my memory nor stain,

Were at the terraces, spending my christmas with you,
The smell of potato pancakes are so nostalgic,
And also the spices that is in the barbecue,
Spending holiday with you is so romantic,

Before the year ends,
We waited to power up the fireworks,
moja miłość, we are more than just friends,
And that's how our love works.

How lovely and amazing,
Now, I'm just reminiscing.
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