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Chelsea Lyons Nov 2023
The melancholy melody that resonates
throughout every numbed neuron.
"Memories feel like weapons."
like anchors weighing down any sense of rationality
Like a drug warping the surroundings of my desolate reality
I cling to my arsenal for dear life
I reside in these recollections where I knew I was loved
Where I was cared about
Was valued
was seen.
Instead of the soul crushing uncertainty I reside in now
Where I get thrown back into frigid winds after finding
any semblance of warmth
Where loneliness still creeps in with company
when you have to question motivations
of every single action
but the memories are so enticing
Because all these questions are instantly answered
with the ghost of a smile
the remembrance of a gaze
of arms wrapped around in a tender embrace
and reassuring words.
But reminiscing quickly turns deadly
as the grief that soon follows swallows me whole
"Memories feel like weapons"
Jellyfish Oct 2023
I miss our first days sometimes
and like to reminisce at night
There are times when I'm lucky and
I can convince him to retell our stories to me
after we turn out the lights.
It always helps me to fall asleep;
When he recounts our memories.
I would love to lay together and hear him describe things to me
but he doesn't like to lately
I miss going to sleep at the same time.
thyreez-thy Oct 2023
Hand in hand, eye to eye, your gaze leaved me elated
Your smile sends me, it was made in heaven, all negative emotions negated
Was this meeting between 2 people fated?
Will our love be debated?

Your Dress shines brighter than stars in a sky
I laugh awkwardly just staring into your eyes
Heavens know how lucky it must be for a guy
To be blushing so hard it cannot be disguised

Hands intertwined as the music sets the motion
Movements so in sync we receive jealously from the ocean
How would your parents feel, what is their notion?
Am I the only one feeling this much devotion?

Tip toes and sways, you match the beat to the Tee
We scream at the top of our lungs, so what if the world sees?
Be it fate, chance, destiny, or the power to believe
I know that we could never be deceived

This must be real, you must actually be here
If not, then why do I feel your hand wipe my tears
Were those dreams just illusions to feed into my fears?
Or was our love ever really there my dear?
Something I managed to come up with after seeing an incomplete poem, I hope to write down each poem I've ever created and will create by the end of this year.
thyreez-thy Oct 2023
Somedays I wish I were your mirror
For days you doubt yourself and your lips start to quiver
The days you second guess your outfit
To me, just to see you would be more than enough profit
From your encapsulating gaze and river-like hair
Would keep me staring at you for hours
Wondering are you faring well
Every remark causing me to dispel

To every outfit too tight, bright, just right
To every single compliment, gorgeous, Insatiable, a delight
I'd rarely be blind Justice, you'd look good in everything
Wishing moments like these were everlasting
On your off days, to your worst
Whenever you feel cursed
The reflection may be blurred, but never lies
Your tears only bring out the beauty of those portals
to your soul, gateways to the brain
Not being able to touch you would be insane

If I were ever punished to become any object
I'd choose to be your mirror and never object
A poem I wrote to an old companion during our infatuation. Looking back I do not regret ever writing it, I found it to be sincere at the time.
thyreez-thy Oct 2023
Oh how beautiful you've gotten, you're aging like wine
Just how long ago was it when your beauty couldn't be defined?
How your brown eyes match you're wavy hair
How you send me shivers with that direct stare

How could a person exist who makes me want to hold them tight
To be a better man and to only do to them right
Somebody I adore, cherish and would defend in a fight
Somebody I see as the rarest gem, glistening like sunlight

How your smile is bright and reminds me of greater days
When you would still call me and always know what to say
When we'd spend nights and days reminiscing on memories yet to be made
Too soon was it when we snapped back to reality and the ugliest price was paid

How I am longing, to feel your hand on mine
How I am yearning to smell your cooking and hear your chimes
Your singing voice enthralls me, so deep yet so soothing
When you said that you loved me it sent me soaring

Alas. It's naïve to long for that long passed
A love a year too old, turned into remnant, to ash
Odd reminders follow me, as I take old poetry out from the trash
I pray for your safest returns, for a good live and to never have it Harsh

Would your kiss melt me or send me straight to Grace?
How could I want this badly to hold somebody's face
How would our kids have looked had we ever made it farther than the starting line?
Would your heart still be burning if we weren't divided by contour lines?
A poem I wrote after finding all of these old pieces, Trying to get back into writing again.
Mark Toney Dec 2021
Enter the winter of our life as one
The months and years have rushed on by
Together we’ve endured what life has dealt
Our true love’s the reason why

We both were sweet 16 when introduced
We waved hello across the room
Was one year later till we met again
Wasn’t long before love bloomed

       When reminiscing through our life
        there’s so much that we hold dear
         Regret is not a word that we would use
          despite all the tears …

Our vows were said when we were just 18
We pledged a love to last the years
Such declaration gave us confidence
Helped mitigate our fears

Our firstborn son came after nineteen months
Our second son just eighteen more
Now in their forties with wives of their own
Ladies whom we so adore

       When reminiscing through our life
        there’s so much that we hold dear
         Regret is not a word that we would use
          despite all the tears …

And so we live to love another day
You smile at me and take my hand
Assured that as we face life’s obstacles
Together we will stand

Just for a moment, I go back in time
Freshness of youth as memories soar
If I were asked to do it all again
I would wish to love you more …

Mark Toney © 2021
12/22/2021 - Poetry form: Lyric - Mark Toney © 2021
I was that dying seedling in the desert
Revived by the beautiful gift of rain
The rain was the effect of you on me
When I was in pain.

Well, times have changed.
An oasis has bloomed, no dark sky looms
But one thing still remains the same
The droplets of rain, which remind me of you.
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