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Mark Toney Dec 2021
Enter the winter of our life as one
The months and years have rushed on by
Together we’ve endured what life has dealt
Our true love’s the reason why

We both were sweet 16 when introduced
We waved hello across the room
Was one year later till we met again
Wasn’t long before love bloomed

       When reminiscing through our life
        there’s so much that we hold dear
         Regret is not a word that we would use
          despite all the tears …

Our vows were said when we were just 18
We pledged a love to last the years
Such declaration gave us confidence
Helped mitigate our fears

Our firstborn son came after nineteen months
Our second son just eighteen more
Now in their forties with wives of their own
Ladies whom we so adore

       When reminiscing through our life
        there’s so much that we hold dear
         Regret is not a word that we would use
          despite all the tears …

And so we live to love another day
You smile at me and take my hand
Assured that as we face life’s obstacles
Together we will stand

Just for a moment, I go back in time
Freshness of youth as memories soar
If I were asked to do it all again
I would wish to love you more …

Mark Toney © 2021
12/22/2021 - Poetry form: Lyric - Mark Toney © 2021
s y kalindara Oct 2021
The funny thing is,
you never said them;
those three heavenly words that I'd been
hanging on to hear,
but I knew I felt
their eventual effect
in my limbs,
and I was convinced
that I hadn't imagined
your affection.

The funny thing is,
I never confessed either;
couldn't will my lips to part and tell you
that your eyes could eclipse the moon,
that I could get used to
the letters in your name and feeling nervous,
that I could (still would) love you on purpose.

The funny thing is,
back then my words got caught in my throat;
they don't anymore.

Copyright © 2021 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
We never actually said "I love you".

(p.s. follow me on instagram, if you'd like to @sykmusings ♡)
Marla R Jun 2021
Some friendships never die—
& others simmer softly
In a boiling kettle of
Misty potential.
I was that dying seedling in the desert
Revived by the beautiful gift of rain
The rain was the effect of you on me
When I was in pain.

Well, times have changed.
An oasis has bloomed, no dark sky looms
But one thing still remains the same
The droplets of rain, which remind me of you.
Vishal Pant Mar 2021
I still hear my restless rowdy ramblings
The luminous lamp's light over us
No heart breaks,hubris or hindrance
Just an innocent inane imbecile

Our school was a scared site
Where my friends would flaunt and fight
When worries were bereft
And dreams were daft

I am not a joyful juvenile joking around
When will those desirable days dawn
She was transparent,
blunt and beautiful.
what she lacked in grace,
she made up for in good times.
I remember the face she would make
when she laughed at my stupid jokes.
her eyes would squint and her mouth
would shrink right before it widened
stretching from corner to corner
showing her lovely white teeth.
She wore a dark red shade of lipstick,
loved my writing, the poetry and songs.
I miss her pinot grigio kisses
and her nicotine scent.
She left me at Heathrow airport
and on her way she went.
She was going to be an actress
and I was going to be
whatever I was going to be.
She saw the best and the worst in men.
I wonder though, what she ever saw in me.
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