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FloydBrandon Feb 8
Well I’ll be the first of my kind to admit
I like the type of girl that spits
On my clip
**** me until she gets rich
If I go all in   on you go all out on me
into the lions den
Eatin that ***** like a savage
cause I’m wild about it
nja Feb 2019
Recoil. And recoil fast.
She was of simple taste so He shattered her veiny lungs with his spit almost effortlessly.
Under his weight she was stunted, her limbs frozen by the constant of his blarring audioporn.
At every touch she had to brace herself for his embrace.
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
hey, do ya
think ya
could break me
off a piece
of that


real quick
I can stop at just one about like I can eat just one slice of bacon...

**** ain't happenin'
Julianna Dec 2018
the raindrops feel like spit.
raindrops are beautiful,
and so was your spit,
but only when it danced with
Julian Delia Oct 2018
Starving, bones poking out;
Unraveling, loans choking you out.
Carving a niche, trying to survive,
Struggling to find a meaning to being alive.

You lie in bed,
Thinking about the tears you’ve shed,
The sweat, the blood you’ve bled –
The tough times scraping by,
The close calls you’ve had.

Hunger, a nauseating pain;
What would you give up for a single grain?
You strain your brain,
Rack it trying to find a way –
Trying to find a way out of this life,
A life that is dull and grey.

Your soul does not see the light of day;
Your faith starts to shake,
You manage no more than a mumble,
Your beliefs start to crumble.
Concerned, disturbed,
Angry at the world, constantly hurt;
Cornered, perturbed,
Life is but a whirl, with death we flirt.

Cursed, deserted,
We thirst for that which we will not quench;
Dispersed, disconcerted,
The sewers of poverty air their stench.
You pull the covers up to your nose,
You shudder like a victim from an attacker’s blows.
I will devour your soul if it means I sleep with a full stomach tonight,
b Aug 2018
it is so still here.
until the planes
fly over heard. they dont
scare me like they did
when i was a boy.

but boy could they
put fear in the heart
of a youngster.
i never thought
id miss cowering
in the basement.

home will
spit me out again,
freshly chewed.
still staring at the buildings
like they might topple right over.

i will make the world love me
if its the last thing i do.
i dont care how
but it will.

i refuse to be the boy
in the basement.
scared of noise.
there is no crown fit
for noise.
it wears victory
like a python around
its neck.

and if noise could
die i would **** the
poison from
noise until it is but
a snake for the garden.
harmless and certainly
to go cower
in the basement for.
MicMag Jul 2018
Walked through a field full of llamas
Wooly babies, papas, and mamas
But these llamas were purists
And spat on this tourist
Turning excitement to trauma
"Don't you want to pet the llamas too?!"
"No thanks."
"Come on! Why not?!
"OK, fine."
*five seconds later I'm covered in llama saliva

LLimerick 2:
Gale L Mccoy Jul 2018
you spit dead flowers at me
they spill from between your teeth
I put them between the pages of a book
one I’ve only read once

if you had a mouth full of fresh flowers
I wouldn’t have stopped to listen
isn’t it fascinating
to see the decay in the veins of a petal

one day you’ll spit your last petal
will you replace them
or let new ones grow from the dead
I guess I’ll find out
with a new book in hand
day 3 of 31 days of poetry!
E McNamara Jun 2018
Your words reek with lies
You've hurt me too many times
I'll never trust a word out your mouth
You saw me cry with my heart spilled out
Yet you did it again
After saying "Never again..."
Our mother can't see through your poison
My tolerance has been growing thin
"Stop doing this!" I scream and wail
Don't you dare spit another tale.
My soul aches with despair hidden
Anything but happiness feels forbidden
lying can do so much damage
were you "sorry" you lied or "sorry" you got caught?
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