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Lyn Jul 24
I love it whenever Cookie. . .

kneaded her cute paws on cushions. . .

slept on my bed. . .

slept near the TV. . .

slept on top of the furniture cabinet. . .

slept in between my legs. . .

gave us Norman, Zoe, Vincent and ****** (but he sadly left us so soon). . .

played with her kittens. . . and. . .

defended them whenever Buddy bullies them. . .

gave me gentle gazes. . .

gave me gentle meows. . .

looked at me with her big, innocent eyes. . .

played very energetically. . .

showed her the moments where sheʼs still a kitten at heart. . .

she comes whenever we call her. . .

she responds to calling her name. . .

was very affectionate. . .

melts my heart every time. . .

she rolled around whenever she was playful. . .

she told off Claudia sometimes. . .

comforted me without any effort. . .

I love her tri-colored coat, her beautiful innocent eyes, her cute face that I will dearly miss. I may have not shown you how much I love you, Cookie, but I will always remember you through your babies. I will protect them.

I love it whenever Oli. . .

knocked over things whenever he throwed a tantrum. . .

bit or scratch me gently when I irritate him. . .

whined when I hug him. . .

ignored me whenever I call him. . .

would give me a meow of warning before biting me. . .

followed me home the first time I saw him. . .

gave me that irritated gaze. . .

can be sweet when he want to be. . .

screams whenever he fights with some other cat. . .

doesnʼt want to fight other cats. . .

lightly bumps my hand or lean whenever I touch him. . .

slept beside me. . .

slept on top of the refrigerator. . .

doesnʼt care about pleasing me. . .

knew that I love him so much.

Oli knew how much I love him. I love the black spot on his lower lip, his orange eyes, his white and orange coat, the cute pattern of his front paws, his long orange tail, his innocent face, his gayness (****). I love every single detail about you, baby.

I never thought that you impregnating Pola was a blessing in disguise, because I didnʼt know that you would leave us so soon.

You might be gone, pero lahat kayong mga dumaan sa buhay ko ay may kanya-kanyang espesyal na lugar sa puso ko. Miss na miss ko na kayo. Sobra. You guys are perfect. You didnʼt deserve any of what happened to you. Iʼm sorry I couldnʼt protect you guys from this cruel world. One day, you will get the justice you deserve. And the same goes for all of the animals they abused. Hindi natutulog ang Diyos. They will get what they deserve.

October 15, 2019 - July 22, 2021
October 14, 2019 - July 22, 2021
Oli and Cookie were my cats. They were murdered by my neighbor who are animal abusers. Please, if you donʼt like animals, just ignore them. Do not hurt them. Please.
Pasquino Feb 19
In a mysterious shroud, I find you
without recollection, I now come
with an honest song, to bid adieu.

But when I smell the burning oil
a gentle fear does creep on me
of fights we wage and lifelong toil
that leads to nowhere but the soil.

The ballad caught up with you and in the endnotes
no fuel is left, but neon glowing posts
of a far unknown life, to my belief,
reduced to nothing but a universal grief.

your loss demands a modest rhyme of words  
and an impossible reprise at most,
which will remain forever out of grasp–
a vital mystery unsolved by us.
Anais Vionet Jan 20
Don - they tell me you're leaving
I can't believe it's true,
that we’ll get to live without you.

You’ll go away - govern-mentally,
after all this pain and misery.
When you go - I won’t miss you,
You never said a thing that was true.

Remember when - you hoaxed the virus fight.
What an idiot - you never got it right.
Trump never cared - for me or you,
but we might survive now that he's through.

So let’s discuss - the insurrection -
you provoked when you lost the election.
You got impeached for time number two
who said breaking up was hard to do?

Let’s say goodbye - and let it be,
I hear you’re going to do - Trump TV?
About the time you get that set up,
New York will come and lock you up.
Bye bye Mr. Trump - SEE-ya - wouldn't want ta BE-ya.
To the prayers who mourn
and to the mourners who pray
To ‪the seekers‬ of faith
as to believe, warmth bring it may
To the souls of whom sworn,
an anguish of grief with ceaseless wraith

Here forth in this unholy grave
Lies the spirit of your salvation

To the lovers who dreamed
and to the dreamers who loved
To the cosmic pairing
as toys the void the fair beloved
To the sole swan, by time, seamed,
an ache of lost mesmeric sharing

Here forth in this sterile grave
Lies the body of your gestation

To the good memories
And to memories of good
To the aether of life
as a ghost encased in soft wood
To the shared old stories
an amusement of cuddles and strife

Here forth in this forgotten grave
Lies the mind of your foundation

Even when darkness raises a wall
(This snake of hope with fangs of fear)
Light shall always scorch with white
(This dove that dazzles with hearts resilience)
Sorry that the fire blazed not the dark,
But charred Faith, Love, those Memories...
And all is lost in ashes of sorrow,
And all is drowned in my silent tears

They won't come back, I won't climb up
Death, this closed door, it's complicated
This poem marks a turning point for the speaker's emotions and the first piece of the third chapter. He reached a relative maximum high, and now everything will go downhill.
Let’s me see things clearer

Than what my bare eyes would let me  

Brings far off images nearer

Makes it easier to understand what there be

Does away with haze in my vision, as well my ‘thinker’

Accompanies me as a guide I see

as a friend who’s dear

brings fulfillment and glee.

To help figure

Life's mystery

I put it on thee

look at the mirror

Start my day with cuppa tea

Tryna be positive hereafter  

I call myself me
JA Perkins Dec 2020
The boy could run
but he couldn't walk
Had no time to think
and no room to talk
Passed by more people
he could ever help
Never knew anything
except for what he felt
But if there's one thing good
we can say about this man
it's that he's long gone now
and, here, we all stand
Michael R Burch Oct 2020
Dearly Beloved
by Michael R. Burch

for Suzan Blacksmith

She was

Dearly Beloved by her children, who gather
to pay their respects; they remember her
as they clung together through frightful weather,
always learning that Love can persevere ...

She was

Dearly Beloved by family and friends
who saw her great worth, even as she grew frail;
for they saw with Love’s eyes how Love’s vision transcends,
how her heart never faltered, through cyclones and hail ...

She is

Dearly Beloved, well-loved, sadly missed ...
and, while we mourn the lost days of a life too-soon ended,
we also rejoice that her suffering is past ...
she now lives in the Light, by kind Angels befriended.

And if

others were greater in fortune and fame,
and if some had iron wills when life’s pathways grew dark ...
still, since Love’s the great goal, we now reaffirm her claim
to the highest of honors: a mother’s Heart.

Keywords/Tags: Suzan Blacksmith, elegy, eulogy, epitaph, memorial, tribute, remembrance, farewell, goodbye, last respects
Nicolas Ashbaugh Aug 2020
They took him too early
Leaving us less burly
Leaving us on our own
Feeling too much, alone

It’s the hardest when they are young
It makes the party go unsung
A piece of everybody is gone
Making it too hard to move on

You wish you could have more time
To spend with what was once “mine”
But now he is far away
Cause you could not make him stay

But with any loss
A heavy point comes across
All deaths will come too young
Leaving your life unsung

Enjoy all life while you can
Do not be that type of man
Enjoy them while they are here
When they’re gone, they’re still your dear

Do not shy away
Cause they cannot forever stay
As much as you hope and pray
They could be taken today

They took him too early
Leaving us less burly
Leaving us together
To love and remember
Enjoy them while they are here!
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