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MerlieJ Oct 19
The ominous call
as the crow caw
A humming to my left
fills my eardrum with nothing
on a crisp autumn night
Do ya ever feel like a shipwreck adrift in the water
Pieces of ya scattered like a lamb after the slaughter,
a mere shadow of your former sweet innocence
barely bobbing above the big sonar rinse?
Can't believe what ya read
nor believe what your supposed to believe.
Can't help wonderin' bout the agenda
Definitley can't pretend not to.
I suppose ya just have to go a bit numb
Drift on the wave and play kinda dumb.
CCTV surveillance, so called necessity,
oh **** big brother's watching ya ***.
Google is god and god is dead
Oh **** the'll crucify me for what I've just said.
Street lights ain't just street lights anymore
they're stickin' cameras in 'um expecting us to eat crow.
We'll all be robots that's the plan
punch ya in, download, scan.
Chips in your brain, chips in your nose
they'll go with us wherever we goes.
The grammar's all wrong. It's the prediction text.
No need for fingers. it's all effortless.
We're losing our common sense and our low-fi cities.
I'm losing my mind and I dont even feel ******.
They're cuttin' down trees 'cause they're blockin' our signies
and burnin' and lootin' 'cause they've got some agendies.
We're loosing our birds, they're falling out of the sky.
Would connecting the dots lead us to  the wyfry?
Losing's all right once ya get the hang of it.
Be fine in the mornin' and get back in the swing of it.
Turn on the screen, see what's new,
choke on our Krispies 'cause we forgot to chew.
Ah who cares our thoughts ain't our own.
It's all covered and programmed by our phone
It's all fun and games when there's nobody home,
dinner's sprayed and modified to the bone.
God knows what's in the water, the vaccination.
No worries we're all sci-fried and on vacation.
Ah yea they've got us all pegged and amplified,
can't sleep anymore, we're all irradiated and wyfried.
Wyfry, shake, scramble, grill an' bake
uhuh it's the burnin' down of the human race.
ah yea it's the slow fry and burn at the stake.
View on the current  state of a world on the verge of huge economic and social change that may be going un noticed generally in the midst of other distractions or considerations.
daycrow Oct 16
I saw a shadow linger in day,
after all others had fled away.
I glanced back around, when to my surprise,
I saw that the shadow had eyes.
It shuddered and leapt, then blinked once more
as if to say, "You've seen me before."
It's true that the sight was one I should know;
the shadow I saw was a crow.
my username origin story. also inspired by robert frost

write a poem about your username and use the tag username2020 just for kicks
dichotomous Aug 18
air comes cold when it blows in the summer
fields now bare star crossed lovers
made way for us; the calling birds
we wait outside the doors and curbs
alone on branches and powerlines
our silhouettes aren't hard to find
old walls of bricks, of straw, and birch
have wavered not the mighty chirp
crows and sparrows in the night
are unlike you, we need no light
for then comes machines and bustling towns
rings of rosies falling down
no need for such when you have wings
take comfort in the flying things
a low flying crow
eyed pumpkin seeds lying
in Helen's backyard
raquezha Jul 25
Lingáw ko na kun sáin nagpoon
An pagrumárom kan isípan ko
Dángan an pagdaklág kan mga hapót
Hali sa mga naglalayog na uwák
Uyá nanaman sinda sinasabat an amíhan
Kinakakan an panganúron
Lingáw ko na kun sáin nagpoon

An pagtagúbtúb
An pagsubásob
An pagrugmók

Narisá ko nalang yáon na ako igdí
Sa táhaw kan katuninongan
Kúgos-kúgos kan karibokan
Nakatindóg sa tungód kan kasakitan
Naghahagad tábang sa búlan

Posíble bayâ na magadan
dáwa dai ka ginagadan?

—𝐔𝐰𝐚𝐤, a Bikol poetry.
Everyone's moon can be someone's savior.
1. Uwák means Crow.
2. Instagram:
Jenish Jul 23
I was on a plantain branch
Cra cra… Cra cra.. Craa..
She put her bangles on a rock
Cra cra… Cra cra.. Craa..
Glimpse of gold, shined my eyes
Cra cra… Cra cra.. Craa..
I took it and flew back home
Cra cra… Cra cra.. Craa..
A cry of fury trembling hut,
I wonder why she made that fuss.
With a bit of twinge I shout,
“One I took, three with you!”
Still her rage in frenzy mood,
Crowd is fanning flames to grow,
In my nest it shine and rest,
Golden bangles shining lust.
Then I went back looking around,
To watch the jokers in a run,
But my eyes in surprise hunt,
The bustle of hut in deep slumber.
Oh! Again this gold will turn
me a golden queen of crows.
Another bangle on the rock,
I took it and flew back home.
What a foolish bird I’m!
Fallen on their tricky trap.
They found my nest and climbed up tree,
My two bangles went with them.
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