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Peter B Aug 28
Ripe cherry
waiting to be picked
by the gardener,
before crows
will peck her
to pieces.
Katblackfog Aug 27
A bird might be a kat prey that does not mean that she has to run away they could fall in love and they could rise above, all of their fears all of their losses they can still be together just because they're different species if one is away the other will cry but if they see each other again their hearts will begin to fly swept away with the kat but it wasn't the kat that was swept away it was her heart.
Ormond Jul 21
I see myself in you—
With a spike we two spoke out,
Vagaries of wind, verisimilitudes
And the moon gives us her light.

Black bird, black robed Druid,
We both are spinning round
The hills draped in psalms
Of the oak and windy leaves.

Your words, I hear, go unsaid,
My utterings babble, ring in a rill,
Cold and cascading to mosses,
Bleeding from a lone escarpment.
Ash Jun 5
the birds greet me every morning
i push the birds of air away
but my hands only want something to grasp
these peacocks around me
leave me swindled and i am falling
i try hard to be a wren
it seems i am always a nine out of ten
i have accepted the world's score
so why does the crow paint my soul
and poison my mind
i'll find
myself, right?
It's been a hell week
I've been through alotta ****
seems that happiness is the one I can't seek
Must've been better to jump of a cliff

Depressed? Nah that ****'s low
I'm not depressed, I'm just a lonely crow
I've got nothing to express nor to show
I'm dead inside and i really want to let go

How can somebody become this numb tho
My life's a mess and a big shitshow
I knew it, I should've ended it days ago
But somehow here am I, just cyring on my pillow

I'm turning into a dramaqueen, jeez
Forgive me, but i can only express myself through this
C'mon stars just grant my wish
I just want to be happy like everyone is
- January 2019
Mind Matterer Mar 29
Standing there,
on the cold, damp sand
in the open air.

Hearing the gush of the waves
Crash against the rocks
and roll onto the shore
-Gently kissing your feet.
The Coldness is overpowered
by the emotions and relief within.

The light finally begins to rise,
The skies grow a blissful blue-
in contrast to the regular, deeply darkened grey;
mirroring the colour within your mind.

Feeling your hair ****** forward
along with the black crow-
The long residing and awaiting crow.

The final release,
Resulting in the return of
light, tranquility, and peace.

The final release
of this Dead Weight
-constantly on your shoulder,
Weighing down on your chest,
and fluttering throughout your mind.


The final release
freeing you from this
Godawful, hell of a disease.
David Hutton Mar 15
The deceased piling up in battle,
Enough blood to fill more than one barrel.
Crows pillage the scene,
Nibbling on their cuisine.
From a distance you can hear them cackle.
Inspired by Vasily Vereshchagin's "The Apotheosis of War" painting.
CROW Feb 7
The Kat was always the better side,
The crow was always her place to hide,
The Kat had a heart of Shattered Glass,
The Crows heart was quite the lifeless mass,
But every time their paths cross,
Off their hearts they pull the moss,
And surface the love the knew they had,
Together smiling and feeling glad.
CROW Feb 7
Anything I would do for you,
Everything is something i would do too,
Cause in the end all i want is you and me,
Together and free
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