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This bathroom buzzes with the sound of a fan whirring.
It's blades loom and spin with a constant rhythm.
The dim, ultraviolet light on the ceiling,
Bleaches everything out into shades of cream and khaki.

I lay in a calm and murky pool enclosed in cold white walls.
Steam rises from its surface and fogs the room.
The water condensates in mirroring beads on the walls,
Making the tiny bathroom seem colorless and infinite.

I want to go home to my own aqua green bathtub,
Walls crawling with tiny square tiles of burnt umber and burgundy.
Where my silent meditation in the bath,
Is interrupted by your call on the telephone.
Taylor Dec 2020
The sides of the bathtub
Rise up like castle walls
Keeping me safe and
Allowing me to ignore
The world outside of them
My small safe haven
My fortress of solitude
A place where I can
Simply be in existence
But not taking up space
Laokos Sep 2020
~           *light on,
still-frame freeze of black bodied eight-legged life
     clinging to stained acrylic. we stare at each other pretending we're not real
until one of us moves.
it was me.
Nat Lipstadt Oct 2013
Ask Peter Pan!

Lives of make believe,
Pretty **** good!
Arisa Mar 2019
I bathe in my past mistakes to remind myself that they are there.
            - The wine is hard to wash off my skin.
WA West Nov 2018
Harassed light is cut and divided
coming of the day is decayed in milk,
the haggard moon is the latest unwelcome intrusion
Detached body parts are the new order of things
retracted senses ignore the smells of yesterday,
A quiet mayhem to each passing moment,
Each thought wrenches like sand under fingernails,
Settling into place briefly has no explanatory value.
Time is retracting wrapped in plastic,
Guttural cries the sea is a bathtub of regret
Formless burdens illuminated by the sun blunted and captured
Elizabeth Brown Oct 2018
Exposed and unafraid,
I lie alone in this sea
creating waves of my own volition.
My creature comforts are forgotten here,
except for the ever-diminishing cover of the bubbles.
A porcelain deep
made only for me.
Here I lie, planning a life I'll likely never see.
Love unending,
wealth immeasurable,
a life worth living.
As the ocean's hue begins to change (red and furious)
a final thought crashes to the beaches of my mind-
-I want to live.
Shadow Dragon Sep 2018
Glaring light
and white
Steam and
high pitched
Running water
spreading warmth
spreading legs.
Silky cloths
for the freshly
bathed human.
Confusion and
worried faces
all washed away
by lukewarm
bathtub water.
julianna Jun 2018
I'm being bled dry.
The water turns a drip-drip
Over the edge.
My squirming,
Twisted mermaid legs
Shrivel in pain
I'm ugly and deformed.
I gave all I had to give.
So I'm bleeding
And screaming
In this bathtub prison,
But no one will find me here.
Inspired by the song Bathtub Mermaid by Mili... I'm feeling bled dry, stuck in a bathtub. As if I have nothing left to give and I'm just waiting for an end to my slow death.
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