Raven dwelled in melancholy
As if melancholy were an art
But melancholy was within Raven
From the very start

Raven sang
But not many people knew
For Raven only ever sang
To just an auspicious few

The words from Raven's songs
Smeared ink upon my thighs
Old scars, fresh scabs
Now pure and baptized

Raven left her cage right open
And in flew my broken feathers
That was when we learned
We worked pretty well together

First poem up. Let's see how this goes

Just say you're tired
Whispers silence me

I won't tell
How I'm thinking about

Came down from my high
To my surprise, nothing changed
A druggie's relapse

The blade is dull
but not dull enough
so I scratch in just enough to see red
I can feel my mind & body calm
at ease
no stinging
did I subconsciously pick this spot
as a reminder?
not enough red
it's a test
the music isn't loud enough
flip the switchblade

I'm ok.
Adam Madden Apr 3

Sitting here daydreaming
All the time my brain is…
Scheming, scheming, scheming.

Even given all I know
My brain just wants
Another go, another go

Consequences do not deter me now
It won't hurt, here's how

Nothing can stop this train
My addled alcoholic brain

Perhaps I will die
Or go insane
Lets roll the dice
Play the game

It's not my fault
I am a product
Of the system
Anyway – this time
It will be different

All rights reserved

I'm coming down my high again
I've lost my soul
I've lost a friend 
I lie and I pretend
That it's my choice to let it in
Euphoric floe 
In circulation
In my blood flow
This must be heaven
No one must know
This moment is my private show
I am an addict
I'm what remains
Slave to my savior 
In Crystal chains
I know that later I'll feel the shame
Of a never ending cycle
Of a life that stays the same

Sarah Mar 27

Once you left me,
my life turned into a downward spiral.

I kept tumbling down.

Once you came back to me,
i couldn't regain my balance.

So I dragged you down with me.

Written 4/25/16
Cheyenne Mar 14

I can't explain what it's about
I'm scared to death irrationally
But reason will not rescue me
There's no fighting this anxiety
I just need to wait it out

Leia R Mar 7

i'm doing my best but my best isn't good enough
i guess i just never thought that life could be so rough
i think i might be on the brink of relapse
but i don't want to be; i left that life in my past
so what am i going to do if i don't get better?
the sad girl is trying to get out but i'm trying not to let her


I try to be stronger now.
But I killed my strongest self, several attempts ago
I push it away,
but darkness always returns;
I am reverted to the worst version of myself.

She is 16 and sobbing out her sorrows in her bathtub,
to her favorite razor and a bottle full of pills.
She is self-destructing but, she can't say why.
Someone else's words have cut out her tongue.
Her mouth bleeds out their words against her,
trying to save herself she locks her jaw into a smile, that lies to everyone around her that she's fine.
But, her body fills with their hatred and she learns to loathe herself
Slowly, her heart is smothered and her mind breaks.
She becomes so full that she burst at the wrist, just to get some relief.

I return to the present,
I've made a mistake.
I am too weak again to this world.
I look at myself in the mirror.
I watch the blood on the counter make small pools from my wrists.
And I give into it.
I will never fully be myself again.
I have killed myself too many times,
Sometimes I wish my body wasn't too stubborn to die.

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