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Aug 2016 · 912
Sunshine with a mind
Kaya Aug 2016
I never thought
that I would be
able to go a day
without sunshine
It was the kind
of sunshine that
had a heart and
a beautiful mind

Aug 2016 · 636
Kaya Aug 2016
A war above our heads
but we sit with a cup of coffee
as children play around
with paper boats and jump
in joy in muddy puddles
Who am I, in these
million strands of rain
I ask, from time to time
I do enjoy the blues and greys
I do enjoy the sad ways

Aug 2016 · 345
Kaya Aug 2016
I count my roses
before I go to sleep
Next day, I woke up, to one missing
A bit down, a bit blue,
Let them be, let them rest
it must have been
a thief's gift for his lover

Aug 2016 · 753
To feel
Kaya Aug 2016
Today I wanted to step out
Today I wanted my feet
to feel the heat
of the blazing sun
I wanted them to burn
with goodness, I wanted
them to burn, creating thrill
and a new me

Aug 2016 · 828
Drip By Drip
Kaya Aug 2016
Right now, the only thing,
that's keeping me sane
is the sound, of the heavy drops
leaking from the damaged tap

As it falls into the tub
The sound pounds and pounds
on and soaks my hollow head
It drips from the
cracks on my scalp
drip by drip into my mind
My mind is drenched
My thoughts can't swim
There's a tsunami in my mind
a floating disaster
but you can't see

Aug 2016 · 396
Light of the past
Kaya Aug 2016
It was the kind of light,
that reminded me of my shadow
It was the kind of light,
that shined over things
that I wanted to forget

Jul 2016 · 393
Burnt Sympathy
Kaya Jul 2016
Even your hottest hell, won't burn
I won't be fooled by
your burnt sympathy
I won't be fooled by
your rotten love

Jul 2016 · 1.2k
Ceiling & Fan
Kaya Jul 2016
The ceiling was my perfect sky
The fan was my perfect sun
The blazing blades were the rays
I stared and I stared and I stared
With happiness at the false sunshine

Jul 2016 · 922
Kaya Jul 2016
If you ever tend to ask yourself,
"Why am I always alone?
Why me?"  This is the reason.

Do not worry if you are alone and
everybody ignores you. Because, only
"Birds of a feather flock together" heard
of that? It's just that, your feathers
are rare, beautiful and unique and
nobody else has feathers like you.
You are unique.

Jul 2016 · 410
We, then it's just me
Kaya Jul 2016
We used to sit together,
And watch the sun go down,
And feel the winds slide
over our thin skin
now, it's just me watching
The sun go down
As the wind speaks to me

Jul 2016 · 2.2k
Blind Vision
Kaya Jul 2016
Do not laugh
at my blindness
For my eyes, are not
dead and gone,
They are behind you,
all the time
watching your back

Jul 2016 · 1.6k
The Happy Family
Kaya Jul 2016
The knife, held by the mother
against an apple
Is know, held by the father
against the mother
What a happy family

Jul 2016 · 323
Kaya Jul 2016
Today I followed a butterfly,
It led me to a wasp's nest*

Jul 2016 · 261
Just A Tear
Kaya Jul 2016
You were the tear,
that dried up on my face
The tear, I refused to wipe
I let you sink into my skin
and then into my soul,
Blind, I was, A fool, I was
I waited for you for years!
Hoping you would come back
But now I know,
You didn't just swim away
You drowned- all the way down
You drowned, Deep deep down

Jul 2016 · 365
Situations in life
Kaya Jul 2016
"I sense a feeling of sympathy"
"Why?"* He asked,
There she stood,
She felt as stiff as a rock,
Wordless, she was
Suddenly! Her mind was crowded,
Wordless, she was again
but, She had to reply and so
She spoke with a voice that wasn't hers
and a soul that wasn't hers
In a hurry, she said, "Situations in life"
"Like what?" He said with a blind smirk
"When your mother yells at you?"
He said, with the same
blind smirk and with
the same blind tone

She smiled, like always
and sighed in disagreement
She didn't know what to say,
crowded her mind was, again
wordless, she was, again
She was mistaken, She was mad

Jul 2016 · 453
Heartless heart
Kaya Jul 2016
I loved with a heart
That was ever so bright
Your words cut it sharp,
Now, I have holes in my heart
Hell sure did visit me, that night

Jul 2016 · 1.4k
The Ship And The Ocean
Kaya Jul 2016
I was a ship
You were an ocean
The storm was our home
Your humongous waves
made me tilt, side to side
and every time I did
My heart turned upside down

Jul 2016 · 515
How are you
Kaya Jul 2016
They asked "how are you?"
I said "I'm Fine"
they walked away with no worry
I thought again,
"How could you be so blind?"

Jul 2016 · 424
Inert Existence
Kaya Jul 2016
I'll sit here, like dead meat
I'll lay here like an obnoxious presence
Flys surround me not to disturb but,
to remind you of my dead existence

I'll sit here, as a corpse that sees,
as a corpse that breathes,
as a corpse that hears and feels
I'll sit here, in patience
as your hell slowly drips
into my heaven
I'll sit here, as my heaven
slowly drips into your hell

O, you must be glad
I could surely tell
I'll still be here, to watch your frown
turn into a vicious smile
I could surely tell, that you have
been waiting for this all this while,
For all your life

Jul 2016 · 227
One of those days
Kaya Jul 2016
It was one of those days where
the sun would rise,
but you would refuse to open your eyes

It was one of those days where
you would cry cry and cry,
till your eyes turn red and dry

It was one of those days where
you would wake up, and feel like
your parents were strangers
and you refuse to look at their face
and barely look them in the eye
because you're embarrassed, you're shy

It was one of those days when
you learn how to turn that frown into a smile
when somebody quickly says "Hi"

It was one of those days where
you would smile at someone,
But, get a blank stare back
till you're convinced that you're no one

Jul 2016 · 252
Kaya Jul 2016
Blood in one
chemicals in the other
now, "Does this make you feel
ten times better?"
She asked,
"It's true, even the most bitter
can make you feel better"

She thought to herself

- Kaya
Jul 2016 · 245
Kaya Jul 2016
My mind always gave birth
to ever-so-joyous and lively words
But those words, **** themselves
everytime they were produced
by their mother, my mind
The same words,
reborn, they were, to my life
My life, their second mother
Now cruel, those words are
Now dark, those words are
It's a cycle, they always will be

- Kaya
Jul 2016 · 348
I wrote
Kaya Jul 2016
I wrote and I wrote and I wrote!
I stabbed the empty paper with
all the words that filled up my dry throat
I wrote and I wrote and I wrote!
till the nib grew old, bent and broke
O, I still wrote and I wrote and I wrote!
till my throat became as empty and white as the paper
I kept the paper to myself, I kept the words to myself
I swallowed it to feel whole,
but I choked, and I choked and I choked!
From then on, my presence was absent
nobody has ever heard my voice,
I couldn't and I never spoke!

- Kaya
Jul 2016 · 526
Kaya Jul 2016
I counted two days as one
I made the waiting,
of days of 20
to days of 10

The wait was unbearable,
you could tell-
Being 1617 miles away from you
but my heart still beats
In your home

-how am I still breathing-
how am I still alive

sometimes you need
to lose your heart
to feel alive

- Kaya
Jul 2016 · 578
Kaya Jul 2016
You knew that,
I was made out of glass
but, I was not afraid of being hurt
for I was already a shattered piece
hidden in the millions,
that will never be found and,
will never crack anymore*

- Kaya
Jul 2016 · 291
Day and night
Kaya Jul 2016
Asleep at night
in peace and serenity
Stars shine at the gloomy darkness
above me,
giving company to the moon as,
rest and dreams come my way

Hours pass,
And I wake up
To the noise of the world
Where I rise, open eyed,
And become a victim of gravity
Where I walk,
And become a victim of reality

- Kaya
Jul 2016 · 699
Kaya Jul 2016
Stars are the eyes of the sky,
I look up to them
they look down on me
It's just us

"Just a few more hours
and the day will chase them away"

I think, from time to time
Oh, I'd do anything to put
this thought away

The sun will rise
and my only company will die
But, I will keep my eyes closed
and stay alone through
the brightest hours of the day
and I will only open them, when
they rise from the dead
as darkness comes our way

"There's nothing as beautiful as a black sky full of white stars"
I say to myself, every time
the night goes away

- Kaya
Jul 2016 · 491
Words for the numb
Kaya Jul 2016
It haunts me,
The presence of her absence
her voice, only exists in one place
and that place, is my mind,
a place of noise
Her smile, engraved in my mind
she cannot speak anymore,
for she has a tongue, but no voice
she cannot show herself
for she has a body, but no life
she is not here anymore
but her soul lingers on
the crusts of this home
and on the crusts of my heart

- Kaya
Jul 2016 · 1.2k
Black & White
Kaya Jul 2016
It's okay to be the black in the white
and it's okay to be the white in the black
because, without the black,
one cannot define the powers of the white
and without the white,
one cannot define the powers of
the black
The contrast is beautiful
Embrace it, and love the difference

- Kaya
Jul 2016 · 313
Kaya Jul 2016
Bitter battered bones
with a heart that,
was as hard as a stone
it's a mystery,
to be at the place we are now
it's a mystery,
to see how we have grown

- Kaya
Jul 2016 · 470
Kaya Jul 2016
The hands that haven't held
The legs that haven't walked
The skin that has never felt
The eyes that couldn't see
The ears that couldn't hear

I owned the mouth that never spoke,
filled with words hidden behind lips
that filled my throat
but, I couldn't speak
the last and only thing I felt
was the awful feeling
of being choked
whenever I spoke
I was creature with no energy
just like a flower with no petals
I wasn't able to bloom
I wasn't able to grow  

- Kaya
Jun 2016 · 272
Silver Circle
Kaya Jun 2016
Good food placed
on a broken plate
just like, little happy moments
existing in a shattered fate

Shortpoem hunger food broken life
Kaya Jun 2016
As death stuck
to our bare skin,
like dirt on a humid day
we learned to spell peace,
we learned to spell love,
we learned to spell unity,
o how we wish, we had
nothing to regret
o how we begged to forget
o how we wish, we could
bring back the gone,
to a safe house
with a bed to sleep
and not a grave
to rest in peace

- Kaya
Jun 2016 · 311
Heavy Drops
Kaya Jun 2016
The inevitability of darkness
consuming the whites of my eyes
and the whites of my heart
like a grey gloomy cloud
soaked in tears, ready to pour
on bright, glowing grounds

- Kaya
Jun 2016 · 523
Kaya Jun 2016
"I need warmth" she said,
as she fell into cold blue sea
with monstrous waves
fighting each other
for peace,
the sea is at war

- Kaya
Jun 2016 · 281
Kaya Jun 2016
A bird set free,
to the unknown world
he became lively and joyous!
only to realize that the world
was his cage, and he was
trapped in his own freedom

"I wish I were a bird" They say-

Only a bird knows
what it's like to lose its wings
while flying to survive

- Kaya
May 2016 · 805
The After
Kaya May 2016
As I close my eyes
to free myself from the suffering
of the external world
everything stops except
for the sound that
we don't hear during the day,
the tick tock,
The one that follows another, tick tock
I can hear it again,
again, again and again
it never stops
for it's the life of the clock
like the soul of a hollow body
life continues, as the needle moves
away from its past
tick tock, tick tock, tick to-
May 2016 · 1.7k
Rain rain
Kaya May 2016
You came in like rain
that poured heavily,
washing away the dirt and remains
of the polluted world
but, some despised your presence
for they lacked warmth and security
you made them shiver,
you made them suffer,
when you believed that
you gave them joy
With your pure drops of water

- Kaya
May 2016 · 355
Light of hope
Kaya May 2016
In the state of consciousness,
Dreamt I,
of an old flower surrounded by
young and hopeful weeds

The golden light, of the sun
shined upon them, giving birth
to life and life to the dead

A fragile plant
breaks out of the ground
only to be pushed back down
by the weight of the world

- Kaya
May 2016 · 384
Kaya May 2016
Her voice, a cool,
striking breeze that sweeps between mountain passes,
travels across oceans,
and all the way here,
to the places that surround me
Causing shivers, on my blank skin

- Kaya
May 2016 · 466
Kaya May 2016
"You are like a train", they said
"you take us to places quickly
and show us beautiful sights to see
but sometimes,
you make us sick to the stomach"

May 2016 · 328
A piece of necessity
Kaya May 2016
What destroys me,
is a part of me that exists
in the unknown-
the heart needs it, like blood
for it makes me feel alive

- Kaya
May 2016 · 461
Kaya May 2016
"Pop!" The sound of excitement
as the head of my enemy got off,
the last and most satisfying noise
that I thought I'd ever hear
but, I have lived through
just to hear it again
again, again and again
"Pop!" The sound that awakened
me and my fear
not so satisfying this time
maybe, this is the final one
hopefully, this is the final one

May 2016 · 316
Kaya May 2016
"This world is not for me
and I am not for this world
I'm just a lost child
walking amidst tall trees,

May 2016 · 263
Grey Field
Kaya May 2016
Amongst vibrant flowers
In a grey field
stood I, a black bud

I lived no where
but in their shadows
the rays of light peak
as I try to get myself,
to stand upon it
to shine, to be heard
but as I try to do so
the sun goes down
It goes away
like its afraid of me
and I have nothing else
but the moon
it shares my flaws

Apr 2016 · 402
How could you
Kaya Apr 2016
How could you pray in peace
and expect fortune
when you've destroyed
a creature that is unborn

How could you **** someone
in the name of the person
who told you not to ****

how can you sleep without worry when you discriminate yet recite words of bringing peace and unity

how can you be happy
when all you do is be someone
who speaks but doesn't do

Mar 2016 · 440
Kaya Mar 2016
Hello, my friend
A friend who decides
To stay with me till the very end
I would like you to meet her
but, she crawls beneath my skin
And lives in the crevices of my mind

It's been awhile
Since I've seen you
you left me alone for a few months
but I wasn't lonely
I didn't expect you to visit me again
you must have missed me
my good old friend, depression

Mar 2016 · 390
Kaya Mar 2016
As I lose my last breath
Will the sun still rise
Will the sun still set

As I lose the ability to feel
Will the birds still fly
Will the birds still chirp

As I lose the last thing I'll ever see
Will the days to come
come and go,

As easy as a rivers flow

Mar 2016 · 648
Life Cycle
Kaya Mar 2016
I do long to live
In the life I have
created in my mind

But as time passes

I wake up to reality
Stabbing my back

Mar 2016 · 431
On the surface
Kaya Mar 2016
"I feel sorry for you"

was something
I never thought
I would say to you

yes you,
a person whose skin

was the only thing I knew

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