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I worry I'm not as good at loving as I'd like to think
you can't put band aids on broken bones
all my doses of resentment seem to pour out onto you
and I whisper that I don't need you
with tears in my eyes and white knuckles around your fingers
I do not know how to love what's in front of me
only the ghost of the past and the fantasies of my mind
Alexis Oct 9
it’s my fault really
I gave you the sticks
Taught you how to throw the stones
and you broke me .
Josiah Bates Sep 27
I'm tired of fighting
feelings so fleeting
this lonliness in my weary heart

I'm tired of writings
of the feelings I fight
so light a fire under me
and burn my feelings clean off my bones.
Elle Sep 25
let me have my anger
it feels like the one thing that
comes and goes
but stays anymore

i feel like sleeping too often
these days
and nothing much else

first world problems the
voice inside my head says
stop mocking me i want to
scream and cry but i

don't because it's right and i'm
being dumb and i should

i feel like my anger is burning
out of my body
from inside outwards
until i fall over
and crumple into
ash to be swept away
by a calm breeze and

finally be lost of the tension
in my muscles that
never truly relaxes

the pressure that
makes my jaw ache

and the stiffness
in all 206 of my bones

i feel so angry
and i want you to hug me
and tell me that you hear
my anger and that
you understand that there
is no way to listen because

i know i'm not
speaking anything that
makes sense to anyone
that's not myself

and i want you to
know this without me
having to tell you.
Myka Sep 3
One: The walls never touch and the ends never meet.
Two: Chipped and painted over with open-mouthed lies.
Three: The walls are made up of bone, those of who had been lost here before.
Four: There are no walls, but you're here all alone.
Anastasia Sep 1
in my lungs
my flesh
B D Caissie Aug 29
A tale lies hidden etched in stone, buried beyond a vanquished throne.

Its king and queen could not have known, the cost of a legend is paid for in bones.

Lyrical Dream Aug 26
When I die,
grind my dry bones into dust,
sift the stardust from the ashes,
and throw my ashes to the sea so that I may become one with the rain and touch all the places I never got to see...
this is my death wish
Tatiana Jul 17
To avoid the hurt welling u    p in my chest
I needed to keep moving t    o avoid it
So I climbed my way to t    he top
of the cruel mountainsi    de
while rain fell down o    n
my pale, wincing fac    e
and I laced my fing    ers
together in a sort o    f
embrace and shiv    ers
began to race up     my
spine, so with h    aste
I began to pac    e on
top of slick r    ock
not paying     attention
to where I     was stepping
and I slip    ped and fell
the tears     began to well
up in m    y eyes
no sur    prise
I bro    ke myself again
whi    le I was trying
to    hide
f    rom
I break bones like I break myself; Obliquely.

Decided as of right now that this might become a series that I'll reference as "The Fractured Series" because that could be fun
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