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Mark Wanless May 14
shallow river
on the sandy bed
bones beneath
M Solav Mar 22
Paved roads of cars that roam
Are sure to grow weary on my bones.
And there’s a high hill close to home
Onto which I seldom venture alone.
How I recall those many days of yore
When we’d go fresh out in the morn;
And up that hill now far across the globe
Would stare for short eons into the fog.
Written as photopoetry on February 9th, 2022.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Kassan Jahmal Nov 2021
Skeletons trapped in
the closet;
trying to pick a bone,
I'm feeling so lost;
or maybe I'm just
feeling alone.
Raven Feels Nov 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, all yellow & blue:)

what are you?
who are you?
is it even a you?
my moons are swelling in hells
my shatters are flaunting in the same cell
my nails are aching for the touch of shells
I swim neat
water cold as ice feet
things I despise under those ***** sheets
sat embraced
by the greens the autumn's shades
falling too well and hugging blades
her eyes a funeral's peal
all I ask is a little feel
something of that past to steal
can't sense a speck
my violins are scratching their necks
orchestral ravens flew the garden of wrecks
optimism a false clue
the flee to the streets I never knew
and she licks the tips of the salty stew
oh my spoiled nerves changing each noon
can't have can't reach can't leave that moon
forks on my table nonexistent all spoons
irises are in need of light
to bleed the warmth of a single night
let the winds ******* like a kite
death of me now
don't mind hurts of trembling how
meet me and sort my bones for me to bow
drown me with caffeine
erase that stupid fake gleam
bring me to the real
make me forget and burn me to heal
fire my name on that tongue you keep
and what a great sleepless night to sleep!
                                                                ­                   -------ravenfeels
Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but people always manage to hurt me
Tylor Oct 2021
My insides are freezing, every ounce of passion I have is boiling down to nothing
Echoes of chasmic silence have me surrounded
I am overwhelmed by this sudden surge of intense self-loathing
By the strong rusty winds, my existence seems grounded

I am turning cold and fragile every second, and all I long for is a wake-up call
A call harsh enough to burn my freezing insides
I am sick of the urge that wants me to hit my head against the wall
Cause now I am well aware of how in my head, the demonic hurting creature hides

I breathe in fear, it rushes through my blood so I could feel it in my bones and veins
Anxiety is like my shadow that lingers with me everywhere I go, I feel burdened
Feels like I am getting drenched alone in the nagging emptiness,
the whole of me drains
Even in the happiest of moments, everywhere it just pains
FunSlower Sep 2021
I was riled as I learned an unknown burn.
You smiled as I unturned a new-found yearn.
There’s something so succinct in earning truth,
After what felt like an eternity learning.
Proof that a familiar swirl in an unfamiliar scene
Can bring a million new ways to view your days.

It’s serene, this feeling. Really!
And with it, a chance to lift.
The choice to change one life.
An invitation to chime in time with another.
Perfect imperfection. Resolved discordance.
Binding impermanent reflections in permanence.
An end to what felt like an endless race.
A new beginning; your rawest reckoning.
The featherweight phoenix ever beckoning.
Don’t hide your face. Don’t chase your ghost.
For betterment, you meant it.
In innocence, you sent it.
Feel comfort in knowing
Your rivers are flowing.
The barest bones
Bear the warmest tones.
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