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Mark Wanless Oct 18
this song will tell the count of bones sleeping

what call to arms does break the peace again

there is no cause but willfull mind unfolding

blades to human throats just us again

greed calls to all and is heard by many

loudly no place other than ego bliss

i speak amid the stars in my own meaning

no source of war but loving kiss
i have scars all over my body.
ones that you see,
and ones that you cannot see—
engraved deeper in my flesh;
down the bones,
penetrating my whole soul.
in this flesh,
at its rawness,
inside these skins
and bones, all that I seek
and ever thirst for,
is peace.
Evie Helen Jul 25
Sadness lives in my bones
It’s settled in my marrow
Happiness is harrowing
Like a fracture
That never healed
Entrapped pain
Within my structure
Never to feel whole again
I only write when I’m sad
Holding broken pieces of past in the palms of my outstretched hands
Reasons evade me
I sit here struggling to understand
The edges dig deep
Causing tender skin to seep scarlet drops
Taking Tylenol to pummel pain until it finally stops
I'm ready to give up life and dive headfirst into my grave
It is difficult for me but I must admit my soul is far too gone to save
The devil stole it from my bones and doesn't plan on giving it back
Without it polished surface falters and slowly begins to crack
Just a glimpse into my depressing life
I S A A C May 29
this is my city, my bones
my architecture i have crafted
started here, riverbanks and pinecones
budded here, my roots continue to grow
JKirin Feb 28
A rose's vine
is cold as it twists,
wraps around your wrists.
It's yours; it's a lie—
the blossom of love.
It's crushed by your fists.
The thorns pierce you through,
to your deepest core—
to the bones.
It cuts, burns.
This love is a gift
you never asked for.
about love
Alicia Moore Dec 2022
the bones in my legs
are like shattered glass,
yet I am still walking
on these two shards.
Mark Wanless May 2022
shallow river
on the sandy bed
bones beneath
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