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Yousra Amatullah Aug 2021
Upon words, correct your attitude
Use them with gratitude
As speech was born in altitude
hazem al jaber Jul 2021
eyes speaks much ....

you will feel my love more...
more than i can say ...
more than my pen write...
just wait sweet angel mine...
wait our meeting soon ....
to look into each other's eyes...
to feel how much i love you ...
eyes speak much more ...
than words can say ...
yes sweetheart mine...
just wait to see my eyes...
and to realize it's words...
love you ...
and wishing you a wonderful sweet day ...
my sweet secret love ....
the most sweet secret i got ...
hazem  al....
Andrew Layman Mar 2020
I want to know you
but you are another world away;
a barrier stands between us
my words don't reach your ears.

I need to know you more
to love you better,
or my feelings remain incomplete.

Within your eyes I see a distance
it becomes a cancerous growth,
and our relationship shrinks,
from lack of communication,
redeemable therapy.

The action is mine
a decision held within my hands,
to give away, jettison my pride,
and finally speak to life that you recognize.
Andrew Layman
All Rights Reserved.
Viji Vishwanath Dec 2019
What a beautiful thing it is !
A Canvas that speaks a lot
Wow ! an artist’s soul
That try to speak a lot
From the window of canvas
To the doors of sky
Till the depth of ocean
In the romancing moonlight
And spreading its vastness
As the fragrance
Of night blooms
Until the sunrise
Again from morning dews
To chirping birds
Snowy mountains
To windy breeze
A moving cloud
And even from rain to rainbow
All is possible
With the tip of a brush
Is a marvellous thing
That depicts an artist’s heart

An art is a creation
Of an artist
Which is made
In different colours
With different paints
And in different shades
But all in one canvas
Makes an effective painting
Which can never die
As an artist’s soul
That is lightning forever
As a magical lantern

Some paintings speaks a lot
Like stories to us
When it starts speaking
The whole image depicts
It’s originality
As an original photo
Of some place
And that really can lost us
Somewhere as in the canvas

Even eyes of a portrait
Speaks a lot
When we stare in that eyes
It seems as the person is gazing
As a living person is standing in front of us
Which feels like a real photo
And it really makes
An unbelievable painting
Which is like giving life
To the non living thing
Within the canvas
By an artist
Or like a flower bloomed
In the hands of an artist

Canvas that speaks a lot
Really shows true heart
Of an artist’s creation
A beautiful creation
By ones own hands
Mesmerise all of us
With no time
Like an original picture
Taken with a camera
Of high resolution
Is something to adore
With the hearts of love

Canvas that speaks a lot
Is a graceful creation
That makes us wonder
Which is a miracle
In hands of an artist
That remains its effect
For life time
And that make
An artist
Different from others

Canvas that speaks a lot
Is a creation of art
When an artist starts
To move his hand on canvas
It starts to speak a lot
From the sincerity of love
To the beauty of a nature
Sparkling eyes of a human
And the depth of a sea
All that beautiful creation
Of Godly things
Is once more painted
With the help of an artist’s brush
Is something that speaks
For a lifetime
With thousands of words
In one image
Is an exemplary
Creation of humane
In a canvas

Canvas that speaks a lot
With voice of heart
Beats in every hearts
And in all eras

An artist is like a lantern
That lightens other lights
And a canvas is a mirror
Of an artist’s soul
That reflects the lights  
For lifetime
Which was once lit
By an artist
With a great deal
Who was owned
By an eloquent soul.
Dedicated to my loving father who was an artist is no more with us. I personally  lived and experienced the life of a canvas with hands of my father is something to adore more than in words. Memories and the paintings on canvas can never die as an artist’s soul.
God's Oracle Dec 2019
As if the Universe where conversing with my Inner Temple, indeed I feel vibrations a Grand Blueprint encoded with all energetic signals that transgress time and space where Galaxies and everything that coexist here on Earth and beyond all things seen or unseen said or left quiet The Master Of All Hosts (God) has allowed me to understand the melodic harmonizing tunes and signals every single molecule of energy has its own unique signature created by a Supreme Being overshadowing The Firmament outerspace of the cosmos the extraordinary thing about my observation into the Lenguage Of The Creator is truly mesmerizing it leaves me appalled to be even talking about it as if it's something long forgotten by Mankind. I know I try to remain teachable exponentially exploring my own most private and intimite thoughts where I converse with the Creator of all creation. Unspeakable words and collossal admiration I have gained to getting to know this Being for He is the Father and Author of all things created. His splendor and radiance can be felt seen but never understood fully and the overwhelming joy and feelings of love and worship can be expressed with my words on this poetic expression of my penmenship being solemnly dedicated as a letter of why my faith remains tremendously strong and unshaken because I have the honor and pleasure of knowing and talking with him on a deep spiritual level because he made me just like he made you (whoever the reader is) and am just so blessed and thankful to know that he watches over all Creation and mantains Order thru his Celestial Armies Of Heavenly Bodies and Angelic Forces that have dominion and rule over the final destination of our Souls Planets Stars and even Galaxies...yet much mystery and enigma is shrouted in God's presence am humbled to be submerged in the Holy Spirit at this moment talking about our benevolent Creator...remember to just contemplate and ask with all humbleness and meekness in heart for his Celestial Majesty to personally speak to you in a way he only can and just be receptive learn to observe your surroundings with spiritual eyes and speak to him with uttermost sincerity love admiration and respect. The Master Of All Celestial/Terrestrial hosts is listening and if you learn to use your Soul&Spirit and intertwine its energy field with the Universe you will have some deep and meaninful things be revealed to you in ways you cannot even begin to comprehend. Meditate on his Holy Word daily remember to stay prayed up abstain from fleshly and carnal desires and last but not least remain holy because he is holy. My Aura Colors today are 31.3% Yellow 69.7% Purple 6.4% White. Mood: Cheerful, Calm & Serene Flow of my inner & outer thought patterns: Heightened yet remaining stable Spiritual Path: 8

Lord I want to thank thee for allowing me to see admire and minisculely understand your Celestial Order and your Decree of Peace & Love unifying all energy throughtout the cosmos. Thank you for your Holy Spirit accompaning me tonight in this day and am forever thankful for sending your only begotten son Jesus Christ to die for me and atone all mankind's sins. Amen!
Conversing with my Inner-Self my Soul and God the Creator... using meditative techniques then slowly making this observation of my current spiritual state and also illuminating and healing my temple by giving glory and honor to the one who made it all.
Tori Schall Oct 2019
In a mysterious new world
she wanders, confused.
Not yet understanding
all the fine print.

She speaks in a foreign tongue
but smiles brightly
as if nothing could ever
take her from the stars.
For my adorable friend Nahir.
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