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Khamoshi bahut kuch kehati hai
Aur woh aksar khamosh rehati hai

Silence speaks more than words
And she remains silent quite often
Maria Etre Mar 12
There are moments
under the sun
where my heart
remembers warmth
and beats
a blush to
my cheeks
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2018
They said
Picture speaks
A thousand words

To be true
Nobody ever heard
What it speaks

Though all of us
Assume something
Though all of us
Make some sense
Though all of us
Feel something special
Though all of us
Have something to say
Though all of us
Try to understand more

Picture speaks
Through the eyes
Without a voice
Genre: Observational
her eyes glistened
with the light of
a thousand stars.

they told me
she was not enough.

her scars were painted
across her canvas called skin -
each one unique to itself.

they desperately
cried out for help.

her glossed lips smiled softly,
pulling her ****** features
into a jovial facade;
allowing a melodious
voice to fill the air

it said
"i'm okay, thank you for asking."

- v.m
she is incredible and doesn't deserve to feel like anything less. she is you. you are incredible. keep reminding yourself of this until you believe it.
Nylee Aug 2016
Silence speaks to me,
Speaks more than words.
It hides no lies,
Just hard to understand.
It can give peace,
Or can depict pain.
It can give solace,
Or emotion drain.
It has many shades,
Lot many faces,
Devoid of charade,
Gives enough space.
A lot can be told by silence,
And this Silence can be heard,
With an eye glance,
Things that can not be told by words.
Diya May 2018
He said bad words to my mum,
So I rebelled ,speaking some.
He is elder than me so I should respect,
But my words protested in this aspect.
I don't think I have done anything wrong,
Towards righteousness,my perspective belong.
I won't bother what the world say,
I think I have walked the right way.
My anger is really terrible,
But it was a case that was unbearable.
Still I'm sorry if I had hurt him,
But I don't think it was a crim!
Something bad happened and my crazy mouth spoke up again demandingly for something it felt right...
What do you think??? Have I done wrong or right?? Your opinion!!!!
Em MacKenzie Feb 2018
The static speaks my name and it's driving me insane,
the night's stars are it's eyes and I watch it right back.
Shadows cast on the blame, but still lighting up the pain,
I'm covered up under the skies with a veil pitch black.

The silence overloads my brain, and each thought's wasted in vain,
with a million possibilities that will never occur.
I am shackled with a moral chain, but it supports me to refrain
from a sense of humility that I can't ever deter.

I find each locked door more outrageous,
and I'm left like before, wondering if I'm contagious.
Why would they comfort me instead,
of putting a gun straight to my head?

The static speaks my name with pronunciation it can't obtain,
if white noise could stutter it'd probably have quite the drawl.
Questioning if I should feel shame, if I'm a painting or a stain,
or just a curse you mutter like graffiti on the bathroom stall.

I find it all dizzying and real dangerous,
I'm wondering if my misery is contagious.
Why would they comfort me instead,
when they could just leave me in my bed?

The static shrieks,
the floorboard creaks,
the river's dry but the faucet leaks.
The static shrieks,
years came from weeks,
I live in quiet, only silence speaks.

I plan my life in different stages,
I wonder if my strife is contagious.
Why would you comfort me instead,
of letting me follow the path you led?
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