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SANA May 8
why do u always look up when u are sad ?
at least the starts will look at the tears
that people failed to see
justine grace Jun 2023
here i am on a train ride
on it for the first time in years
when it was supposed to be with you this year
we made plans to travel more together many times
and we wanted to make it work this time around
but now it ***** that you ain’t here

maybe it’s for the best
maybe it’s meant for me to make memories with my girls
maybe we were not meant to make any more memories and be each other’s first time for everything

you were great, but you were broken
and you dragged me down the pit with you

as selfish as I can be as a person
you were way worst than i can ever be

i loved you with you all my heart
but now all I have left to offer you is my rage
i don’t wish you the best
i don’t wish you happiness
i wish you'd cry
for all the torture you’ve put me through
it's been three weeks and i'm still in hell but deep down, i know that i am slowly healing from the heartache. days feel like nights and i feel helpless at times. but it's okay, time will heal this pain. they said you should not regret the past memories that used to make you happy, but with all my heart – i regret meeting you. i regret loving you. i regret dumping everyone for you. and i regret for not seeing your true colours since day one. i wish you the worst in life. karma might hit me but honestly, what you put me through is already feeling like i'm in hell so i'm good.
Robert Ronnow Jun 2023
Part of me says stay small, part go big
Part says eat your fill, part don’t pig

Kenko says: long life brings many shames
I say the gray sky brings winter, no blame

The impassable mountains we revere
Moderate the force of wind and water

Get the cement truck into the refrigerator
We shall honor all of life sooner or later

Anything can happen if you don’t resist
To get lucky you gotta be careful first

You discover dying’s much like living
Who should I thank for the pity of things?

O to have the smile of a lover
Who wouldn’t rather be elsewhere!
Nigdaw May 2023
he said he had a bad back
(the front wasn't too hot either!)
playing for my sympathy
looking for a pity party
trying to be the bigger man
struggling on through
the storm of pain

I hurt every day
because I'm supposed to
it's how I know I'm still alive
I didn't tell him
he might've cried
expecting a boom -
but it was only a whisper.
expecting a spectacle -
but it only got dimmer.
expecting praise -
when only deserving of pity.
just when you couldn’t finish the race
was the distance travelled all a waste?
fell too short, a disgrace
when the expectation wasn’t my fate.
Ronna M Tacud May 2022
Sitting on the ***** ground,
while staring to the playground.
I've been waiting for you too long,
yet you never came along.
I lower my pride,
just to be by your side.
Even if trials will come,
I'll still choose to walk with you in the aisle.

But then, my hopes has been shatter.
and turned into anger.
Is this the love that I want?
Is this the love that I need?
To be pitied?
Maybe, yes!
Maybe, not!

I've been careless,
and now I'm no longer his princess.
I deserve what I tolerate.
Cause I know, he always makes me feel discriminate.
And I let those painful words hit me.

I waited too long,
to realize that this is wrong.
The love that I dream
isn't a moonbeam.
Instead, it is a shadow of grief.
Whom I belief.
Do not
pity the
that has
died, it
will bloom
once more,  
as an
in life you
held dearly,
unaware of
how it
Kamal Dec 2021
Pity is petty
A wasted emotion
Pity is unsettling
An unwanted charity
Pity is vile
A hurtful reminder of failing
Pity is a rusted sword
Cuts one’s  dignity
Slices one’s self respect
Leaving traces of aches and blood
Drop by drop
For the rest of time
Pity is never ever needed
My dearest friend
The mind it yells ‘imposter’
Each time I find the time to write
Never telling who I am, only telling who I am not.

Squawking, sulking in my ear
Drives the pen, the words to veer,
Drives the mind to that of Lears,
Into the sullenness of my volition.
Imposter, Imposter - not a syndrome but a title;

The title of my biography, the world’s class joke
The worlds least known, the worlds last hope.

I have a Saviour but I am my own,
Rather, I insist to be my own.

Hypnotized by the shadow, or not a shadow but a void,
A black void, not empty but falling,
Falling deep and a miss, falling, falling to my abyss -

Imposter Void Imposter, write your sweet nothingness,
I pity myself but I go on, Imposter Void Imposter -
Sympathetic, the abyss lends it’s kiss.
Imposter syndrome hitting hard
Elizabethanne Sep 2021
I am sitting in the waiting room
underwear off
On a chair that hasn’t been clean since it was installed
Goosebumps trail down my exposed back
The ties of my blue hospital dressing gown
the only barrier between me
and a room of fully clothed strangers  

I am sitting in a waiting room
my eyes are burning
and I wish for nothing more
then to have some type of dignity left
But I put it in the white pillow case they give
after telling you to strip yourself of everything you are
It sits between my legs  
And just like that I am a blank slate
(Nothing more and a little less than what they need me to be)

I am sitting in a waiting room
And I am the smallest person in every room I walk into
These ones always make me feel smaller
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