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Kaumal Borah Jul 29
The pearls in the leaves of that  tree
splashed on my hand
And primped it like an accessory
so delicate ,so beautiful,so refreshing
The tiny little pearls of nature "the dew drops"
Seemed to just exist to make  me glee...
Just random feelings...
Butterfly Jul 25
The sound of the raindrops coming down from the sky calms down my mind
I've been fighting alot with my parents, lucky the rain calmed my anger a bit.
Achlys Nyx Jul 17
,                                   .
                            !                                   ­     ?!
                                 .                              ,
                       ,                     ,                               ,
                               ,                                ,                     .
                                                     ,                           ,
                                                               ­                    .
                               ,                                          .
                                !         ­                  .
LRF Jul 3
The rain
that falls here,
pattering on my roof,
from the same cloud
that sailed half a continent away,
to shower drops in
muted thuds
into your hair
onto your shoulders.

We shared
of microscopic intimacy
we even
July 2020

Inspired by the Holy Palmer’s sonnet in Romeo and Juliet, and Donne’s The Flea.
parthenope May 26
Four drops of Carmine.
One for hope,
One for trust,
One for love,
One for guilt.

Carmine is the color of dried blood, the color is sometimes used to represent crime.

Life is real and hoping for something good even if the situation is ****** up, seems naive. Loving and trusting people with our lives then getting back stabbed for materialistic things is the truth.
Accepting our mistakes out loud and expecting the society to give us a forward push instead all we get is taunts and negativity.
In every individual's life there comes a moment where trusting, loving, feeling guilty and even hoping feels like a crime.

This piece is for the person who is trying to be as selfless as they can be and yet is faced with the downfalls. These four drops of carmine- hope,trust,love and guilt are the crimes committed by this person.

- J
Quixotic May 12
There lies the abandoned park bench
We sat there a year ago

Now stained with infinite dust, rain
Pouring torrents of strange anger and

Pulsing sorrow- a heaving chest
Rising and falling , tide like crest

Certain gravity to the fall, to the fallen
(pun unintended)
Unceasing in releasing;

Dusk, dawn
Fall , rise
Black, white

Just universal polarity like
The one between you and me.

A hand to hold, a smile to crave,
A heart to feel, a love to cherish;

All now lies washed down
Dust in the rain
Solitary drops now remain.
An old feeling crept up on me.
Krishnapriya Feb 20
I am a nameless dew drop
On a scent less flower
Longing for my Beloved
To dissolve me in His arms

Fly away oh clouds!
Of dense and dark illusion
Let me cast my eyes just once
Upon the one I love

Before I die
For His radiant Being.
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