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Kleigh Oct 2018
Performing full of passion
Watching you through my vision
You catch my attention
And I ended with admiration
You don't have an exact description
'Cos you're the best than my expection
And totally beyond my imagination

Before, I live for nothing
As you came it's worthliving
You are life changing
You give my life full of meaning
Everything that you do keeps my heart beating
You are the reason behind this feeling
You keep my heart trembling
Can't help just keep on admiring

It is not an obsession
Just giving me a daily motivation
And become my life inspiration

You always makes me smile
Even the distance between is a thousand miles
This kind of situation is totally fine
I love you as a man
But you love me as a fan
I love you even though you are not mine.
Dedicated to a man I never have
Toxic yeti Nov 2018
The gold fish named Tony (a poem)

Happily and freely
Does the fantail goldfish
Named Tony
With out a care in the world

Tony thinks
The world is a peaceful place
Yet he does not know
Much of what goes on
Beyond the fish Bowl

But it is better
Then hearing and seeing
The bad things
That happens outside of the
Fish Bowl

So freely and happily
Tony swims
Ignorance is bliss
When you’re a fantail goldfish
In your little slice
Of paradise
Peter Balkus Oct 2018
I'm not the biggest fan
of Mendelssohn,
but I never turn the radio off,
when he is on.
And more I hear him in the speakers,
more I him want.

I think this day is coming though,
when I'll become
the biggest, biggest ever fan
of Mendelssohn.
Written while listening to "A Midsummer Night's Dream - Scherzo by Felix Mendelssohn" on Classic FM.
III Jul 2018
    When I'm grasping
          For something to say,

I lay on my back
And stare carefully
     At the dizzy dance
Of the ceiling fan's motion,

And think of all the other times
      I longed for the sky to
      The ground to shake,
      The leaves to tell me
             Their secrets,

All the times I yearned
For something,
To come crashing in a
      Passionate heat
      Into my life again.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
In this day and age,
you can only love or hate.
So simple-minded
Gone are the days where you can sit, have a stimulating conversation about something and have your agreements/disagreements but still RESPECT EACH OTHER'S OPINION! Are you so primitive to believe that one can't love something and still critique it? And I've noticed that when you argue with such people, YOU are the one who looks like an idiot in the end.Just because you have a **** opinion...
******* with that BS. If I truly hated something, I would say it's **** and move on. I would not bother to list what is good and bad about something.
I'm that type of person, to give credit where credit is due and still call out the *******! And somehow, I'm a 'mindless hater' - _____-

...I hate this generation so **** much...
I'm so peeved right now, my blood is boiling and my house is like an oven.
Be back soon.
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
I'm sprawled on my couch
Fan is on, in bra and briefs
It's too fricking hot
I'm melting here...
Even with all the fans on and the cold baths, I'm still boiling
Be back soon,
Lyn ***
Nick Stiltner May 2018
A glimmer breaks through the clouds,
A single beam of white light drifts
through the skylight above
As I lay with back to carpet,
watching the fan lazily rotate.

The fan wobbles and creaks,
it’s paint chipped and weary.
Chains dangle below, rattling
And the blades blur in rotation.

I do not blame the ones of before
for seeing a single hopeful beam of light
and dropping to their knees in prayer,
tears dripping down in the face of
a savior, any savior.

The layers behind eyes flitting with
joy, eyes that dart about, drinking in the scene
to that of unseeing blank, wide mouthed
as if in awe of the world above,
stuck in their ways for eternity.
Diandra Pratama May 2018
she tasted the sun
the golden glow of the afternoon
at the tip of her tongue, swirling, cavorting, inviting, exciting

and he was the night
constantly watching, yearning, whispering words only tricksters or corpses understood.

but he wanted her
oh, he did

a sinful distraction that filled the void in his heart
a bystander was not meant
to interfere with the whales
or empresses
if one refused to receive permanent black eyes

but the girl tasted like the sun
the golden glow of the afternoon
at the tip of his tongue, swirling, cavorting, inviting, exciting

so he let himself succumbed
basically inspired by emsider. enough said.
Elioinai May 2018
the only thing soft about you
was your kissing lips
Your words were much too hard
Your eyes were much too dark
to see me
Strong in all my softness
I’m a woman
and I deserve my biggest fan
if you’re in love with someone who isn’t your biggest fan, then you’re not getting what you deserve
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