Nick Stiltner May 20
A glimmer breaks through the clouds,
A single beam of white light drifts
through the skylight above
As I lay with back to carpet,
watching the fan lazily rotate.

The fan wobbles and creaks,
it’s paint chipped and weary.
Chains dangle below, rattling
And the blades blur in rotation.

I do not blame the ones of before
for seeing a single hopeful beam of light
and dropping to their knees in prayer,
tears dripping down in the face of
a savior, any savior.

The layers behind eyes flitting with
joy, eyes that dart about, drinking in the scene
to that of unseeing blank, wide mouthed
as if in awe of the world above,
stuck in their ways for eternity.
she tasted the sun
the golden glow of the afternoon
at the tip of her tongue, swirling, cavorting, inviting, exciting

and he was the night
constantly watching, yearning, whispering words only tricksters or corpses understood.

but he wanted her
oh, he did

a sinful distraction that filled the void in his heart
a bystander was not meant
to interfere with the whales
or empresses
if one refused to receive permanent black eyes

but the girl tasted like the sun
the golden glow of the afternoon
at the tip of his tongue, swirling, cavorting, inviting, exciting

so he let himself succumbed
basically inspired by emsider. enough said.
Elioinai May 10
the only thing soft about you
was your kissing lips
Your words were much too hard
Your eyes were much too dark
to see me
Strong in all my softness
I’m a woman
and I deserve my biggest fan
if you’re in love with someone who isn’t your biggest fan, then you’re not getting what you deserve
Riley June Apr 12
velvet cord blocks their entrance,
this show is not for everyone,
no amount of bribery could get them in,
on opening night the line winds away,
production took lifetimes of innocence,
with casting simply an impossible task,
many auditioned with memorized lines,
while your lines soared above tidal waves of emotion,
with Hollywood heckling your agent,
and singing praises only to the tune of your name,
it will be you with a name plastered in lights,
as i will exist only to become your footnote,
but for a moment,

you were my fan
Sometimes I miss you.
The music from the speakers the only thing to fill the blanks of a rotating fan.
The rhythm to ease the silence.
Remembrance of how you sound,
Sometimes I miss you.
Negating myself with quick tugs & pulls.
I hang at your leisure.
Drawn to life at the rise of your head
I am lost without you
It's a long and winding road to get to that answer. Some friends and I had come together because we each had a free ticket to ride the roller coaster 'Across the Universe' at the new theme park 'Helter Skelter' which had just opened on my birthday. The 4 of us...Jonathan the Tax man, Richard the Egg man, Paula the Meter Maid and Georgette... (well, she does something) had just come out of the 'Magical Mystery Tour' where you take a virtual ride around the entire park in a yellow submarine, and gotten in line for the roller coaster. Who should get in line right behind us but The Beatles. They were in disguise, but the accents gave them away...not to anyone else, just us. Paula whispered to George 'Closer...let me whisper in your ear' and she let him know that we knew. To make a long story short, we spent a day in the life of The Beatles. I offered to let them drive my car to their hotel, but they said they were waiting for the van to come and take them to see a guy named Ed. We spent 10 minutes telling them how great our day was when John finally shouted; 'LOOK, you say hello and we'll say goodbye'
...and in the end it was a day to remember.
When I'm 64, I'll still remember like it was yesterday!
oldie - not really a poem...but
Ceyhun Mahi Mar 25
A ngel
U nique
D ainty
R ighteous
E legant
Y ears

H eroine
E loquent
P riceless
B eautiful
R ise
N oble
A tribute.
zahra wang Mar 16
often written
is a condition
they call it
the “hanahaki” disease

the details are
that you shall fall in love
it shall be unrequited
and you shall cough up flowers
until you die

i had always wondered
why i never caught
the coughing flower disease

not that i
wanted to die, of course
it’s just

i thought my feelings for you
were stronger than any wind
wider than any land
deeper than any ocean
and my dear
it was a fact
that you did not love me back
not the way i thought
i wanted you to

time passed
and i came to realise
the reason my love for you
did not kill me
was not because it wasn’t strong enough

the reason i had not died
death my the flowers growing in my lungs
is because my love for you was not “real”
because you were not “real”
not really

you were an idol
on the other side of the screen
and no matter how much i supported you
adored you
loved you

we would never be anything more
than an idol
smiling for a living
and a fan
whose smile you saved

and deep in my heart
perhaps, that, i already knew

if i were to cough up flowers
stained with one-sided love
it would be a rose
made of plastic
not “real”
not really
but it would last forever

just like the love
between you
and me
(it wasn’t real to everyone else,
but it was still “real”, in a sense, to me
after all,
who said that romantic love
was the only “real” kind of love?)
I grew up realizing perfection doesn't exist
But if it does, I think you are the closest meaning of it
Your hair again falls stylish without effort
Your dimples showing off
Your music tickles my soul
It touches the very strand of my allured mind
Your shine is more than enough
To light up my world forever- like in movies
I couldn't forget the day I saw you on the screen
You are making the huge crowd admire you more,
Without even noticing it,
They shout your name with enthusiasm
As my heart does when I'm never existing to you
Just plain. You and your bass, you set the stage on fire
You hit every note with the so-called "perfection"

I knew it was back then
I couldn't forget every detail of how you looked
I memorized everything I recognized about you
Curly hair, charming eyes, gorgeous dimples
They mean "perfection" to me

Sounds eccentric but my mind is dictating
That we should know each other, we must
Too bad, we didn't. Not even a single glance of dejavu
Our lives resides on different galaxies
No memories, no talks, no interaction - plain nothing
I tried to search our lost, stolen moments
But I got nothing but eyes full of tears
Begging the Divinity to somehow collide our stars
But no. Because I forgot the most important thing
You are the bright star and I am a dead asteroid's dust
A particle unseen in a vast majesty of celestial bodies
All I could do is watch you from here, lightyears away
You are embracing the sun.
A dust like me will never be the sun.
I'm crying. Zildjian, this one's for you. I really hate it when I admire someone too much that my admiration became equivalent to the amount of pain I felt realizing I'm just a fan. JUST a fan forever. But what should I do? I love being a fan of you.
James Court Dec 2017
fan on, but the heat,
persistent, wraps my skin, tries
hard not to blow off
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