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Sarah Flynn Feb 2021
she didn't
stab me in the back
the way that people
have in the past.

she looked me
right in my eyes
and stabbed me
in my chest.

she didn't
backstab me.

she stabbed me
mid-sentence, when
I was still talking and
still trusting her

and then she
watched me die.
once i was a hunter
now i"m the prey
surrounded by traitors
coloured with grey
filled with cries
even the rivers are salty here
i'm with dark allies
searching light with fear
bad vibe, bad envirnonment,whipping life
Bullet Apr 2020
You better stop it
Something unexpected
Might just end up injuring you
A press in a step
A footprint permanently stained
Might just end up with things railing off
You better stop it
Look what you’re doing to me
My drive is alluding your well being
You’re on my ***
Ready to backstab me
I’m not driving for revenge
You better rearrange your lane
Because if you don’t I’ll check you
You better stop it
Driving me crazy
Noah May 2019
Your lies have hurt , why do you talk sweetly to my face then turn around a spit them out with hate. Why do you pass around bad rumors like a mad note, if your trying to be funny well its a sad joke.
You hurt me but I did not see it until it was too late. I cut off the chain that connected us. I bought a ticket to fly away from your negative space. Then I will rinse myself with soap so your hate might just wash right away.
M P Mar 2019
i walked out crying and you didn’t go after me
i looked back hoping you’d come running
but you didn’t
you stayed sitting there and let me cry over you

why didn’t you try to help me?

it was your fault anyway.
it doesn’t matter
because i’ll be the one apologizing
while you make yourself the victim

because i was hurt.
because i was betrayed
because i was in pain
because i trusted you

you twisted the knife so far into me
and i didn’t even get to fight back
you always think you can trust the ones
that hurt you the most.

all i did was love you
i didn’t deserve this
I didn’t deserve to feel
like i don’t matter

i care too much about your opinion
you could make me up
and break me down
with one comment

maybe it’s because you’re the
only one i have left
or maybe it’s because you
gave me false hope that I’m worth something
Sehar Bajwa Feb 2019
i know what love is
love is pain.

love is handing them the knife to slash at your chains
but hoping they
don't stab you in
the back.

love is disappointment

it is waiting up for messages never sent
hoping someone remembers
to remember you.

Love is a word over spent
very seldom meant
its the arrow of Cupid that kills you.
its an emotion that disappears
after it catches you unaware
its the want not the need that fills you
both elixir and poison
the apocalypse in the horizon
the fear of the loss that thrills you.
the walls not the bridges
the cuts not the stitches
the fire and the thirst that wills you.
love just is.
The Mellon Dec 2018
Friends are like bad days,

They seem to be fine most of the time,
Then they decide to
Stab you in the back
And ask you if your ok?
You seem pale,
As I bleed to death on the floor.

But it's alright, clearly they cared about my well being.
Stabbing me was for my own good.

It only nearly ruined the rest of my life.

But hey, what are bad friends for anyway?
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
One can never be friends with the devil.
Just as he smiles easily, he can toss
you in the oven.
The wise words of my mother loool!
Lyn ***
fm Jun 2018
i’m a step latter.
i’m kept between your fridge and the wall and barely make appearances.
you only take me out when you need to reach the cereal from the top cupboard.
you only use me when you’re in need.
i guess i can say you rely on me...
in a way.
but you won’t let anyone else use me for fear of them getting hurt.
then you’d have to shave out some money for their hospital bill to fix what i did.
so after you’ve gotten your cereal, and the box is back in place, you shove me back between your fridge and the wall.
you forget i’m there completely.
you’ll use the counter instead to hoist up and grab a bag of chips.
and when you fall from trying to get down , you’ll run back to me,
“i should’ve come to you,” you’ll say.
but i know you’ll reclimb that counter when you don’t wanna use me.
you don’t have to flatter me.
i know you’re tired of me.
you need the space between your fridge and the wall for your new step latter.
it’s a better step latter, i’ll admit.
it doesn’t wobble when it unfolds.
it’s made of strong, shiny metal as opposed to my cracked plastic.
and when i’m hiding between the tree and a trash outside, i realize you didn’t want me.
you just needed something to stand on.
my description of my toxic friendship
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