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Nikolette Oct 2020
For we all describe the same world
    In many different languages
      But we all have the same idea
        Of what this corrupted world thought us
Although we all have different and unique lives, we all have the same story to tell
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2020
If I could fly to some other place
That's exactly what I'd do
Go far from here and never turn back
As long as you came with too
My shoulder blades would sprout two wings
I'd let go of excess weight
Be light enough to be carried by
Air that makes my lungs inflate
The clouds would hold me gently
Arms as white as snow
So high over the crowded earth
I'd forget about the pain below
Floating like a feather free
No gravity to lower my heels
I'd sacrifice **** near anything
To experience how liberty feels
Yet this dream will not come true one day
My body anchored to the ground
The flight I desire desperately
Is an escape that will never be found
Because I know I am no angel
Heaven is not my home
My soul is polluted with darkness
The skies are not where demons roam
I cannot rise off my knees
Nevermind rising way above
But you lift my spirits a little bit more
Each time you share your love
I feel like I am levitating when you are next to me
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
Do not smoke if you want to breathe

You cannot inhale polluted air expecting your lungs to continue being clean
Don't smoke if you can't inhale
eleanor prince Feb 2019
let me rant awhile
for what good it may do
to open the valve
if only briefly

for as one wave
after another
of sheer indignity
is reported

survivor guilt
courses through me
yet even this
was not mine to choose

for I don't happen to
have been born
or black -

and that doesn't make me
more -
or less -
worthy of dignity

but I can observe closely
what it is like
to be pilloried
and persecuted

for one's peaceful contacts
and communications
holding personal beliefs
at odds with a regime

and a rage
courses through me
on contemplating
'man's inhumanity to man' -

though written long ago
that the world would be so,
where hatred would replace
kindness, love, empathy

I deplore the way
an ideology
of one disturbed,
possessed person

can lead to millions
donning a uniform,
henceforth labelling
one sector of humankind

'persona non grata'

to be mercilessly pursued
in legitimized genocide,
even savaging
little children

frightened lads
caught on the run
made to hold arms
for food

mamas with babes in arms
forced to watch them
dashed to pieces
then buried alive underground

their infant cries still heard
while their mothers were ***** -
as beleaguered, beautiful Estonia
was brought to it's knees...

and I weep and rant
feel knives in my gut
blood pulsing swift -
then take hold of myself

seek to understand,
if that be possible,
even a smidgen
of such distorted thinking

to delve into the mind
of a hateful deviate
for but a moment
and remain intact

so I scan his written mantra
and come to see that
all deeply held convictions
must have at its core


lest it attract the weak
and easily led,
or those forced into submission
seeking to simply stay alive

and they find themselves
taking part
in a forest fire
of polluted propaganda

a flood of merciless
while their deluded leader
continues to spout forth venom

in the distorted notion
that they would actually
be acting in society's
best interests

or worse still:
'in the name of God'
(Acts 5:39;
Hosea 4:1-3)
This post was initially placed
at the end of my previous poem,
'mandated thuggery,'
but became so lengthy,
that though not my usual,
tightly honed offering,
I felt it may resonate
with some poets here on hp,
hence I gave it space
as a post in its own right.

You may wish to see my previous post
a poem that was based on these thoughts

I deeply appreciate your sharing
what you feel on reading
either or both of these posts
Many thanks
Sabila Siddiqui Feb 2018
An integral trait
that protected and built
in her, withers.
Curses slowly slithers
off her tongue
leaving her soul stung,
for she swore never to say
on any day.

Reputation tarnished;
label faded;
mind polluted,
for she no longer felt demure
and pure.

Enticed by the modern world;
contamination injects,
mutating and leaving her
not able to recognize herself.
For now she stares in the
restroom mirror,
shedding tears
over her shedding skin.
Liam C Calhoun Nov 2016
The neon green frog leaps
Unto it’s last bastion of

He thought it was water,
But I know full well
A ******’s been administered.

So ushers in, the acrid scent of
A life wrought nothing more than
It’s surrounding pestilence;

A chaos concocted,
And alchemy rendered man;
For we’ll break this world,

But at ends, the world will hold us,
For our crimes and
For our contempt.
Wyatt Jun 2016
The kindness in your presence is keeping my mind from being completely polluted.
You came in like rain
that poured heavily,
washing away the dirt and remains
of the polluted world
but, some despised your presence
for they lacked warmth and security
you made them shiver,
you made them suffer,
when you believed that
you gave them joy
With your pure drops of water

- Kaya
Julie Apr 2016
I saw you walk away from me, your eyes like burnt pastries
Tasteless was your gaze and tainted was your smirk.
I saw the last of your silk locks, saving themselves from my satin ruffles.
Useless was the lingerie I'd run my fingers through when you'd lean closer.
You told me my smile was the sun, yet you left in your spacecraft
Flirting with the stars, you left my glowing figure in a mist veil of polluted smoke.
You said I would drown in each lingering kisses, deep in a sea promised to never dry up.
You held me down with your addicting anchor; tempting was your touch and hopeful was your blush.

I saw you walk away,

I love you.
Luna Craft Mar 2016
We are a selfish species
Global warming, nuclear warfare, ******
We created out own fears, they all centralize around us
You don't see a mouse setting its own trap
But we polluted out environment beyond recognition
No longer worrying about survival
We go through each and everyday no longer looking up
We spend so much time thinking about people we'll never meet
Because we're all dying
And we've accepted it
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