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The concept of being deceivingly perfect.
For you were the someone who I wanted to stay.
I‘d constantly remind myself not to expect
cause you were a race car in a speeding highway.

I thought that I’d actually be getting somewhere.
We were going in full speed but never stopping.
With the familiar cool breeze running through my hair,
You were just speeding past while I was still walking.
It's been a while since I've last seen you. Can't wait to see you again next week.
Nina Aug 8
Don't close your heart
because of your Eyes.
Believe me,
you won't even find love
if you're just gonna rely on the ideal person you want.
Beauty doesnt last forever.
Stop being ignorant
Von Aug 2
We've always been lost
That's right
Even though we're only here now because of each other
Steve Page May 11
You wear the mask
that gets you through the day.
You close the door and tear
and tear the mask away.

You wear the mask
that gets you through the war.
You close the door and swear
there is no better way.
Lines 5 &6 are from a movie.
Hayley Rena Apr 10
We say that we don’t mind
when lovers leave
when friends don’t believe
when this world is so unkind
Though, we do, oh we do
hearts wounded deeply
souls esteemed so cheaply
so what else is new
We are tired
tired of the paucity of thought, of feeling
and it leaves,
****, it leaves us reeling
And all the pain we take
and all the pain we make
leaves us emptier than before
please, please no more
Help us to just believe
in light, in Truth
though still we deceive
Written// April 10, 2019
Osiria Melody Mar 13
Scrolls through your feed,
Urge to LIKE and COMMENT on
each of your posts
[Refrains from doing so]
Am I a creep for stalking your
profile back to day 1?

We don't connect in real life,
unlike instantly on social media
FOLLOWING each other's posts
throughout the year
Falling in love behind a
screen of an idealized world

I've never heard your voice
I've never held your hand
I've never spent time IRL
with you
I hope that you look the same
like your profile picture, though

Should we meet IRL? I dunno, LOL.
Playing a game
Like it's a war,
Only to thrive down
To the ones
That got it all.

Spitting out fire
From beautiful lips
Of fools,
Deceiving with malicious
Deeds like blades.

Only to gloat
From the thorns
Within their eyes,
And once the clock
Will it strike.

The time would
Be right, and let it all
Play by itself
When the culprits
Are playing fools.
Yet, it's sad to see people playing malicious games towards someone else to destroy someone else's happiness, worth, and life.
Quinlyn Feb 10
Our future...
Could we have had one?
Or did it just burst asunder
When you left

Was it all a lie?...
When you wouldn't talk...
I fell apart in a sigh
Sometimes I doubted your commitment

If I doubted you when you were with me..
How can I trust, when you are away
Did you play me like a DVD?
I was YOUR crutch, helping mend YOUR problems

But I'm still in love with you
I loved your hue
Or was I lying to myself...

Will I ever see you again?
Is my heart set to grieve?
Or did you just deceive
When you said I was your love
ok okay Feb 4
You think you are a loser  
I can tell by the way you reflect my lies
Thoughts can be deceptive
But the mirror never lies
Mirror shows who you truely are. Its a reflection of yourself.                                              P.S. been drinking a bit so might be sloppy.
ok okay Jan 30
Nothing matters anymore
Who am I kidding
Nothing ever mattered
Feeling empty , maybe I should eat.
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