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Ander Stone Jan 19
you dared tell a lie at
the very end
of each and every verse
that snapped out
of that flaming mouth
of yours.

I felt the guilt
of not quenching
your eternal thirst.

spinner of magmatic threads,
supine in your cocoon of lies.
you told yourself the same lies
that entangle me in the susurrations
of your feminine death rattle.

I felt the weight
of not quenching
your ever burning thirst.

remembered silken fingers
crisscrossing the empty
spaces between my heavy

I felt the vibration
of failing to spot
that beautiful web you've spun.

weaver of all the lies
I needed to hear.

tell me,
are you content with being
all alone in your widow's web?
Brant Jul 2023
I know, you know
That I know, to look beyond the obscure dignities,
they're deceptions rooted in loss
created to alleviate the weight of your entire being,
You cannot deceive me
Because your soul is beautiful and pure,
This is the source of your true power
Orange Apr 2023
The lovely you,
Flawless and true.
A warm soul,
That fend off my ghoul.
Traced your light,
Greeted by your night.
Lies a broken you,
Stood your distorted view.
Cold and cruel,
You made the rules.
Keep me deceived,
and tell me darling.
How should I perceive you?
Which one is the real you.
DKN Oct 2022
How terrible a blow
to believe in my beating chest
this much I ought to know
but 'tis gentle to forget
your shortlived "forevermore"s
your "never let you go"s
my word, I should have guessed
even with a very odd thought
all the while lingering in my head
that any truth can be born
of enough deceiving breath
Who are you beneath your cores
dear poets.all?
Behind your eyes, and
The abyssmal joy of your voice.!
Who bore your hands painters
of my canvas in my
dark skies Moi I love her so!

Who are you in the gates
compass of your feet's troot
In such manly sunny grace
The world of roses bows
to last a season longer
in your courts Moi and
weeping willow, you Crow?
Tspoetry Traveler who are you?
Who are you when the night grabs treasures in your tantric hands
to exploddives full of putpose
claiming your ancient
queen of love.
Who are you behind the Scarlet rose that owns your poems all inked in gold, Moi who is your Z,😇
I thrive for poetry attempting to define true love and find you holder of Grammy birds in rose gardens
mastering grace and joy
arena of loverz expertise.

I find you intriguingly
Inquisitive over powers of women
Needing no man to thrive in life
a faint disregard to Ballance
value wisdom in
Ancient ones wanting more.
Who are you behind your faceal avatars
Who are you dear.poets
Behind your nom de plume
In the ******* Mansion fields
of young damsels landing
to feed on your gummy inks,?.
Mr and Mrs Andrews
By: Karijinbba.
Simon May 2021
"The Swindle", is a possible escape plan in order to divert attention completely away from the VAST majority of preying eyes!
"Why!?" And..."why now question it...?" Whatever the situation, you need to be wary of totally undivided attention...,since you are not alone...of an obvious disguise (upon an even more obvious "swindling" act).
"The Swindle", is a countermeasure towards shameful results (for oneself). That is...if your simply caught in the act...
Simon Aug 2020
There was once an eternity between two separate individuals. They simply lay claim a very positive reaction that both makes them "richer" than both each other could even predict. Simply put it, they aren't respectable individuals within each of their own rights too essentially bear alone. That's why (one day far in the future...hopefully very soon). They can actually become something more then the two very separate individuals that have lay claim a very rich moral principle in order to make something go beyond each other's very perspective that had controlled them (up until this certain point in time). But what happens if they let this ("claim to be") control the very outcome for both destinies to (sooner rather than later) "connect" into a very "luxurious" positive desire that keeps each another's identity sane...for ALL too essentially bear?! Except the very claim they put there very "trusting hands" in can't hope to truly be trusted, right...? Especially if you can't believe a word this very claim says about the outcome that's VASTLY hinting at being about "eternity" itself. Which is a very stark contrast towards believing in either a (somebody) that was entirely within their own odds as either a connecting embodiment. Or a very luxurious and positive desire that doesn't cut corners for just anyone. Since it takes time for something to truly become "persecuted" by the very outcome that's made to become "disembodied" (first and foremost). Towards the very end! In the end, what happens to these very unsuspecting victims that's part of an eternity together that both can't be fixed (even how hard you try) or even divide (evenly) for the support of a more freer claim (of charge) that can't be masked by the impression that ("eternity between two separate individuals") can be taken seriously as to actually be real? Why can't the both of them stay "together forever" if (first and foremost) they had already ("lay claim to a very positive reaction that both makes them richer than both each other could even predict"?) Simple. Because the more they try to be apart, the more things (than ever before) won't work out in their own internal affairs for the rest of eternity! A claim becoming the more disembodied outcome for none too essentially bear alone...anymore! The more they lay claim for eternity without becoming the separate individuals we ALL "scorn" them to be...will (perhaps) work out in their very favor. Eternity between two separate individuals is not (forevermore) valued between one another. When it's actually the makings of eternity itself (not being what it seems) after all.... When it's really how they lay claim to a luxurious positive desire keeping each other sane for their identities to get a fix on the connection that keeps them (anyways) more positive in the desires to both hold themselves too bear each other more (tightly secured)!
Conclusion... No one is within their right minds too ever become simply connected to lay claim to eternity itself. When it was really the essential connection between two separate individuals who (once...a long time ago) created eternity for themselves too bear (for each other) alone...forevermore!
Detesting yourself (with the spectrum that is logic) isn't the most greatest accomplishment one can essentially bear for the purpose to remain pure...for ALL eternity!
Tony Tweedy Aug 2020
In a world where traits such as bigotry, greed, narcissism, non-empathy and some level of superiority (in ones own mind) are the key attributes to ensure success and some sense of purpose and fulfilment... I am less distressed than I should be to have failed at life.
I have come to appreciate simplicity and things that are genuine and wonder what reality looks like to the successful. Do they value a warm embrace and a soft kiss and the company of someone who likes them for who they are in the same way I do? And when (if) they feel and experience these things in a genuine way does their success still feel good when they reflect on what made them? Do they even reflect upon such things... or would they be less successful in their own minds if they saw themselves for who they are?
Can you be happy if your aspirations are something other than to love and be loved in return? Without these all is deception and you are both the deceived and the deceiver.
No matter how successful you are or believe yourself to be.... if you do not love and are not loved.... you have failed. Ask anyone who has a heart full of love to give but has no one with whom to share it. Nothing else can compensate or equal loves rewards.
Simon Aug 2020
Restless nights are too affordable for calm composures to risk everything for a mere simple sleep, when confronting the very (something) that's essentially making your own freedom from getting..."a good night's sleep"! Since "readiness" itself isn't a calm composure (by ANY chance)! When instead readiness for the good night's sleep you ALWAYS dreamed of...isn't within the standards for your own mind to completely disagree. Mostly because whatever is the very (something) that is keeping you from the very thing ("you ALWAYS dreamed of")... Is what's also making your own mind agree with you (as if it was too easy for the mind too never become "suspicious" of a seemingly natural good night's sleep to begin with).
PS... A good night's sleep is only but a curse! A single restless night is ALL the mind truly needs to feed! While readiness (being the very thing that isn't a calm composure by ANY chance) itself, is only but the countermeasure that separates both into giving away what that very (something...truly is) that's seemingly keeping you from what ("you ALWAYS dreamed of")!
Never fully trust your own mind when it's given heavy doses of such a thing simply called... "A good night's sleep"! Its trust is in the very "disturbance" that would otherwise keep you in the dark to both torment and pervert the naturalness that is of..."a good night's sleep".... Forevermore turning into the blight that is of a..."restless night"!
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