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James Jul 11
We will vanish one by one, until we are gone without a trace
Displaced by flora or covered in colossal snowdrifts
Dilapidated buildings
Hideous remains of temples and churches haunted
By the
silhouettes of ghastly midnights past

Un-holy vestiges transfigured by the warmth of the wandering sun.
Ashes where we had once stood before God as man
screamingly sentient
made of rotten creation
Our life the echo of a shrieking moan
Calling from the graveyard of the universe

Come! Leave the pallid stars behind with a mad laughter
Reach out now, touch the void
God and man are dead ! Rejoice!
What a joyous revolt!
Divine notes from blasphemous flutes conduct a symphony from beyond time
Dive headfirst into the deep black rift
And become eternity
An original poem
Miriam May 10
White with lines
Tap tap tap
In and out in and out, breathing,
Crack pick up another,
Tap tap tap
Start Begin Go!
write my soul
write my agony
write my joy
Write my mind
Tap tap tap ...
Sarah Pavlak Apr 14
A Nigerian told me I need to have more ***,
Tap tap wedding ring on a
Plastic dashboard.

Sir, it breaks my heart
That I had to leave him to his nightmares
Yes ma’am, that’s how you fall asleep--

If I’d have known -- well hindsight is,
That it was the last time I would’ve
Let it take you down easy--
the tap tap tap of your leg on the chair
the bombardment of sound on my ears
you touching my arm
your head touching my arm
one minute after one minute
second after second
you touch me

but I stay silent

until you wrap your arm around my back
wrap your arm around me
and I break
the tap tap tap of your leg on my chair
on my ears, on my arm, on my back
tap tap tap
you touch me
and I scream
Jonathan Moya Oct 2019
Dreaming Graceland or Zombie Land: Double Tap

When you think Elvis was a fraud,
a rip off the black man’s voice;

when you finally meet someone
who smells like candles
instead of gunpowder and whiskey;

who is comfortable with you
driving that pink Cadillac
all the way to Memphis;

who won’t
throw your pink stuff
to the side of the road;

who will kiss you
and hold your hand

until you arrive at Graceland
and try on those blue suede shoes
that actually fit;

let you gyrate your hips,
and for one moment,
feel like the King;

until you open your eyes
and really, really see
that you’re  in Zombieland.
Ruby May 2019
tap - drips, reminding
sounds of past lovers and how they still linger on
tiles - a bond, strong
not even your creator can pick you off from where they stand
and how they try
the tap drips offbeat
from the tiles, which I stand
making it hard for me to go to a peaceful dreamland
the baths ocean - hugs me, serenity
Ylzm May 2019
A tap, a clap
Silence broken
Eternity fractured
Time created
We remembered
Before, After.

Another tap, or clap
Fragment of Time
Captive in mind
Measuring Tempi
Marking Rhythms
Without Memories, no Music.
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