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DivineDao Sep 19
The Blokes Are Mean
To Us Girls

Their Theogonise U P. M
After Meridian
Post Holler Holocaust Meimierda

Is Ssshytee
Collective Pertinent
Conscious WarLords

Buddy to Buddy
Diggin a Hole For Each

Non Other Than Norwich Nothingness and Preposterous Paternoster Cosa Nostra
Ruby Bartlett May 27
tap - drips, reminding
sounds of past lovers and how they still linger on
tiles - a bond, strong
not even your creator can pick you off from where they stand
and how they try
the tap drips offbeat
from the tiles, which I stand
making it hard for me to go to a peaceful dreamland
the baths ocean - hugs me, serenity
Ylzm May 20
A tap, a clap
Silence broken
Eternity fractured
Time created
We remembered
Before, After.

Another tap, or clap
Fragment of Time
Captive in mind
Measuring Tempi
Marking Rhythms
Without Memories, no Music.
Hello Daisies May 13
I just want to tap dance
Twirling skirts
Fast feet

Tip tip tap!

Going fast
It's gonna last

Fun music
No worries
Bring others with stories

To dance off
It's art
It's beauty

It's not unruly
Outlaw me
I'm so quick and speedy

Let me move my feet
In the summer heat
Flowers blooming so neat!

Let me shake my bottom
In the flowing autumn
I feel like I'm a blossom

Tippitty tippity tap!

It's a smack
To the ground
With joyous sound

Musical notes fly
High in the sky
Giving hope a try

Swirl into the blue dew
It's harmonious
And delicious

My feet tapping
The beat rapping
Everyone's fingers snapping

Except I'm burning out
I'm draining like a cloud
Energy spewing down

My eyes burn
My ears hear no sound
Words leave my mouth

My head's gone south
To the floor
I can't take this no more

The tip tip tapping

It isn't stopping
It's going too fast
I'm burning out


How is this fun
We all need to run
I'm burning in the sun

The heat blisters my skin
This feels like sin
take off that stupid grin

Let me sleep
Please stop dancing
It's not enchanting

It's loud and piercing
Everything is gleaming
My blood is streaming

Please calm down folks
Stop the obnoxious talks
I'm not insane

I just must restrain
From too much tapping
Because my body starts overlapping
Panic and mania
as I was turning the plastic
kitchen tap off last night
it snapped into pieces
which wasn't a happy delight

when next I'm at Bunnings
I'll purchase another one
for not having water over the
sink isn't my idea of fun

but a replacement can be
expensive on the purse
so I'll need my wallet filled
with plenty of dollar verse
Aaron Elswick Dec 2018
We're loose associations.
Brutality queues the phrases.
Reality loses luster,
in fallow with boot to daisies .

Cowering and embracing
our trusted tomes,
honing a fruitless joke,
that only touches on tones that suit the layman

Famous and clueless faces.
Racing to rue the cadence.
Faking a sweet embrace,
for imminent tears, but grew impatient.

California coos
sooth impostor fits,
but it's a syndrome
fifty shades dense,
and way to thick to fit the staples.

In case you were getting wayward;
our guiding fables,
sentinels that they are,
will guard the stables
and bark orders,
pouring out the spirits
and clearing history,
with brazen logic.
I carved a broken heart,
instead of tapping the maple,
sue me.
a little
heathen remark
was you
and vehemently
there but
that you
had heard
it in
trial but
in merriment
was also
you again
with the
silver ring
in the
glass that
mystery tell
a little heathen
Danielle Jul 2018
Splinters jabbed deep over time
It was just a drop that dripped out
That miserable first time
Now a river cuts through me.
How do I turn off the tap?
I'm really not sure that Doldrum is what the name of this poem should be, but I'm having a terrible time actually coming up with something else. Suggestions very welcomed at this point.
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