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a little
heathen remark
was you
and vehemently
there but
that you
had heard
it in
trial but
in merriment
was also
you again
with the
silver ring
in the
glass that
mystery tell
a little heathen
Danielle Jul 4
Splinters jabbed deep over time
It was just a drop that dripped out
That miserable first time
Now a river cuts through me.
How do I turn off the tap?
I'm really not sure that Doldrum is what the name of this poem should be, but I'm having a terrible time actually coming up with something else. Suggestions very welcomed at this point.
Tsunami Mar 22
happy international poetry day!!
Technology created for mass connection
Makes me lose my ability to interact
Immersing me in cyber sea
Leaving me detached from reality.

It makes me connected to the world online
But divides me from reality
It makes me click click
Tap tap
And scroll my life away.
Have a little slice of key lime pie; get down on your knees and get real high,
'cause mamma’s gone and cut you a slice of key lime pie!

Spank step, toe hop, cramp-shuffle, paddle and roll;
Mamma’s gone and cut you a slice of key lime pie.

Dig deep, riff-walk, clunk-click, scuff those feet;
Mamma’s gone and cut you a slice of key lime pie!

Soft shoe or metal tap on the heel or toe, get your shoes on honey here we go!

Tastes so good, tastes so neat,
it’s a sweet and salty treat!
'cause mamma’s gone and cut you a slice of key lime pie!
The oral tap dance

Song link below:
Mila Berlioz Nov 2017
He’s so mad,
But I love him so bad.
I can’t help but to feel so sad.
Tap, tap, tap, my cigarettes pack goes.
Beat, beat, beat, my heart beats for him.
What else can I do, when we aren’t near?
Knock, knock, knock. I knock on his door.
He opens the door, I love him so much.
Can YOU love me madly?
Jodi jennings Oct 2017
If I was an empty glass
Depression would be water
A tap being left on over night
Over weeks
Over years
Me desperately trying to catch every drop before anyone notices
Time bringing me close to the brim
Another drop would bring me over the edge
Im full now
Sombro May 2017
Like a tap, cold and misshapen
You can twist me and watch words come out
Mixed in with the tears, fluoride confessions,
Equally dangerous in quantity
As bitter I'm pushed
To tell you I never wished to speak
To tell you I'm alone
That I long lost what you were
In cramped days

I feel sick
Not learning, not learning
And dashing my mind against you
Tearing myself up
And pouring out like
Feral confessions

Turn me off, stop me speaking
For only your eyes
Have the strength to twist me up inside
And pour me out
Like a tap
Ryan Holden May 2017
As you slowly run,
Falling down a void,
Of never ending cycle,
Your persistence considered,
Never disappoints restless,
I debate wandering,
To stop the dripping tap.
Currently a tap dripping in my house and thought I'd write about it. Ha.
Solaces Dec 2016
why here, why the ocean..?
" your going to need as much room as possible..
wow really!?
" close your eyes.  remember feel the shine within, like light going through your veins.
"stand where the water kisses your feet, where the sand hugs your toes, where the wind flows through your soul, where the sun shines and reflects your emotion, all elements become you, as you become all elements.. with your eyes closed could you still see what you felt.?
yes!!!! i see it!! i feel it! its a comfort like no other! i fall into this peace.. this dream intertwined with reality!  
" Now open your eyes.....
oh my ***!
" Do you see it..
" I see the light in your veins, I see you resonate with the life of the air, DO IT!!
I take flight with the life of the air,  as fast as i want across the oceans, i feel the life the air gives, i feel the life the water gives, i feel the life the sun gives, and i feel the life the earth gives..
I see it true, the flow of life the earth emits, how we can tap into it, become a part of it, a higher plain has always been here..
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