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topacio Nov 2023
So often you vanish in the dark,
          my fair weathered friend.

Although it is there where I require you the most,
          my reminder of a silhouette existence.

I will become my own shadow,
          no difference between me and lightlessness.

I expand like a riddle in your thoughtless mind.
MisfitOfSociety Feb 2023
We forget we’re eternal.
Like a circle in motion,
Spinning forever with no resistance.
There’s no distance between us.
We are joined inter-connectedly.
I can’t see the end of me.
I can see so many colors in the glimmer of my eye standing there at my best
It’s like the energy of every aura sparkles from a distance that I can catch
My world spins slower than normal & my heart enjoys thumping in my chest
The world is all right there just like when you look to the sky
Loving what I see in the mirror but yet still not the man I see in time
I know this is how it feels everytime im at my best, my next best is yet to find
Always at my best but I can always be better
Jasmine Reid Jan 2022
No one writes poetry about happy days and sunshine days,
they write about when their minds were trapped in caves, those days that are now broken memories and hearts
I Live.
Kimberly Jan 2022
You're like a coffee
Sometimes sweet and bitter
Taking me higher

A strong scent
That rest and resent
Stimulating; Addicting
In my head: clinging
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