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saffronne 22h
love really is my favourite game,
but i always lose up against you.
Her love can heal
all those places
in my heart,
that hurts.
ashes fall as I drop to my knees
the cigarette of life burned too short
and beings to scorch my tar lungs
I try to light another
the white lighter's out of fuel
and I begin to smother
Frost Feb 3




Sacrifices that were in


Created nothing but

Memories of pain
There are things that I really want to forget
Jasmine Reid Feb 3
How does one say “*******” politely?
Because personally I do not wish to offend, but I’m in need to defend.

To defend my actions and what I said, or did, to protest against the way you all want me to live.

I’m rude, I’m mean, I’m a bully. Call it what you will but I will always see it as honesty.

Why, must I be the one in trouble, when no one spoke to me
Why, must I be beaten down violently when I didn’t know what to do
Why, must I be tortured mentally that I want to break my own skin open and let everything out.

All the, emotions and pain, suffering and sleepless night that I spent crying.

I mean no offence, but seriously...
I don’t want to speak to you anymore.
I am the rat
you are the snake
wrapping me in a warm embrace
before devouring me whole
I may write more to this.
m Jan 24
you say you're alright

but those bloodshot eyes
tell you
Frost Jan 12
"What's the point on living if you're going to die at the end?"
"What's the point of being alive if you're going to suffer from excruciating pain? "
"What's the point of living and being alive?"
And what's the point of you asking these questions?

Could you just appreciate the life you have been given for once?
Frost Jan 13
One chance to live

a million ways to die

So what is the reason

For us being alive?
Polar opposite of the poem "Point"
Jasmine Reid Jan 7


Just, you.

Fated? Destined? Maybe just a beautiful coincidence..whatever it was. It was perfect, it still is, still in my mind.

Thank you.
I Found Something, and it turned out to be You.
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