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Trefild 3h
stand up (unzip), don't stop (don't stop)
a smoking hot beauty, thumb up (beauty)
stuck on her peach, she's hot, hot (hot)
pulling down the skirt to slap that ****
we moved on from touching to grinding, she's eager
I want your lustful body, lick your finger (body)
come and get banged, then *** and get thanked
make me quiver, fulfill my wishes
my speech is deadly stupid (dead)
cooking up a dope smoothie (dope)
picking up a sandwich smoothly (sandwich)
she got thirsty and hungry after round 2
"Bad And Boujee" hook parody
Jasmine Reid Oct 7
Even though sometimes I like to believe I can help,
No one wants me around.

So they squash and trample me,
that’s why I hide in the corners now.
I have a web of lies, secrets, truths and spirits. But you’ll never know which is which.
RR Silva Oct 4
– What is happiness? "Would be this little thing that enchants me with its singing?"
– With a gray-blue feather? "Saturdays, at my window spying?"
– Who my heart burns; who frees me from me? "Which makes me go crazy when I don't see your look without guilt and greed?”

– Oh! what would be happiness? "Is it you, soft-feathered thing, who stares at me out the window when goes late at night?"
– Is this happiness? "Little bird that leaves me at night, flying away, not knowing how to return"
- Singing my name, telling me it is me "The bird who lives trapped in the cage."
Kelci Sep 26
You must see
Through roses
As thin as lips
Hiding such
Sharp teeth
Kalopsia (noun.) a condition, state or delusion in which things appear more beautiful than they really are.
Irina BBota Sep 25
Your shadowy eyes
Weeping waves of living lies
Silent abduction
emlyn lua Sep 24
I am both alive and dead,
He who trapped me once kept me fed.
I scrabble and scratch at the locks,
I am both alive and dead.
A cadaver in a funeral box,
A vampire, a zombie, a paradox.
I am both alive and dead,
He who trapped me once kept me fed.
Irina BBota Sep 17
Arrogant sunset
Reveals Yesterday’s secret
Promising the Moon
Altigani Sep 12
Blessed be the nights,
the calm they imbue,
blessed be the sun's light,
ribboned across the sky's blue,

Blessed is the day,
A smile caresses the life in me,
blessed is the day,
love dances carefree
Aug.29.19// letters that won’t be sent to you

I’d never thought that it would be the last day , that we’d let the words flow to each other and I didn’t think that I’d need to recover from you but might as well do it
Just a collection of the “letters That won’t be sent to you” I’m starting and along this journey of recovery, it’s just easy to put it as short poem along the way :)
Trefild Sep 8
‣ If u were a human, & if I would have an opportunity to bury u alive
‣ I would be more than pleased to do so, no doubt
‣ the only thing I would let u take with u is a cheap pocket knife
‣ but it's not to help u make it out (it's unable to help)
‣ 'cause the casket would be the metal one & its lid would be sealed
‣ this would be the ending of ur story
‣ get dead naturally or get killed
‣ I don't think I would ever regret or feel sorry
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