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sadnspicy0 Jul 15
Born in a cyber age
of this global disruption,
"What's your hobby?", - you'll ask.
I'll reply: "Self-destruction."
It's been a while, lol
Take me with you
when you depart
when your stars go

will you carry me
into darkest nights
Wrapped up in galaxies

© FaerieFoxPoetry
Cobweb corners
House friends of
Crooked faces
Watching from
Lopsided frames
Half covering holes
Gaping wounds
In these walls
Left haunted

Lily Priest May 28
High were the hills
That will climbed
My love, 
how spectacular the view.
Gardens will grow here
Hungry roots will reach
Between bones
An Eden in death
For the undertaker
Two lips
For my lover
Petals pressed
In cold soil

When grey clouds
Are always spilling over
With the ebb and flow
Of their seas  
Those with soft hearts
Will soak it all in
Only to pour it back out
A greedy catharsis
Under overcast skies

Lei Apr 29
Our favorite word when there's no more left to say.
4 letters that made me feel you are safe.
One word that made me feel you'll forever stay.
4 letters that made me feel you'll never play.

But one night why are you walking away?
so now im listening to lany.
Lei Apr 29
If I will be a tree,
I will be a tall one.
In this way,
I can watch you down there
I can watch you smile and be happy
I can watch you whenever you go home sad
I can watch you whenever you go home mad
I can watch you over and over
I can watch you until my roots die.
oo hanggang nood nalang aq :> im the tall tree.
deadhead Apr 10
when will we stop
worshiping social media,
and begin to take care
of the earth?
Duckie Apr 10
Berry trees fall glum
At snowfalls greeting; Ruby
No longer loves me.
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