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Jasmine Reid Oct 22
I rule my world,
The real life fantasy land where everyone believes they’re in control,

like your life is together,
all your friends are real,
you have romance,
working hard at your job

but you forgot.

I could ruin you in a sentence.
knowledge over others and kept to yourself is the biggest power over anyone, learn that.
i accuse people,
from leaving me,
but the truth is,
i was the one,
pushing them away.
what if,
he'll runaway,
when you're already decided to stay.
Marco Rigau Oct 9
The time and days just fly away,
When I’m with you. Everything’s ok,
When I’m with you. I want to live every day,
Where I’m with you. You and I could be so happy,
Were I with you. I know there’s just no way,
To be with you. That’s ok, I can pretend,
I’m with you. In my heart, I’m always,
With you.
A poem about all the loves that can't happen. A poem about loss or failure to gain. Edit: They ruined the formatting. "Happy" is supposed to be the same line as "Where I’m with you. You and I could be so ".
HL Oct 8
You can try to hide your emotions
Put on a mask that has a painted smile
But the eyes never lie
And a mask has holes to see
Jasmine Reid Oct 6
My throat is numb,
I don’t feel the barbwire in my esophagus

My feet are purple,
I’m dangling them with an anchor

My wrists swollen,
fingers about to fall from restriction

My face bloated,
from every love bite.

Lips, still red
always smiling
Jasmine Reid Oct 6
The first thing I reach for in the morning

is you.

Yet you’ve changed,
you’re a box
full of bad habits.
Rox90 Oct 1
Saying a simple word
Can change a persons world

Wither it is for the good or bad
Wither it makes him happy or sad

With one simple word
You can either feel cozy or burn
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