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Alice Mar 2021
but that look
your look
still haunts me

how can so many emotions be wrapped
in an iris?

the last words you said to me
right before you left

had already been spoken
you told me you were leaving far before you did
Val Vik Feb 2021
Last night,
I dreamed of the red sun
whose rays have fallen
into the centerline
& swayed into a pollen tube
the birth of Hibiscus

Then, its stigma
swirled into a human heart
& its beat - echoed -
shined through the dark
into a vibrant atmosphere
I could finally see the horizon

it was the beginning...
written on Feb 11th, 2018
wanted to create a poem inspired by a dream
-the creation story
annh Sep 2020
Beauty is not favoured by comparison.
Does that make sense? I’m not sure. Do I mean that we tend not to see the ‘beauty’ in ourselves? Definitely. Do I mean that what is considered ‘beautiful’ by the majority nullifies the minority’s perspective? Probably. Do I mean that ‘beauty’ does not always demonstrate generosity or humility? Maybe. And why have I used inverted commas? No idea. It appears that B-E-A-U-T-Y is easier to appreciate than it is to define.

‘When she transformed into a butterfly,
the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty,
but of her weirdness. They wanted her
to change back into what she always
had been. But she had wings.’
- Dean Jackson
she talked and talked
yet no one heard
she talked and
no one listened
they only spoke louder
to them
it didn't matter
she didn't matter
to her
she mattered
what she had to say mattered
no matter how small
they thought
she was
ro Jul 2020
you said you'd wait for me,
because you don't want anyone else,
now that we spoke,
will you still wait?
Maja Mar 2020
It’s okay that they hurt me
because it was a joke.
They were just kidding,
when they kicked and spoke.


It’s not okay to hurt someone,
not even on a joke,
because a joke is supposed to be funny,
and if that’s funny,
then I don’t want to ever laugh again.
I don't know if it's similar to the other one, but it's another one so I don't know if it matters that it's similar.
Lost in my Head Apr 2019
I probably spoke far too soon
Should've caught my tongue before it fluttered away
I know it left me for I'm at a loss for words
However I don’t think you’ll ever feel the same
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