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The anguish flows when money dies
Amid the child’s and mother’s cries
It comes when scarcity is lost
And money made without a cost

Taking savings, stealing time
Open theft through hidden crime
Stones or feathers, shells or beads
These all once filled money needs

And represented hours of work
Yet money died when people shirk
And made more units, cheap and fast
Then money died - it did not last

We work for money - you and me
But central banks just print for free
Fiat money - scarce no longer
Loss of savings growing stronger

We need scarcity - absolute
No debasement - no dispute
Bitcoin provides the solution clear
Thank God Bitcoin’s finally here

180 nations - use fiat today
All are dying - come what may
Bitcoin conquers the fiat lies
Bitcoin is Hope, when money dies
You can see this poem on a background here -
There is a book by the same name, documenting the hyperinflation in Germany.  Read it if you dare.

The exact title is When Money Dies: The Nightmare of Deficit Spending, Devaluation, and Hyperinflation in Weimar, Germany.

Deficit spending is immoral, ineffective, and hurts people.

When new units of money are created easily, they go to certain groups and people first.  Look up the Cantillon Effect
Nat Lipstadt Jun 11

you pout and defer, dancing backwards,
claiming, blue is now blackened
from underuse, incapable and incapacitating revival

saying  eyes cannot see, distinctly, neither near or far,
the tremble of love, forgot & distantly absent,
but I know, a heart’s sensory muscles never die,
though weaken they might, underused, un-exercised

denying  that inspiration  
no longer resides with in thy sensitivities,
has fled, undercover of smoking forest fires
all the diurnal hazards that invade, occupying

my internal spaces once filled by poems
you conceived, birthed, in a pleasured haze,
came so fast, you bare recall agony accompanied,
but not the ecstasy of the end resultant!

you know it’s you of whom I write, but,

a note not shaming names, but messages
countless private messages have I sent
begging, beseeching, give me your gifts

once more, you owe me not, though I
oft irritate with my deafening pleas,
yet only denials continue, my pleas ding
but dent not, the tired fear of your exposition

so speak to you plain,
feed my soul selfish
like in years gone past,
there are holes in mine

that require your elixir,
creamy softness that moistens
my face with tears of your words
originating, astound, enfold

not later, not soon, not excusals,
but leave me not forsaken and thirst un-slackened,

Answer! To whom do you owe your poems?
Sunday, June 11 11:29 AM
in the sunroom
Man Mar 2021
we love
but why do we?

how much easier it would be
only to satiate the needs
forgetting the foolish notions
of something more
the drug induced states
merely staring into your eyes
brings on
brings me
to the brink of sanity
because this tired duet
cries to die
but i can't bring myself to do it
knowing if i cut out your heart
they'll be no beat beneath my breast
you'll have come with one
but you'll be taking two
when you take your scalpel
to my chest
Mark Wanless Mar 2021
the powerless dog
lives a very long lifespan
or dies just in time
Mark Wanless Jan 2021
the dog barks two times
i go outside to look see
the hungry bear dies
Sasha Paulona Sep 2020
Love never dies
Love never falters
Once it has spoken
Love is yours
Love never fades
Love never alters
Hearts may get broken
Love endures
Hearts may get broken
Love endures
Love Never Dies the Musical
Aidan M Aug 2020
I’ve been running
Trying to catch my breath.
But all I know
Is that all there comes is death.

The moon, eclipsed from sorrow, cries.
The sun, so fiery, blots out.
And it all falls down in the darkness of the sound
When the beating of the hearts start to die.

Only you can end this madness
Only I can message you.
We can fight the beast together
Or we can drown in waves so blue.

But I know it’s just tonight.
The magic only lasts tonight.
And only it’s you and I.
Dreaming of a better world, where we’re alive.

So what do I
Why do I wear this esteemed robe?
People watch me on a throne.
But if only they could see
My time is coming soon.

I look the into the night
Dreaming of stars that would bring us light
But all I see is darkness all over again.

Only us, alone,
The light is getting dim.
Nidhi Jaiswal Jul 2020
_True feelings☘
Never dies☘

It gives all the happiness☘
Without any means☘

sorrow and pain☘
Are likes heaven☘

Distance and separation☘
Makes it stronger than mountain☘
True feelings are like second heaven
like peace and love
t heir is no separation,
Distances makes it stronger than mountain.
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