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As shadows fall upon a saddened soul
Breath grows faint as hope lays still against her fragile heart.
She feels alive inside her trapped existence
Attempts yet failed to rise like the sun
Her mind races among memories of the past
Reliving each one in her mind but faced with the reality of no escape
The feeling of urge trying to break through
But her strength weakened from many attempts of failure.
Praying for chances to stand again, the soul of so much hurt and pain searching so hard for a smile of pleasure to break the force and allow a breath to rise for her life. .
Her story of life like the petals of a flower, falling to their death she slowly fades asleep
For her pain and sorrow too much to bear as the last petal floats to the ground, her soul flies away now she too like the petals that lay beside her has gone.
The feeling of wnding but still alive
I suppose I can never complain about twenty
years I had what some people never have that
of true love
A girl that loved so much gave to me everything unconditional love did
she gives
Never asked anything for herself just the respect
she so richly deserved for
her loyalty and the wonderful wife and mother to our
She truly was so loved and missed by all Helen the only girl ever I had loved for true romance we surely had and a love that  shall never
True Romance Helen and I had a love that will never die
Johnny walker Feb 19
Present day society can break my spirit but It can't  take away the freedom of my mind to able to live free there for there I'm untouchable and no one can touch

Though my wife Helen sadly gone but It to there where I keep her In my mind safely lock away from prying eyes
It Is only I that can look upon Helen beauty In my dreams and fantasies of

No one touches me but Helen
she's always been the only one for me In that no one else could, true love lasting love and through memory still my love for her will never die to strong was our love for each other as It was In life so shall It be In

Love cannot be destroyed but just gets stronger with the passing of time, for true love will go on for ever life come and life will go but love will continue on floating around out there we can't see It but Its there just waiting to be found
Love never dies but get stronger by the passing of time love Is the most powerful thing In the universe Its what keep us together
Johnny walker Feb 19
I would gently nibble Helen's
earlobes whisper naughty but nice In her ear she would grasp with excitement grabbing hold of me drawing me on to her gripping so unbelievable
And kissing with a passions she would take every bit of breath from my body till I would be gasping for air but
the sensation oh so beautiful
to lay my body upon
I'd draw In that beautiful perfume she would spray upon her ******* to where I'd
put my face I'd hear the beating of Helen's heart becoming faster as gently squeezed the the smooth softness of her
And kiss her stiffening ******* to enter her
body as she would arched her back with pleasure she hold back untill I was ready
then like an explosion of pure
And then just to lay with her both our hearts beating so fast and as I write It feels as It were only yesterday
when we last made
And just writing of making love with Helen gets me excited so strong are my feeling for her that's what true love can
Just to write of making love with Helen I get excited that what true love can do for It never dies nor dose the passion
Johnny walker Feb 15
Now that my love is gone  
I see all remaining days
now laid out before me
but I can't see how I'll get through each

Without her by my side all of the tears I've cried for her each day that passes by just another lonely day to survive without

All the tears that I've cried whilst asking the question why was she taken so early In life I felt robbed and cheated of my beautiful wife

So many years more we could have had I see all my remaining days laid out before me but can't see anything to tell me how I'll get through
Guess I'll have live one day at a time Its hard to see a future without Helen In my life

So I'll just go on writing my poems of her for never stop loving her she was my one and only true love and miss her
It dosesn't matter how many days that pass for my live her just grow stronger by the day
Loco Cocoa Jan 31
I used to love it when you


Or how about how you


You know what

Never mind.
thank u, next
Rose was just a kid,
Fleeting the war,
At just the age of four.
Split up by her parents,
Where she swam to shore,
Where they hoped for her to have a better life.
But than she was sent back home,
To where it all began.
A pain,she never felt before,
It hurt so bad she couldn’t breathe no more.

So why,why the fighting?
Please end the wars right now!
To many people hurt,
Stop the suffering now.
So why,why the fighting?
Please end the wars right now!
Before someone else dies.

We are told it doesn’t matter,
where we come from,
Or what we believe in.
We all live in the in the same word,
We are all made the same,
And we all make mistakes.
The only difference is:
You are you,
And I am me.
We might not look alike,
But we still feel the same ways as you and me.

So why,why the fighting?
Please end the wars right now!
To many people hurt,
Stop the suffering now.
So why,why the fighting?
Please end the wars right now!
Before someone else dies.

Coco 07
No one deserves to suffer,
No one deserves to be sent back to a war zone,
No one deserves to be refused.

(Personal opinion,we won’t all share the same)
This is the hardest part
I love you with all my heart
No matter what happens
we will never be apart
You are always in my heart

Letting go does not mean you are weak
It takes a lot of strength to fight all these weeks  
Lying in the bed
Anticipating what’s ahead
Holding on in pain
No more drinking champagne
suffering everyday
Not one single complaint
For all those migraines
Which will soon fly away

We close our eyes to cry
We close our eyes to pray
We close our eyes to laugh
We close our eyes to dream
The most beautiful things in life
Are not seen
But are felt by the heart
We will never be apart
You are always in my heart

Mum and dad are here
They have been waiting all these years
To embrace you, their little child
So don’t be scared
They are prepared
They will guide you the rest of the way
Everything will be ok

I love you with all my heart
We will never be apart
You are always in my heart

Coco 07
I wrote this poem The evening before she passed away.
I wanted her to feel at ease and know that everything was going to be ok.
myrrh Jan 9
Eyes ajar, still can't gaze far
No one dies, still feel subpar
Time flies & the days say their goodbyes
& you won't know my struggles, there's no memoir
Don't like to parade my weakness
I **** for people to see the value of my uniqueness
So bye trust, I can't reclaim you
Heart's inflamed & my mind hurts too,
I blamed & despised myself, so curse you
Find it hard to love, because it brings pain too
Yet I still seek validation regardless
I'm aware of my low valuation,
But please take me irregardless
This desire to be held needs to be quelled
Numerous attempts have been withheld
Inner contretemps between fear & paranoia
Has been ruinous. Don't feel contempt; I'm in ruins
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