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Asha Lee Nov 13
I’ve met cowards.
They mutter in the back of the room. They yell from behind a podium. Tweet from inside a bunker. From behind a mask.
He hid in a bathroom stall and waited for me. It didn’t matter my gender or race. He was after one thing. Power. I assume he didn’t have much in his life. He didn’t even have the courage to prey on someone his own age. He couldn’t handle them fighting back.
Control isn’t power. Control isn’t confidence.
Life is uncontrollable. He didn’t need to r*pe and pillage to gain control.
He needs to learn to flow with the currents and leave me my dignity.
He thought he stole mine.
But he forgot his with me, and I carry it no. Forever knowing be had hurt before. I wasn’t the first and I couldn’t stop him from desperately grasping and groping his way to the fleeting feeling of power. Control.
But I carry his dignity. He lost control in a scramble to gain it. He lost it to me. Pathetic.
So now I’ll always know.
And he's irredeemable.
it's not a question
Puny Penguin Jul 19
Hello future friend how are you?
I'm sorry our plans to meet up fell through
but I hope you've been taking care of yourself.

How is your family, how are your friends?
I know... asking these questions won't make amends
for my absence in your life recently.

And so I want to dedicate this poem to you
you who makes me reminisce
you whose company brought me bliss
you whose laugh, whose smile I dearly miss
you, my dear friend, who I shamefully dismissed.

I want you to know that you're stronger than you think
and even if you're down, depressed, and your heart would sink
you've made it this far in life and I am so proud of you.
Proud of your small daily victories- yes I noticed how you pull through
all the dark times, all the blurry lines, all the tough and rough
you are beautiful. You are loved. You are enough.

I know it may not seem like I care since it's been a while...
but for what it's worth, I hope I could make you smile
Hope you're doing well my future friend, I'm always here for you. I've always been. Just shoot me a message, no, really, do it.
kumusta ka?
bakit namumugto ang iyong mga mata?
inagawan na parang bata,
pilit pinapakita ang ngiti
gayo'y alam Kong may tinatagong pighati

masakiiiiit!!  sigaw ng iyong puso
ang hiraaaap!!  hiyaw ng iyong isip
nakikita ko at ramdam ko ang iyong kalungkutan
ngunit narito ako upang ika'y damayan

lahat ba ng karanasan ay pasakit?
kayat ang tanong sa sarili ay puro "bakit?"
nahanap mo na ba ang iyong kasagutan
sa iyong mga katanungan?

subukang bumangon sa pagkadapa
nadapa ka lang ngunit ika'y buhay pa
ito'y senyales na may bukas pa
na nagsasabing may pag-asa pa

ikaw ay may magandang kinabukasan
kaya't diyablo'y di ka tinitigilan
pairalin ang pananampalataya
nang sa diyablo ay makalaya

huwag kang mawalan ng pag-asa
nang pangarap ay matamasa
laban lang sa hamon ng buhay
sapagkat ito'y sa kanya'y may saysay

tumindig ka't muling magsimula
aking tulong sayo'y laging nakahanda
upang ang iyong mga ngiti
wala ng itatagong pighati
Just talk to me and I will always listen. Could at least one friend, please copy and repost (not share) this? We are trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.

dailythoughts Apr 21
you asked me how I was doing
i’m not even close to being fine
EmperorMoth Apr 2019
Honestly, I don't know
Some dead and numb, and some left to sew
Cold sweats in this chaotic energy flow
I don't believe I've ever been in a place so low

Does the moon depress when the sun shines its light
When the tides collide like they're all ready to fight
In a darkened world coated by our human blight
There's no fixed star or light to guide me through this hellish night

When did reality start to feel like it became a game
Losing loved ones, like money, as if they both were the same
If bad luck gave attention, guess I'd be drowning in fame
Lacking grip to my sweating, can't tell if I'm really sane

I'm not well, i'm so lost, losing to this circle of hell,
A pattern stuck onto me, maybe i'm stuck to a spell
A world of hurt doesn't shock me, it's where I usually dwell
I wish I could provide better, but i'm broken, can't you tell
Elliot Kemp Jul 2018
I bow down to my goddess,
A mere mortal woman.
Who saves me from hell,
Then drags me back through.
She's broken,
She's damaged,
A wonderous mechanic,
Who can put my back together
With her own two hands.
She wraps me in her arms,
And plunges us down.
I've never been so happy
To be so mentally unsound.
Haha, insomnia. What are titles again?
Jillian McLean Jan 2018
"How are you?" The most colloquial question to ever be asked but at the same time the question most have no taste for the answer.
Vanessa Escopin Oct 2017
I want people to ask me, "How are you?"
So I can tell them I'm not okay,
I'm doing everything to be okay,
That I can be okay.
But instead, I'm the one who asks them
"How are you?"
Just maybe they can ask me back.
"How are you?"
Kaya Jul 2016
They asked "how are you?"
I said "I'm Fine"
they walked away with no worry
I thought again,
"How could you be so blind?"

thehiddenwriter May 2016
How are you ?
" I suggest not to ask that question "
" Why "
Do you want me to lie
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