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Marcus Belcher Mar 2021
Why does your smile feel so good
I wanna know
How the thought of me
could make it grow
Might add more to it. Kinda of a work in progress...
Leah Carr Nov 2020
                           Power dynamic
                           Therapeutic relationship
                           Systematic desensitisation
                           Psychogenic or psychosomatic
                           Risk assessment
                           Control levels
ro Nov 2020
you broke me in ways,
i never once imagined,
i'd be broken in.

you put me in situations,
i never once imagined,
myself in.
Wesley S Oct 2020
It seems so easy
Something we can do endlessly
But in truth while air can get into my lungs
Like at times words don't form from our tonuges
Sometimes even if we drink from Lethe
Air escapes and we can't seem to breathe
Especially in times we can't seem to function
And can't reach our intuition

It seems so easy
Like we can do it tirelessly
But even in times so fine
The air escapes these lungs of mine
Even with the sun we can find
Troubles never truly leave the mind
Sores never disappear completely
So in something that seems to easy
We just can't at times
Even with the luck of 7 dimes
Just simply in a state of seethe
Its hard to breathe
Charlotte Ahern Sep 2020
every man looks bigger than they are in the shadows
it takes courage to step in the light
and really be seen
Do you agree?
Veritia Venandi Jul 2020
Fragile and naive...
Had she entered the pupa,
With a fear of the dark in her heart...

Headstrong and wise...
Did she emerge,
With a love of lightning in her soul!
Random thoughts on the way people are forced to change with times and circumstances!
Veritia Venandi Jul 2020
A dark brown swirling expanse of ocean of unknown my eyes behold,

But to make certain the uncertainty I trap it in the prison of a cup...
I try to see beyond the shape of the watery brew...but with no success...

So when the sinister opaqueness tugged too much at my curious mind... I added sugar to make it seem sweet... But when the sugar melted and disappeared into the abyss... The tugging anxiety returned to me again...

Could a little lemon or some cardamom make it a bit assuring?
I knew not...

Thus, I sat transfixed at the mysterious vapours rising from the depths of the ocean... which I know for sure my heart can never reach!
So often we ponder the reasons behind the situations we fall into...Why did it happen to me? Why did I have to cry? Such are the questions we ask ourselves...But very often we never get the answers... So it is better to give it a rest because some situations have too many reasons that are beyond our ability to decipher! Inspired from a cup of tea! Thank you so much for reading...! ❤
Danica May 2020
Of course
How can a fish mourn its wings
When it doesn't have one to begin with
and It definitely does not make its fins any less of a value

Situations vary and so does our level of tolerance
We may never be in the same situations
But it doesn't mean we can never have the same feelings
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