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The clock has stopped ticking
For not I flinch
Twice a day I'm scared
I'll go clockwise

If I go counter
I will never fall in time
My life starts then
But my thoughts start now
And in my day of thought
I am in love twice over

Grandfather say
The clock is wrong
A time of love
All day but twice
When I strike noon
I forget all but her
And have to wait
To the very next day
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2021
It's the continuous silent yet pressing "tick-tock"
In my head heard though I own no clock
It's opening eyes every morning to familiar pain
And constant weight of loneliness driving me insane
Sorry I haven't been posting lately
Ken Pepiton Jan 2021
Taking stock of good ideas, tried and proven,
handible, holdable, ways and means to ends
The End
which means now, nearly, for me, part of me,
for the thymus gland, font of wiser than I imagined
T-cells, about which AI knows everything,
in the cloud of knowing witnesses now

encompassing us about---
so I need no wax pedantic,
tic asktask
AI ' f'
Art's intelligence, or-if-suf-ficial ficiency
--- stop-- think what is
the point to a life lived in focus, point by point, stretching
any point that may
stretchy, to its snapping point, and say

That only goes so far, re
mind me, next time I try to stretch such a point, re
mind me to only go
this far.

But, Hello World; Hello Poetry, is a place
where long drawn out thoughts
may amuse strangers as they
ask, what lies do I tell
as well as any fool?

Jokers. Can't take a joke, wanna take a poke,
knock this chip

from my pseudo-frontal-cortex module?
I might have broken something, I confess, everithing is as crazy as I thought it could get... back when I was thinking about how bad it could get... so I smashed it to smithereens to see what made it tic.
Maria Etre May 2020
The hands of time
took care
from one minute to the next
till they left it in an hour
and moved on without it.

Time, then, broke.
D Feb 2020
to the girl who still hasn't taken a shower
because it hurts to be clean and still feel so ***** inside

who spends all her money on the things she hates about herself
and wonders why she can't stop

i wonder why i can't stop
i feel like a broken clock.
Bhill Aug 2019
The clock ticks away
Watching minutes passing by
Learn how to control your time
Do things that give you joy
Take the time to realize
Realize to understand
Understand to recognize
Recognize to acknowledge
Acknowledge time has moments
Live for those moments

Brian Hill - 2019 #215
Take the time to respect time
Dani Nov 2018
We wait and watch
A digital wall or wrist-watch
The ticks and tocks
Of the never ending clocks
Continuing night to dawn
It goes on and on
Never does it consider our mood
It is a date or something we elude
A specific dot to take our stance
We sit, we wait, we do the time dance
It goes on and on
One day it’ll be all gone
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