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RBWhite Mar 13
The Moon of Fire,shining through her sanity's desire,
She dreams of rest,longing for the moon's fire,
When love disappears and her ghost lingers,
The obscure will dare,dare to tame her rage,
And he will fail,
Because the moon awakens in the fire of her gaze.
This poem belongs to my BLACKXPOETRY series
Cassini Z Mar 10
Laughter filled the air
With no worries or cares
Bliss burned intensely
The wind astir
Floating fiercely
The dawn
It's aching with blood and tears
With it
A dew doused ultimately
A spark ablaze
A lost cry carries
unto the sky
Seems he wanders
To ponder its way out
jee Dec 2018

hot-rod red, boiling—veins snake, denim—skin throbs.

my eyelids are pounding.

dozens of sparrows, pushing at pale canvas.

thunder gasps at the
of my lungs.

at the fuse.


an Edgar warning;
thumping at wooden chest,

it just echos.

i am not your dictionary.

i am not your dictionary.


hollowly, it

muffled by fire-truck cloth
and sun-starved cotton.


blue trees dance to the
singing up at skylight eyes.





(n) the unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat.
Sam Jul 2018
I saw a lot in you today. Your features that hid a world of anonymity. That over fanciful imaginations of your curiosities. And that face of yours which couldn't deny an obscure smile. How bizarre. You're so unreal and inexplicable the way you showed me who you are.
Xant Feb 2018
He's up there
The lonesome astronaut,
with a will to fly,
and a skill of flight

He and a star
that have just collided
both dies gracefully
Like a flower withering in spring
But the star still haughty
And so full of itself it explodes
Into a supernova

He and the star
that emits the brightest light
And obscures the eyes
of whoever that sees
As he dies so faithfully

And the flaring light?
Blinds thousands as it emerged
in the darkest seven p.m.
But we were wildly astonished
by the lonesome astronaut
who was a dashing astronaut

A poem inspired by a song.
WJ Thompson Feb 2018
I am wild, my akushla,
a solivigant.
But you are a cynefin.

Your kalon conceives resfeber in me.
Beasts rumble within like brontide,
they chant of redamancy, my trouvaille.

The dragoman drew me to you
Speaking of yugen
the susurruss mountains
they cured my atelphobia
Submontane caves
where our lights baltered among the selcouth crystals
Reminding me of basorexic spoondrift
breaking the moonglades you adore,
my fellow parallian.

Perhaps it was boyish werifesteria
or maybe I was selenotropic
to fall in love with a gentle boobook
ever so finifugal when we speak

But I feel filipendulous when abendrot bows for advesperacit

You sometimes consider it sphalolaliah,
my words, going ever on and on,
But I’ll learn your lagom, if you give me time
akushla-A transliteration of an Irish phrase that means “my pulse”, a term of endearment.
solivigant-wandering alone
cynefin-a Welsh word meaning a place you feel you ought to live, where nature feels welcoming.
kalon-inner and outer beauty.
resfeber-the nervous feeling before a journey; a mixture of anxiety and excitement before travel.
brontide-the low rumbling sound of distant thunder
redamancy-love fully returned; opposite of unrequited.
trouvaille-something pleasant you find by chance.
dragoman-translator and guide, usually in Turkish or Persian countries.
yugen-an awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep to be put into words.
susurrus-quiet whispering, or rustling.
atelphobia-the fear of not being good enough.
submontane-under or through mountains.
Balter-to dance recklessly; yet with enjoyment.
selcouth-unfamiliar, strange; yet marvelous
basorexia-the overwhelming urge to kiss
spoondrift-spray blown from waves during a gale at sea.
moonglades-the bright reflection of the moon’s light on water.
parallian-someone who lives by the ocean
werifesteria-to wander through the forest looking for mystery
selenotropism-growth in response to moonlight
boobook-a small, brown owl.
finifugal-someone who hates endings to stories, trips, or relationships.
filipendulous-hanging by a thread.
abendrot-the color of the sky when the sun is setting.
advesperacit-the approaching dark; the evening drawing near.
sphalolaliah-flirtatious talk that leads nowhere
lagom-just the right amount. Not too much; not to little.
cindy Jan 2018
Juste pour cette soirée
Laisse-toi aller
J'ai les artifices
On mettra en feu cet édifice
Ce sera luxe, calme et volupté

Oublions l'embarras du quotidien
Pour cette soirée je t'appartiens
Hors de cet espace temporel
Tout semble difficile et artificiel
Ce sera luxe, calme et volupté

Embrase et embrasse
Ce soir on la joue à l'audace
Souffle et avale
L'ambiance est estivale
Ce sera luxe, calme et volupté

Sans répercussions ni chagrin
De notre aventure obscure
Je me délecterai jusqu'au matin
Sans blessure, sans rayure ni rupture
Ce sera luxe, calme et volupté
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