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Andrew Mar 3
From a monstrous storm
A monster is born
With monstrous horns
In a monstrous form

The genesis
Of my nemesis
Who venom spits
Left me with
A hefty myth
Of demonic gifts
Through which to sift
In that dark abyss
I found I missed
A beautiful kiss
To unclench my fist

I give monsters a wide berth
As wide as the Earth
To avoid all the hurt
Of being buried in dirt
Once I learn my worth
To them is the worst

Through the monstrous night
It takes a monster to fight
Against this monstrous plight
When the monsters have might

Don’t tell me I’m fine
Or tomorrow’s a new day
Just say never mind
And send me on my way
Into the world of grey
Through which I wade

My inevitable metamorphosis
Put me on negative courses swift
Now I can’t abort this
So my phone cordless
Provides a rather short list
So when I try to import bliss
I receive misery’s scorched kiss
In the form of crippling loneliness

I see the end of times
From severed ties
And clever crimes
In my never mind
I forever climb
While I’m left behind

In this monstrous land
I become a monstrous man
Because of the monstrous sand
Falling from this monster’s hand
Apporva Arya Nov 2018
Crashed last night,
When tried flying high.
Was dreaming of skies,
When stuck in lies.
Getting lost within,
In the echo of noise,
of the monstrous mind.
Sometimes ruling over,
sometimes surrendering to
the battles within,
A warrior just trying to survive.
They say it right "The darkest of night get ended with brightest of sunshine," No matter how many of my dreams remain unfulfilled ,i will keep dreaming new and keep fulfilling them...
veritas Nov 2018
the city is beautiful until it corrodes.
the city is beautiful until you are trapped.
send me home,whispers your heart beneath
a grey blanket,but the city is where love and
genius live,we can't leave,we can't go
send for home
,it yells,and now it is tearing
you apart it is picking through the sinews of
your warmth it is shredding you out
you push it peels you stop,it peels,
the book of chaos sits next to you
should you open it now?where does wisdom lie?
is it in your palms,or beyond that,somewhere
hidden, unfolded?
you don't know because the city is still beautiful to you.
you don't know because you never open that book.
(but your heart peels on.)
"well if you wanna find love then you know where the city is" (the 1975)
DJL Sep 2018
You cannot create a monster
and then condemn it
hate its **** features
it’s terrible gait
You cannot be afraid
to look into it’s cold eyes
touch it’s rough skin
or feel it’s hot breath
You must face the consequences

when I look into the mirror
I do not see myself
but all of what you’ve made me
I see pale skin
and bruised lips
and bloodied knuckles
and a demonish grin
I see a monster
ready to do monstrous things.”
It Comes uninvited
The stress
Holds one in its embrace
It has no grace

Listening skills it has poor
To let go
It hears not ,no more

The victim breathes faint
To fend it off at the slightest
One may ask


Its a Herculean task
It comes uninvited
The monstrous stress
All good ,some thoughts on the monstrous stress :)
Bethie Jan 2018
Outside the wind is howling death
A screaming gale of endless breath
Over the hill she comes and goes
What she is, but few may know
Inside her she is not so mean
As her outside makes her seem
Her soul is quite a peaceful one
Heard by few and friends of none

Inside I sleep in gentle peace
With dreams of gold that never cease
What I am, but few may know
For I only give what I want to show
Inside I am a screaming gale
A howling death of rain and hail
My soul is wrought with pain and fear
That none will know and few will hear
It makes me wonder: who is the monstrous and who is the gentle?
the craftsman bought
his piece of clay to life
but ye mold was one that
would bring much strife

the clay just didn't behave
in the appropriate way
always it acted like
a grotesque monstrous play

on discovering the clay's
fault ridden side
the creator flung it down
******* a curbside

never again did he use
that model of mold
as its unsound traits weren't
ones he'd behold
Sequel to my poem A Mourner's tale

Her days turned darkness, as evil taunted her soul
Shattered she stood as the night fought her
Harrowing it was when time stood still
Fearful it were when he held her down
as he took away her reason to smile again
In a journey of ten minutes he took away her dreams alongside her innocence

There was no morning too bright to elude this darkest plight
There was no one to hold her again
No reason to smile
No light too bright

And then

I say

It was blinding how the sun pierced into her damaged soul
And when night came, she could not feel,
She could not see

It was shattering
It was shattering how pieces of her couldn't be mended again
And how these pieces spread beyond her life
It was shocking

It was shocking how her own mind questioned her existence
And how she lived through life, existing, but not living
It was monstrous*

It was monstrous how men could damage a flower so pure and beautiful
And how they go on damaging more flowers,
Crushing them and eluding them all of their innocence
It was blackening
Copyright professor Marylyn-Dolly
All rights reserved.
Ovi-Odiete Jul 2016

Upon a darkened night
Flames of love burning in mystic depths
Fleeing as

And by the darkest Shroud
She fled her house
Immersing in the night
In a rainy*  MYSTERY NIGHT
while all sleep beneath a strange moonlight

Upon a darkened soul
Flames of love burning in glowing sight
As secrets hidden unveil into the night
And with the moonlight beam
She waited still
While counting all the stars
The Glow consumed her soul
While all in quiet rest

Upon a darkened heart
Flames of love burning into sea waves
As flames consumes her mind
And by the
She fled herself
Flying into the* *NIGHT

The flames consumed her heart
And left it darkened still

Oh Night Oh Monstrous night
Oh shadows of the night
Tiptoe into my presence slowly
Oh night watch my quivering heart
Oh Night appease my shivering Soul
Oh Night caress my weary mind
Oh Night Reveal thine masked face

Oh Night Arise, Unveil the hidden STARS
Oh Night Oh Monstrous Night!!!
Oh Calm Oh Calm of night
Rock me as I fly searching for thine face
Sing for me lullabies of THE WITCHING HOUR
Oh Night Oh Shadows of night deep
Elude the bane and miseries untold



A Poem invoked by watching the moon and by listening to Lorenna Mckennith song "THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL"
Kaya Jun 2016
"I need warmth" she said,
as she fell into cold blue sea
with monstrous waves
fighting each other
for peace,
the sea is at war

- Kaya
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