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Oct 2020 · 540
You are a delight
You are a delight
Cause your words match against the laws
The volume silent between you and me is intuitive
How can I be the source without your light

Delightful like the stars
I know from miles, you are clever
We may not met yet
But nature tell me that you a change of greatness

Your thoughts show me greater confidence
Which make me feel emotional
Cause you have a power of positivity

I resemble you
Cause you are
A Delight.

K-mari (c)2020
Oct 2020 · 999
My pretty boy
Tall, red like roses, hair short like the waves is my pretty boy
His smile brighten my days
That I like him already

Blue is our sky
It would be like in heaven
If I come by him and make him flip
I realized he has no ring
But he all in his feelings
And I got feelings for him
I wish I could marry him all like now
Cause with him I am everything

K-mari 2020
Nov 2017 · 565
The star
Follow the star that no one could see
Should I be the Guardian of the stars
With no light or shadows
Upon my return to the sky
In my mind
Apr 2017 · 783
All my
All my
Who I am
Not bad for me

Tick, tick and tick
My all is everything
In which I rise
Above the mountains

Times will be lesser
Of the decade
To decide everything
In between the horizons

Stars gotta fall down
Without the use of memory
In which I think all my
Mar 2017 · 1.2k
Life is a Gift
Life is a Gift without
Where the branches grow
And never stop
Till it is not completed

Tree of life
Above in the sky
Like a million stars shining
Through the process

Life is a Gift
For others who are loved
To see many more
Than one gifted.

By K-mari 2017
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
The dark gift
The dark gift, my friend
Between the fields and mountains
Whose will work overwhelmed
In my thoughts of life
How will you be disappointed?
Of not being dark gift, my friend
Darkness of misery with no luck
In addition we may need help
To whoever else is needed
Humanity has rise to be strong
Against the wall of fire
Up until no confident return
But will be no more dark gift.

                    By K-mari ©2016
Oct 2016 · 4.3k
The Gift of life
In the sky roared like an eagle
the day give a gift of life
To others across the universe
When a gift is opened
The gift of life shine upon our heads.

Gift of life
Show confident in whichever I live
For what whispers would blow below
Clap,clap to the life of gift
My life is my gift.

Gift of life
To let the daylight run the east
Of which is by the love of god's gift
As I rise above mountains  
Whether my gift is made of gift of life.

                        By K-mari ©2016
Sep 2016 · 1.1k
What planet of my life
Is there anytime?
In the front door on my own
Blue butterfly upon the air
As my world is our last word
To see many people will forget

Mission of compassion
To save the day before I
Who is on the ground
When is love and wisdom
Of all walls against

Colours of Shadows
In which I am alive
For whatever reason I rise
Away with it or not
But why would the key disappear
I did it for whereismyworld.

                   By K-mari ©2016
Sep 2016 · 1.2k
A day of everything
All around the world
The day comes of deep colours
To rehearse things
That are really trueful.

I care about cradle of clouds
Above my head
Black beetles to show oppression
Into their words
When I am my everything, my friend.

Celebration of friendship on the road
Happy whether they help or not
As the sky give an reflection as pure
Then I will have a day of everything.

                         By K-mari ©2016
I write about this poem about what feelings I has today when my teacher saying something about herself trueful.
Sep 2016 · 880
Gold so wonderful
Gold is so bright as riches
We imagine everyday
For the golden wishes
To come supernatural
Into the goldness.

Gold and Silver
In our hands
Give us special eyes
Of what we see
Cool and Awesome.

Gold is a colour of wonderful things
But beautifully
In and out
Whether it is to be
Gold so wonderfully.

                   By K-mari ©2016
I haven't wrote poems a while.
Sep 2016 · 1.9k
The Magic of life
Magic of life
Is upon this world
In magical days
To show us to do magically
When we believe it.

Life is so incredible and awesome
Where we see cradle of clouds
Above our head
In which magic come
In and out of life.

Life is Magic
Magic is Life
Magic is Incredible
Incredible is Magic
So let the world of magic be
Magic of Life.

                     By K-mari ©2016
Aug 2016 · 915
Keep poetry
Keep poetry
In the clouds above your head
Write poetry
Across the world to make peoples
Think that you are a poet
Love poetry
When u are having good habits
Or compassion
Express poetry
About your feelings happening now
Show poetry
What u are able to do with it
Telling others that
  But keeping poetry is what we do today.

                         By K-mari ©2016
This poem I write is for everyone on HP including my followers to show what is keeping poetry in life everywhere u go today and tomorrow.
Aug 2016 · 2.5k
Losing friends
Losing friends is like
Heartfelt with cradle of love
Friendship to where we lost
Between the horizon and the clouds
From time to time
Wonder how can i see u again?
They say u are the best
Then left without memory
Did what was surprised for us
As the day comes in and out
To show losing energy
Within its population
Of harvesting new friends
But not losing friends.

                     By K-mari ©2016
I decided to write this poem cause i hear a lot of peoples who pass away but i hope u enjoy it :) plus i write this poem to touch kristy heart about her lost friend i am so sorry and i wish u the best kristy
Aug 2016 · 404
My all
My all is everybody
And my family
Thinking of others
Is difficult
But time is wasting
For the future
To be an person of who
Will be the my all?

When or where
Was the sender immediately
By my all
The past is gone
And the first day begin
To show us compassion.

Whether or not
The love of hearts is in
My all 100%

                     By K-mari ©2016
Aug 2016 · 465
The stars of hearts
The stars of hearts
Represent the thousand stars
In the sky
Tell us that it is a micarle
Located around the universe
Contained full energy
Like the shining sun
We see everyday
So let the people themselves in
Heart be the stars of hearts today.

                   By K-mari ©2016
Aug 2016 · 617
In dreams
In dreams we see
A lot of image like
Movies but
We wish that
It come true
Dreams are things we like to
Happen in real life
Some dream are like nightmare
We get dreams when it is
Full of imagination
To show us that is a micarle
Dream is everything
Included love and compassion
In your dreams.

                    By K-mari ©2016
Aug 2016 · 2.0k
Paradise Child
Paradise Child is
The world of different
Meaning like paradise
Is vacation
Sometimes poet and poetress
Need a plan called "paradise"
But to get that you
Have to able to feel comfortable
And wisdom.

I tell myself that
I am a Paradise child
To show the universe
That I am who I am
Looking for more information
Contained who is the Paradise

Paradise is Child
Child is Paradise
Paradise and the world are two
Things I love
And I hope that I am the
Paradise Child.

                      By K-mari ©2016
Aug 2016 · 1.1k
We all know that
               Being happy is
One of the surprised
                      Things we do
In everyday life of today
                But some of us
Don't have that happiness
                    Then we give up
On the wrong side
               Whether or not
There is a way to be happy
                  When it touched
Your soul and heart
                    To be filled
With all different emotions
               You imagine to be
Be 100% H.A.P.P.Y.

                  By K-mari ©2016
Aug 2016 · 1.1k
An Encourager
An encourager
Is an friend
Who try to
Be god's gift
Of friendship
To show others
That i see myself
Is an encourager.

One of my gifts
That god gave me
Is friendship and
Encouraging others
To know that
Your only friends
Is our family and god.

No one can't stop us
For having friendship today
But we have a power of encouraging
And that is what we needed
So be an ENCOURGER everyday.

                 By K-mari ©2016
Aug 2016 · 1.1k
Calling for love
Calling for love
To let you know
I love you
Between the horizon and the stars
When i am ready for love

The love of hearts
Shining like an diamond
To remind us of pure love
We learn each day
For calling love.

The call of love
Is the triumphant
Telling us that it is
Calling for love
But always lovely.

Love is Pure
Pure is Love
Calling is Love
Love is Calling
So let us be calling for love.

                 By K-mari ©2016
Aug 2016 · 822
Kiss me or Hate me
Kiss me
Like if you never kiss me before
Above the mountains  
To show that you kiss me everyday
Making me lovely person.

Hate me
Like i am the person you don't really
Everyday in life
Across the rivers
To tell me that you don't like me.

Kiss me or Hate me
Like i am the person of life and love
Up top your head
Telling you to kiss or hate me
Wondering why to kiss or hate?

Kiss me is not all about kissing
But showing love to others
Hate me is not all about hating
But being kind
So kiss me or hate me.

                   By K-mari ©2016
Aug 2016 · 5.2k
Intelligent or Smart
Intelligent or Smart
        Why are we intelligent?
Because we have a mind of
To show what is human Beings.

Smart or Intelligent
         Are we smart to know
No but there is an talent we keep
           Everyday and don't get it
Called intelligent or smart.

Intelligent peoples are more thinking
than smart peoples
Some smart peoples think that they are most important than us today
But has to remember that we are not smart or intelligent.

              By K-mari ©2016
Aug 2016 · 4.9k
A Day of Mystery
of mystery
           To be solve correctly
For the mystery
                     is ready
While it is an terrible mystery
                The day will solve
                       Till it end
                The Day of Mystery.
                 By K-mari ©2016
Aug 2016 · 1.0k
Dream me
Dream me
like if I am the clouds above your head
As you keep on dreaming about me
In your mind
Wondering what dream it will be?

Dream me of love
Making me a vision of love
To have a longlife
In what I do with my dream today.

Dream me everything
That was created and damaged
To think that dream is difficult
From everything I dreamed.

Dream is Harmony
Harmony is Dream
Me is Dream
Dream is Me
So let their be dream me everyday.

                By K-mari ©2016
Jul 2016 · 1.8k
Me, Myself and I
I am me, myself and I
like no one knows
Caring about who you are
Is important above others
Imaging an vision of who I am.

I am me,myself and I
Knowing that you loved you
Is what we do today or tomorrow
To let there be me,myself and I
Everyday in life.

I am me,myself and I
Me mean me
Myself mean myself
I mean I
So be me,myself and I each day.

               By K-mari ©2016
Seeing me,myself and I is important.
Jul 2016 · 1.2k
I am feeling alive, alive and alive
like an living person today
Wondering why I am alive?
Cause I am human beings
To show and tell peoples if I really

I am alive
But have to remember that life is
Our life is short because of Adam and Eve.

I am alive
God left us his rules
And we disobey his rules
We have to stop the evilness and
Wickedness so everybody can be
Alive forever.

             By K-mari ©2016
Jul 2016 · 12.0k
Need that for life
Got to do it
When you wanted to lose weight
In the gym
Have to work hard
for Workout to be done.

Why losing weight off ya body?
Because it called "workout"
And being healthy is good
But don't eat too much fry things
Cause it can damage your life
Strength and Personality.

Workout is healthy
Healthy is workout
So be healthy and exercising today.

        By K-mari ©2016
Jul 2016 · 1.9k
Try, try again
Trying again is an option
For focusing
To be able to try again
However trying and focusing is two
Keys we needed to handle for
Getting that achievement today.

But as we try, try , try
Our goal is going to be better than
It was before
Stepping higher than the mountains
Infront of us
To earn a star shining like an
Imagination stars above our head
While being graduted to be bright
Kid ,
We will try, try ,try to make tomorrow a day of trying.

                  By K-mari ©2016
Jul 2016 · 1.1k
True Friend
True friend always help each other
To encourage his/her emotions
Hearing your friend saddened is an bad thing but telling them you are a
True friend make them more than just
happy there was before to be an
Honest and Intelligent friend to them today or tomorrow.

True friend is a hero who help them
And worry about their feelings
To be positive but not negative
Having an true friend who say you will
Be like Me is your true friend
And remember god shines in you

True friend is a hero
True friend is an person who worry about you everyday
God is our true friend who let us be like him so try to be the true friend
You could be.

                   By K-mari ©2016
Jul 2016 · 1.0k
I set freedom
For the people of the world
To understand what really happen
When you don't have freedom
Without eating and drinking to fill
Your belly.

Helping others is an achievement
To be able to let others be free
That is Wrong from being stupid
Like doing things you hate to do
And feel uncomfortable.

Freedom is ready for everybody in the
Universe today
To felt an holy spirit to have freedom
God is I am who I am
And I believe what god say.

If freedom is everywhere
God is everywhere in the universe
Freedom is saving the world
Saving the world is freedom
So let there be freedom today and

               By K-mari ©2016
Freedom is the key for saving the world and helping others.
Jul 2016 · 2.5k
Phenomenal Blood
I am phenomenal
I am intelligent
My blood is not about phenomenal
It is about my body, personality and

Having phenomenal blood
You have to show the strength and the
Power of Phenomenal
To be able to handle it yourself.

Peoples who are phenomenal today
Are not phenomenal today
Peoples who aren't phenomenal today
Will be phenomenal tomorrow.

Blood is Phenomenal
Phenomenal is Blood
Be the Phenomenal blood.

                By K-mari ©2016
Jul 2016 · 1.7k
Greedy is not the way
We do things difficult
To others around us
And Don't share with them
But make them think we are the
Bad ones to anyone of them.

Greedy is thinking negative
Like taking away their things from them,
Being an bully to them
Without being positive.

Greedy is not the way
To be naughty and selfish
But stop being greedy.

                By K-mari ©2016
Jul 2016 · 885
The Green Ghost
I am the green ghost
the ghost itself
Who make the people screamed
Like if it is the real ghost without
Taking you away.

The green ghost trick us
And make us foolish
To be hiding from the ghost
Everywhere we go.

The green ghost loved us
But told all peoples to be gone
When we see him
Just run
Breathe in and out
We will catch him to make him go back
Where he belong.

                     By K-mari ©2016
Jul 2016 · 441
Send my love
Baby I
Need your love
To feel my soul
Don't worry where I will be
Cause I know that
you send your pure love
To me who I am.

My lover gives me the best thing
And that was love and friendship
Like if I have a vision of love
To send my love.

We love each other
We get ourselves
We will be who we are
To send our trueful love in the

                By K-mari ©2016
Jul 2016 · 797
Honey, Focus
Honey do you still love me?
Honey I needed you
To be with me
Just focus on me then
I will always love you
In my heart.

Baby you still my sweetheart
Whenever the sun is shining
Without letting me know that
You loved me and I loved you.

Baby I owe you love
But thinking if just me and you
In the sky like nothing happen
With no tears from our eyes.

Honey just focus on me and you
Together then we will be happy for
What we do.

                   By K-mari ©2016
Jul 2016 · 1.0k
Her eyes
The way her eyes,
saw me,
Through the glass window,
With her small, wonderful
Let me smile everyday.

               By K-mari ©2016
Jul 2016 · 673
A Micarle Morning
Like an micarle morning,
Within its micarles,
Birds and Butterflies upon the fields,
Flying like an angels,

Sun shining,
Winds blowing,
Clouds busting,
to be the first micarle morning.

Evilness to be gone by God's miracles,
In his hands,
To make the morning be the first miracle.
                                        By k-mari copyright2016
when you believe in god, you see an micarle morning.
Jul 2016 · 3.7k
I told the moon
                       Couldn't find his light
                                     in his brightest
So the moon left me a light
                            A light in every story
                       To find his moonlight.

               By K-mari ©2016
Jul 2016 · 2.4k
King of Bosses(Ajani's song)
Act like the king,
When u say u ain't the bosses,
When u think like me as the king of bosses don't care about his ******,
Why, why, why?
Be the king of bosses don't care about
his ****** why, why, why???

Move like the boss,
If u ain't moving like the boss
When you look at the boss,
Give me some respect!
This poem I write is a rap song by me but I decided to turn the song into a poem.
Jul 2016 · 1.7k
Fast days that get faster
Fast days that got faster
When will you go home?
But the days gone faster
and felt lonely
Nobody knew what they're going through
Them saw us everyday
And thought things though we
Nothing will not ever goes his/her way
I feel like if no person in my favour
I am intelligent person I want to be
Telling myself I don't have a silly mind
But thinking of yourself...not stupid
Fast days that got worse
I am lost in what I do
There is no way to get rehearse
I have to exist now though I don't want

                  By K-mari ©2016
Jul 2016 · 939
if good loved good
If good loved good
What a universe it will be
If it was freedom
And evil wasn't set free
If man loved woman
There will be an vision
And if good loved good
What a universe it will be
If good chose favourite
From the good that it saw

And if everyone are make the same
Why does heaven has a angel
If the universe is a mission
Then he/she hold the key
If the truth of the answer
Lie without you and me
Then let good be good
And let the peoples of us be free.

                   By K-mari ©2016
If good loved good then you loved you.
Jul 2016 · 1.0k
Sparkling Moon
The moon is so sparkled and young,
As if it is the pure moon in universe,
With so much more planets to be,
Sparkled, young and inspired.

Wondering why the moon is so sparkled?
Because it has a image of light,
Which is called "moonlight".

How could the moon be so sparkful?
When there are more planets to be

                   By K-mari ©2016
The moon is so sparkled and so are we.
Jul 2016 · 2.2k
Blue sky
The sky is so blue and colourful,
As if it is the pure sky in the universe,
With so many stars shining bright like
an diamond in the universe.

Looking at the sky is so blue without,
So many colours to look at,
Wondering why sky called blue sky?
Because it is blue everywhere in the

How could the sky be so blueful?
When there is more colours in the

              By k-mari ©2016
Blue is my favourite colour cause I see blue everywhere.
Jun 2016 · 7.5k
Power of choices
I have a power of choices,
But what will I do?
Thinking how to get choices of yours,
Everyday in life, I see peoples with choices,
Wondering how that happen?

When u lose your power, u get your choices,
Choices made him/her something in life,
But to achieve your choices, you have to
Starting thinking about it.

Having choices of yourself is like if u have
The power of choices, to be able to handle
It of control.
I realized that the only person I can control
Is me.

Some people may have choices and you
Have later.
Choices is Power,
Power is Choices,
Don't worry if u don't have choices, u can
Get it later.
The only person I can control is Me.
Jun 2016 · 486
Life is But Me
I woke up everymorning seeing bees,
Butterflies and birds like if it is other magical kingdom or harmony kingdom inside the universe however princes
and princesses are to be crown as King
and Queen of the magical and harmony kingdom.

Wondering what will happen to the
other kingdom?
Will it be destroyed?
How can the king and the queen get its
army to stop what is happening?

Life is like the thousand stars in the sky saying that a thousand things will
happen in Life but don't worry there is
always an attitude inside you that we are keeping from getting from bottom to the top to reach what you earn today.

Life is everything that you see in life
like terrible things that will happen but
kick it from the top to the bottom.
Life is an today, tomorrow wherever u go, achieve an today life and tomorrow life.
Jun 2016 · 2.3k
Broken Arrow
An arrow has been broken,
Without being broken,
Near the Great Walls,
Wondering how that happen?
Could it be the Great Warrior?

The broken arrow can aim still,
With its powerful strength of the,
Which can be its own weapon.

When will the Great Warrior fix the broken arrow?
What can the Warrior do to keep the arrow alright?
Just keep its safety and strong.

Now that it is fix,
Then Great Warrior will have no more,
Broken Arrows left to use,
But to be the Great Warrior of the world.

Just keeping the arrow strong and
Fix properly.
The great warrior is about to have no more broken arrow.
Jun 2016 · 935
My hero
There was my hero who,
Save the world from,
The bad ones trying,
To steal money and alot more,
But my hero was about to stop them.

As heroes we must save the world,
Don't matter what happened,
There is always a hero to save the day,
If heroes could fly as using his powers.

When will heroes be my hero?
What will heroes really do?
How will they able to help us?
The only things heroes are to do:
Save the people
Help each other
Learn how to beat the bad ones.
My hero always save peoples and the world.
Jun 2016 · 833
The Sun is Still Gold
Like a golden sun as riches,
They are gold and silver,
Without shining bright as diamond,
These goldness of the sun is the key,
For brightness of gold and silver.

Feeling the sun is so hot and gold,
Like a star in the blue sky,
Without so many stars,
As if it is the pure star in universe.

How could the sun be so brightful?
When there is more light outside,
With us to see more sunlight in
Our eyes.
The Sun is Still Gold and so are we.
Jun 2016 · 1.3k
My Heavenly Father
God is pure, strong and mighty,
With us as children of holy spirit,
We can praise and worship for,
Strength, help and holyspirit.

We as God's image could be,
Wise, wonderful , beautiful,
God is always there for u,
As long as we could be like him,
The mighty father in the universe.

We can do things like him,
Play, decorate and music,
Don't worry about the evilness,
God is always protecting u from evil.

My heavenly father,
My holy spirit,
My christ,
I know you can keep us in,
Your hands.
Jun 2016 · 322
Remember me
When you come here,
Remember me,
What you do here,
Remember me,
What you see here,
Remember me,
What you hear here,
Remember me,
When you leave here,
Remember me or don't come back here.
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