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Aisyah Apr 16
Our eyes smiling at each other
As we hold eachother
We smile at each
Holding hands
I rub my hand on your Buddha belly
As if it were a magic lamp
We finally kiss
Not just dominate and submissive
But as also
I can see the same pain in your eyes the
Pain I dealt with all my life
As we make love
Kiss me you say and we share a
Final kiss for the night
Tasting teachothers desire
In our breath
It’s sweet like
Show me how to love
In different ways
That I did not know
fray narte Apr 11
we are
a highway kiss
away from madness —
tonight, you burn
what's left of my breaths
and i stay and sit
and hold the matches
to this roadside fire
in total awe, darling

like an angel after his fall.

some things, too raw to die for heresy —
some things, too raw to be an anomaly.
To love is to fall
Fall like shooting stars

To love is to forget
Forget the pain I will regret

To love is to remember
Remember my souls request

To love is a poisonous game
A game I simply love to play
What does loving feel like to you?
Miriam Mar 2
Softly softly
I breathe thee in
Gently gently
I let love in
Slowly slowly
The healings doth begin
I wrote this short poem after reading and being inspired by the amazing poems of Emily Bronte noticing she often repeats the same word twice I liked the style :)
Miriam Mar 2
Life without you
is like food with no recipe
Don’t care what they say
You’ll always be the best of me
The truth is I’m a little lost inside
I keep on letting my feelings hide
Is it wrong not to feel right
Without you walking by my side
Day after Day-Night after Night
Don’t care what it takes
I’ll put up a fight
©️Copyright 2021 MH
Deep Feb 27
I do care about your loose hairband
that allow your tresses and mantle
to flow in the soft breeze,
Small ***** of sweat
trickle-down from forehead,
taking the route of the cheek,
And your both hands occupied in books
Effort vainly to subdue them-

I sit and watch this battle from our college corridor,
Dreaming and fantasizing to be your lover,
And leading the army of affection
Win this contest of tresses and mantle
for you.
And he said that he knows for a fact:
Girls with freckles are happier.

And I told him I’ve heard
That one before,
But he said that he made it up on the spot,
In the bed we’ve made, our sheets less **** –
Creased and dimpled by our weighing bodies –  

When I nagged on him to tell me what he loves
About me on the inside,
Where we’re taught what counts,
Where you’re not allowed to ask,
Where sometimes it’s just too good not to.

On the inside, he listed:
Lungs, liver, ovaries perhaps –
The parts that everyone has,
The parts that can be left unspoken.
And I told him he’s a smart-***.

But on the outside, he touched my cheeks,
I love your freckles because they prove
You’ve lived
Felt the sun on your skin – it’s sunlight sprinkles, after all
Laughed so hard, as they are uneven and all around
That way maybe, every time, your laugh
Scattered them all.
Nafs pen Jan 22
Believe me when I say
I want to miss you every day
I want to throw myself off the bridge in London
I want my tears to fall like rain
I want them to fill the red deep sea too
But a soft voice in my head
Speaks to my mind
It's like an ice that freeze my legs
It's like a rainbow that withhold the rain
It's ruins the plans I've been working for days
We were never meant to be
And that's why I don't miss you anymore
Hii every it's been awhile check out more of my work on Instagram @nafs_pen
She's always on my mind
And never let me sleep
She's so one of a kind
that you will ever meet

She's so beautiful
Beautiful like clothes
She's cute pretty, simple,  
and makes you laugh like jokes

She's very talkative
A person you can vibe
She's very positive
Perfect to be my wife

My heart beats so fast
Everytime she's close  
I'm so in love with her
This woman name is Rose
This poem is for the one that I love and her name is rose hehehee
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