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All the words of love are written,
To my darling, my lover, and best friend,
I am ravished by these thoughts of you,
From every sunrise 'til the day's end.

The day we met, our journey began,
But it began with the end of another.
We brought with us Philautia love,
Loving ourselves before each other.

Ludus makes us dance in the rain,
Like children who love to play.
We joke and tease and tickle,
And we'll be forever young this way.

Eros pulls my eyes in your direction,
Consuming your body with my mind.
Its passion joins our flesh,
And sends chills along my spine.

Philia opens our hearts to one another,
As our friendship blooms like flowers.
We share interests and even secrets,
And talks that go on for hours.

Pragma should take years to mature,
But instead of 'falling' in love we 'stood.'
We committed ourselves in a mere moment,
To forever love each other, we would.

Even Storge has a presence here,
In the eyes the children see you through.
This familial love makes this a home,
And is complete because of you.

And now I find myself in Agape,
A culmination of all of the above.
It is selflessness and sacrifice,
And it is the epitome of love.

All these words of love are written,
To my darling, my lover, and best friend.
I promise you this Agape love,
From now until this journey ends.
Bee Jul 30
A fleeting glance as they pass each other on the street

At that moment, it began to rain

As the sky cried for the star crossed lovers

And for some reason, tears ***** their eyes too, like deep down they knew that they missed a lifetime in a single gaze
You should wear your smile all along,
The heart wanna fall in your ocean eyes,
That makes me feel like lost in a paradise.
Your voice makes me dance in the sky as the birds fly in the sky.
Your frangrance makes my soul arise as a rose blossoms from the shrubs.
You should wear your smile along as I sing the song for you all along.
I desire to soar high
In an iridescent sky
That coruscates variant gleams of light
When looked through different angles
Making me feel,
The same way you do.
Megha Thakur Jul 12
क्या कहें क्या दिल को चाहिए,
क्या इसको मिलता हैं।
कहाँ सुबह होती हैं,
कहाँ दिन ढलता हैं।
बिना उसकी मर्जी के,
क्या एक भी पत्ता हिलता हैं।
किस्मत पर कहाँ जनाब,
किसका ज़ोर चलता हैं।
- मेघा ठाकुर
Erin Riley May 30
She has
forest eyes
that you’ll
get lost
found in.
some people say that
falling in love is easy
but in fact love is the readiness to allow another human to fill a part of us
just like a puzzle
Does the puzzle piece fit?
there are hundreds of pieces scattered about.
to make it whole,
there are many things that must be passed
lost, difficult to match or swapped
My Lemon Girl
A thousand times will I fall in love with you
My Lemon Girl
And walk past those meadows
in the lap of hills all around
and squeeze every gleam of sunshine
Flowing out of your beautiful eyes
Will you let me watch your gentle face
Until the dark demons
Surround us with their evil intent
And push me away from this sublime joy
I shall not cry then
My dear Lemon Girl
I shall consume those tears of love
And hold them in my eyes
And feel the silence of My Lemon Girl
Till eternity
Waiting for her tender fingers
To wipe them off
Drop by drop
From my cheeks.

             - K Rahul Srivastava
Ben McAnoy Apr 21
Kindness works in mysterious and strange ways
It can often seem like cruelty
Fruitless and merciless
How the worst things happen
To the best of people
It sometimes seems unfair

But in the end, it all has meaning
A hidden purpose that fate decided
That kindness comes to those who can see
The light at the end of tunnel
And make it through the darkness in between
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