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Grey 6d
She’s something new, like the spring flowers that bloom
She’s someone unexpected, like a breath of fresh air after it rains
She’s stolen all of my attention, with every smile
Unknowingly she has my heart, bruised broken and all
She’s home
She’s the One
She’s showing me beauty in life, the flowers, green and black dirt
She’s the one I’ve been waiting for
With her, being a better stronger person is what matters.
She’s the other half that was missing this whole time
Zia May 9
he opened the cage
and let me out
only to catch me
in his clout
Fọlá May 6
I wish you were by my side.
So I can see you smile.
I wish you were in front of me.
So I can give you one last kiss.

I wish you never left.
I wish you were still here.
Please come back.
I'm losing my mind.

I would do anything.
To hold you in my arms.
Just one more tíme.
Vampire girl Apr 27
As I walked
My footprints left behind

As I smiled
My sorrows fell back

As I blushed
My pain Fell in love

As I loved
My haters melted down
Eliza Prasai Apr 16
The ink revealed all my sealed joys
"I love you like the sea loves the shore."
But waves were drowing the shore,
And then the midnight moon comes into play
They say drowning is blind,
Little do they know
Blind are those, who never drown
If and mays come into play
"May I drown in the sea of your love?"
"What if the waves drown you?"
What if I really want to swim in
What if I want to get pulled in
To the deepest parts
What if the current of those waves
Take me somewhere
A complete else where
From the real world
Where it can be just you and me.
Frasier Mar 30
It is beautiful.
It is ****.
It makes us sick.
It robs our soul of its ability to be rational.
It inspires us.
It provides us the ability to accomplish anything so long as it impresses.
It can make us lose weight.
It motivates us to consume immeasurable substances when it leaves us to numb the pain left behind from its departure.
It inspires us to write things we never imagined possible.
It can haunt our dreams and keep us safe during the nightmares.
It cannot be quantified.
It can and will be used for good and evil.
It shouldn’t be defined.
It provides us with the strength to get out of bed.
It robs us of strengths we would use to get out of bed.
It harms us.
It protects us.
It’s unforgiving.
It fills us while also being capable of leaving us empty.
It cannot be taught.
It cannot be bargained with.
It does not care about you.
It is limitless.
It is truly an infinite abyss.
Brenda Mukisa Mar 27
we take baby steps
in the right direction sometimes
we like the boy, we crave the boy, we support the boy
we loooovvvveeee the boy

what do you do when you like a boy?
i think you tell him...
sometimes you tell him so you can know
if he likes you too
sometimes you tell him
so he can know
that you like him
not because you want him to like you
it could be a plus
but this boy you know

you know he likes someone else
you like him enough to be happy for him
with that person even
or someone else.
but whats the point of liking someone
and them never knowing.

so tell that  boy you like him
watch him practically run away from you
every time you try to talk to him
let him say yeah baby when he texts you
let him be afraid of you still liking him
text him and ask him if you are okay.......
the two of you.....

yes, you used to like him
but telling him you did set you free
weird right?
but it actually stopped you from dying inside
falling deeper each day.

and look at him knowing you dont like him
not any more.
to the love i had and lost.
Tears rolling down my eyes
There was you
Smiling brightly in the picture
with friends
and i got jealous
jealous of the girl beside you
it hurts even more
you never sent me a single message
suddenly felt a pang of emptiness inside
and the fear engulfed me
fear that i will be, again, left alone
thank you for reading..
A word that came fast like a bullet
shot straight to my heart...
perforated my feelings
like a shredded paper...
thrown to the pit
never to feel the same again...
the hardest word to hear but the best time to know that it is time to let go...
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