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Irene J Sep 8
You reminded me of a dream
that I failed to reach.

Even though I dream all the way
to the moon,
at least I fell amongst the brightest

At least I didn't fall into your black hole,
that eats me alive,
and lives inside space of time,
left waiting for the unknown.
An old poem I wrote 12 weeks ago.
Madelynn Nieves Sep 2018
Shimmering hair
Without a care
Skin pale
A smile that outshines
A million desert suns
You speak
The world slows
To a sudden stop
Without Warning
Feeling the ground shake
For shakings sake
Bending at your whim
The dam breaks
Our only hope is to swim
Beyond the river of your words
To think
That you have
This much power
Over everyone you meet
Is absurd
smriti Feb 2018
At twilight, past a glistening day

he is going back home

slowly shattering behind

the steep crests of the mountain,

his scorching blaze

piercing through the woods

leached out moisture

till the very last drop,

breaking through the mists

and fogs and clouds

he made a new way

through no one’s allowed,

now past his swing

from the east to the west

he’s shuffling back stilly

to let the moon annex,

underneath the dark

Is he gaining strength?

to rise up with the Aurora

or is he all drained?

the time he was down

few posited, he resigned

from the arduous courage

he always had shone,

but, without a word

he is back to the blue

to let the horizons meet

to let it be a new dawn,

he is the covert ardor

of every dark night….

he is the ace of spheres

“the brightest star”
Ileana Payamps Aug 2017
While I hovered in the pool
I glimpsed at the sky
I noticed that its beauty
Comes from its stars
I fell in love with you
You were shining in my eyes
You were the smallest star
Yet the brightest one
I wrote this as I wished
the star was next to me.
Ashley Kuhl Aug 2017
There is always one star that shines more bright than the others, the first one you catch a glimpse of in the night sky. The one you cannot help but to stare at because it's beauty is more radiant than any other star in the sky. To you this one star shines more than the rest. You are drawn to this star because of its beauty. This star is does not shine as bright in other people's eyes but in yours, the star is perfect. In your world there would only be this one star, it would be the only star you would need. If you could stare at this one star the rest of your life you would be happy, because when you look at it, you know this star does in fact shine the brightest. You know this star is the best, you know this star is the one. To me, this star is her.
Wyatt May 2017
Here's to hoping
that just one star in our sky
can twinkle a little brighter
than all the others
to brighten up our spirits.
A hope hidden between
the dim surroundings,
our favorite piece of infinity.
Erin Nicole Jan 2017
The loneliest people are the kindest, The saddest people smile the brightest, the most damaged people are the weirdest... all because they don't wish to see anyone else suffer the same as they did.
I told the moon
                       Couldn't find his light
                                     in his brightest
So the moon left me a light
                            A light in every story
                       To find his moonlight.

               By K-mari ©2016
Zhen Feb 2015
Shine like a star.
The self confidence in you,
makes you the brightest star of all.
Deep down in you there's a fire.
Yes , a burning fire.
A fire that brings joy and energy to the people around you
At the same time,
That fire will burn and hurt those people that you dislike.
You are a star,
A bright star like Arcturus.
That stands out in the crowd,
Makes you different than the rest of the stars.
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