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Jeremy Betts May 21
I guess my calling is free fallin'
I realized about halfway back, this parachute will never open
Lost all hope right then
Still forced to listen to a double backed friend playing pretend
As they defend a shallow position
But sure, I'll humor you, go ahead,
Tell me how exactly I am suppose start again
While I dangle here in suspended animation
Somewhere around the middle of my end
And on the day I meet the ground I shall call it friend

Danielle Apr 2023
I grew up longing to be found
on a deserted place where the stories
told 'I shouldn't have meant to be there', counting the dead until I become them. I was written on old houses as I was left haunted and reminisced on melancholic belonging.

However, it is her rising, the beginning, the becoming.

I am a chest filled with lullabies, it is my reaching to the world to heal my heart, and a calling of the ocean, where my love belongs.
self-love, self inspired poem and a gift to my 22nd.
anotherdream Dec 2022
You said we'd leave this place
But it's all over now
Everybody's gone for work
I'm still stuck in this small town

You left for work that morning
The day that I made coffee
There was something in your eyes
That began to make me worry

You walked out the door
Like I was nothing anymore
I held onto you so tightly
You eventually pulled the cord

Was there nothing at all
That made you want to call?
I memorized your number
For when you'd have time in the fall

But once a year had passed
I realized she was never coming back
Her only desire was attention
But I cannot give
What I do not have.
I cannot give what I do not have...
Bella Isaacs Mar 2022
I will, for I can, go beyond my station now
Wherefore should I be confined? And how
You will wonder at me in the future,
Which I shall make my present, forgetting the suture
That has held my mouth - It is not a scar;
And I have a million things to say as they are,
Or as they might be - I will ape Almodóvar
And outshine Solovjov, and will I go far!
I will be She of the next generation;
But I must get beyond this station
I must move beyond the static,
From the bedroom to the attic,
And from thereon, to the world,
When my courage has unfurled;
And I will seize this with both hands
And deal you wonder, charm and reprimands:
I will paint you images, and write you songs,
Celebrate your joy, and right your wrongs,
Pick at the intricacies, and throw the obvious,
Show humankind as honest and oblivious,
And I will do this all, and watch me so -
I just need to ready, set, and go.
I want to tell stories for the rest of my life: I want to to put on plays and make films. University is not a stop to this - it's just another step. Another step is to forget the existence of potential romantic interests and the supposed "importance" of social media. Then, ahead.
Deep Feb 2022
Take a gun
And shoot the one holding
the contrary view, with sword
Slice head and torso in two,
If that is not enough, dig graves and
bury them alive, dig it again give them
momentary light and life, then bury again,

Your view and perception are perfect,
you should not allow others to contradict you?
Ken Pepiton Sep 2021
-a bit of the main hero myth -

but the legend said I would, and by now,
you think
maybe so, maybe al in real is al in always?

and we begun, to think the bubble biggering thing a
gain a
here there a
we informed, an afform-firm
conformative decision, says the story
telling me, to tell you all, we
told you,
so, who due you owe? Define Devine then sift love
from the mix,
mere words
ha and sounds mmm hmmm ok tic
we talk
you talk,
we talk unalienable rightmtruetoo, 'botchew
How? civil servant say, how we lie?

whispers laughs ear to earl laughs aloud

your god in the stars, gives you kings, you say
kings is a dangoodway, to rule with just
one lie, the entire idea and the way
to teach it so all stand under it
until death pay each full worth
of every counted for something idle word
realways to develop the character, wise one,

kingslayer, -{argh- we be makers of peace, y'twist}

strait up made sacred, squeeze through the clench
tightjibbs beesinteeth big olgrin, not a smile
a grimace,

I have miles to go before I sleep…

but that would leave me at the mercy, ah
ha, right we as words used to hold the satellite-ical
logos, systems,
certainly some are better than others in terms,
terms themselves per se, yo se, such easy knowing
we all know the lies about god
are not being told by those who asked
help with unbelief.

What a relief. Enough. Just enough
to know,
orchids are good as mistletoe, in the ganzgestalt

Book of Life, which holds all the imagined ones,
sets of ways we can imagine

becoming from, y'know,
where I'm from, where a mind is made up, matters,
materially, however, we here,
acknowledge good in all its ways, it's as if the good
quantum level good
down at the base
re as on,
if off is re
versatile, a stairway, eh, a stile over the wall,
no need to take down the wall, it may have a role,
like one of those domino shows,
10,000, manhours, zip-thasitclickity click and done
or failed,
maybe this wall that holds the last fret to let go,
ject, right, once more, throw it all away, and watch
the good stuff keep comin' back sayin',

Horton say you hear us, we ai, ain't d-ai-d, or
afraid, we jes' old
and filled with buckets of lists of all the things we never did.

- ah, me, cool
- see, in egypt to get the best out of life after death,
- you staid ready to say, a whole long list of I did not do that’s
- and if the list of things you did not do
- is long enough, as you write it in practice scrolls of con
- fession pro forma
disconnects you from finding true rest, no worries, fret not
no *******,

that ain't the kind of peace terminals we make up, as minds
accepted, like a hat, pick the wish you were,
wear the hat, walk the walk, do the talk,
it's TV Sci-fi, fi simper, semper fi  - no lie, a good story,

makes a mass audience in tune to common sense, as
hot and cold,
light and dark,
pull and push,
twist and shout, work it on out, it is
oh yeah
your salvation, do it now, did we miss a beat, was there a hell
somebody never made shut yo' lyin' mind

old man, go home
ask truth-its-ownsel,f tell you what lies you leave be true,
you true believer, be
doin' some listen to yo'self say what you know, you don't.
Ask truth what lie you b'lieve.
You know, you don't. You know, you don't. Forever,
yet, beyond the shadow of that,
here, earth post 2020, we all saw we all are human, by
all the names of terms we all use
to say I know them, their cousins back to mito mom
our whole internal energy distribution system
links us- yeseyesyes- any bleeding mortal reader on earth
is linked to all bleeding mortal readers on earth
and in where radio code can be decoded
mind in matter-real struggle for reality, look spot
blind, see, I never did that test for the fifteen degree blind zone.

Face to face, I know a clenching grimace when I make one.

It ios finished, flushit. That real human
is the actual good that
ties us at the base of all we ever knew, it is true,
science in good con
good con
science is just
like religion, formation of a following explanatory story,
is what comes next, unless we do
the right

Use the dowry? Touch the Principle Thing, oh my GOD
can you imagine, as in
Beulah land, of corn and wine all its riches freely MINE

eeeee ohdledee odledeeee ooo

-- and nextime the hillbilly baby momma goes to
tell her cousin of the conditions associated with this
pragnanz gnosis, super secret, you cannot say john.

Sure, you name your kid John, mine has a thousand names al-
rea-ah ready
and just as many faces,

and the babe kicked, she said,
in the spirit
that kick

little startle response no excuse, no sense of déjà vu,

that's common.
It comes down in sheets. Let downs,
from heaven.
I may miss this, I may stay away long enough to entertain a strange idea claiming to be related... to the story... as it forms
Big Virge Aug 2021
As The Saying Goes...  

“ MANY Are Called,  
But Few Are Chosen ! “  

But It’s HARD To KNOW...  
Which Way To Go...  
When You’re Constantly Told...  
That You Should FORGO...  
Thinking That’s OUTSIDE The Box... !!!
Just Get A GOOD JOB...  
And Work Till You DROP... !!!
Get A Wife Build A Life...  
And Then Have A Child...  
Which’ll Make It Seem Like...  
You Have Done ALRIGHT... !!!  
But... Is That TRUE... ???  
Or Is It All A RUSE... ?!?  
So That People In POWER...  
Can Just CONTROL You... ?!?  
Think It Through...........  
... Are You Cool...  
With Just Being USED... !?!
A Slave With A Wage...  
Is... STILL A SLAVE... !!!!!
Which Seems A Strange Route...  
For Somebody Who...  
May Have MUCH MORE...  
Inside of Their CORE... !!!!!!!!  
Because Those Who Are CHOSEN...  
AREN’T Easily BROKEN...  
Or USED Up Like TOKENS... !!!  
They’re Path Is MARKED...  
To YES...Touch The Hearts...  
of Those Who Feel Like Men of Steel... !!!
... SUPER People...  
Who DON’T Act Feeble... !!!
They Take BIG JUMPS...
Or RISKS Like KNIEVEL'... !!!!!!  
So Sometimes YES FALLING...  
Is Part of Their Calling... !!!!!!!  
Because EVEN The GREATS...  
Have To Make MISTAKES...  
To Find What It Is...  
That Makes Them TICK... !!!!  
... UNLIKE The Clock...  
At Your Everyday Job... !!!  
Now There’s Nothing Wrong...  
With Being A ***...
Whose Job Is NOT...  
That of A... BIG SHOT... !!!  
Because Even THEY Have To Be ERASED...  
When They DON’T Make The Grade... !!!!
So They Too Are ABUSED...  
And Ultimately USED...  
By Those Who RULE...  
The... " Calling Pool "...
Careers In... TATTERS...
Hopes That Are SHATTERED... !!!
Because of The Wage...  
That Was Being Paid...  
To Keep Heads Enslaved...  
Right To Their DYING Days... !!!  
However There Are Callings...  
That DON’T Indulge Stalling...  
Those That......
CHOSEN Ones Embrace... !!!
From The Streets To The Stage...  
These People Are MADE...  
Just Like GANGSTER Tales...  
Where MADE MEN Then Play...  
The... ULTIMATE Game... !!!  
A Calling That Simply...  
Is... NOT For All... !!!
In Fact You Will Find...  
That A Lot of MADE GUYS...  
Inspire Young Men...  
And Some Women Too...  
To Try To Make Moves...  
Outside of The Brood...  
of... Feeble Sheople... !!!
Who REFUSE To Embrace...  
Their... INNER Grace... !!!
The Place Where They...  
See Themselves As... GREAT... !!!
Because They’ve Seen...  
A... BRIGHTER Sheen... !!!!!
Where Their Dreams Are Reached...  
But Are NOT Then Impeached...  
If You See What I Mean... ?!?  
You See...  
Being Top Guy Within THIS Life...  
Does NOT Always Make You...  
The King of What’s... TRUE... !!!
So Yeah There Are Callings...  
That... Are NOT So Cool... !!!  
But If You Do YOUR DO...  
WITHOUT Acting The FOOL... !!!
You May Just Find...  
A Path That Binds...  
Yourself To Vibes...  
Where Your Callings Light...  
SHINES Like Starlight...  
In A... CLEAR Night Sky... !!!
Whose Class Then Looks Past...  
Always Getting Top Marks...  
From The Head of The Class...  
Just To... Get A Pass...  
To Be One Who Charts...  
An... AVERAGE Path... !!!  
Now That’s NOT Smart... !!!
And PROVES That You Are...  
UNABLE To Groove...  
With The COOLEST of Crews...  
Yup... Those Who REFUSE...  
To Be Tame Just Like Shrews...  
When It Comes To The Moves...  
They Use To Get Through... !!!
And NO I DON’T Mean...  
Like THOSE NOW  IN VIEW... !!!  
Cos’ MANY Are CALLED...  
To Now Act The FOOL... !!!  
So My Final Verse...  
Has A Question For You...  
Are You One of The FEW...  
Who Are Chosen To Do...  
... AMAZING Things...  
In This Life Or ARE YOU...  
One Who’s Just TALKING...  
About Dreams That In TRUTH...  
Just PROVE That You...  
Are Part of The FALLEN...
Who Took The EASY Route...  
Instead of Finding Your.......

... “ CALLING “  ...
An interesting topic, do most people just settle for the lives they have, due to the way society moulds us, or, are there just...

Genuinely EXCEPTIONAL People, who find their calling ?

Or... is a calling something you're paid to do,
or, just something that you know that you have to do ???
jǫrð Jul 2021
Goals that ask softly for me
To reach skyward, home.
The History: Calling
Lady K Milla Jun 2021
The tears speckle off my chin
As I look up at the skies
to question my own calling
The stars shine amongst each other, twinkling in their wordless conversations as I wait for their response.
The moon stares at me in silence.
With a radiant half smile/half frown, as in to find both happiness and sadness in knowing something that I don’t.
The constellations, unmoved and spilling no secrets, thirsting to be understood, showing themselves in both pattern and maze, become the reflection of my soul.
Is my life moved by the moon, by the stars, by the constellations, I wonder.
I plead in soft whisper, “Please help me, I don’t know where to go”.
Yet the complex sky having nothing to say, points to my heart and says, “that way”.
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