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Whispers through the trees caused by summer breeze sometimes sounds like Helen voice calling
me somewhere so very
Distant memories carried on a cooling summer breeze weaving pathways gently through the trees but carried on that
breeze thought I heard my sweetheart's voice calling from
Or was It just the cooling summer breeze weaving pathways gently through the trees or perhaps just Imagination maybe wishful thinking of a now so broken
Was Helen calling my name or was It just the gentle cooling summer breeze weaving pathway through the
Callie Zeph Feb 26
We talked again tonight,
Not talking - messaging,
It's like people forget how to talk to one another nowadays.
Rarely such a thing of picking up the phone and calling a friend or an interest
We type, type, type, giving varying degrees of attention
It makes it so easy to misinterpret how interested the other person is
Every little thing is expected to have ten times more meaning than intended
And people wonder why relationships in younger generations often don't work very well
Modern relationships are pieced together like the modern Prometheus, with mixed intentions in all the right places but with conflicting commitment tearing it apart
Strange how my mind wanders this way
CautiousRain Feb 22
Trampled feelings of self-doubt
come crawling up the spine,
so when the drum calls to take you home,
you have to ask yourself:
Was it ever worth it?
idk guys, like, believe in yourself sometimes
allison Feb 20
life update for you:
the voice has lost
and now i'm thriving.
sequel to "the voice"
except happier
Yuki Feb 17
In the coldest of days
through the sighs
of the wind
I still was aflame
for I heard your voice
calling my name.

your name.
But either I
have lost my voice
or you
do not want to hear me
no more.
Careful concealment,
For the need for Atonement
As the Moon claims the best of she-
Drawing her closer to the song of the Sea
Then exalted to clouds, far past the sky
Skimming the tips of the Milky Way
In his warm arms, forever lie
She only dreams those to see that day
@LadyRavenhill 2019
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Sometimes when It's quite at night I think I hear my true love Helen voice calling my
name Johnny don't forget me remember
our time together do not forsake me
For I'm still with you for I never really left
I know It's all In my head but even so still a comfort to think she's
with me and I have more than just my memorise to
see me through my coming days
More than just memories I have but my wife Helen's
voice calling out my name though only In my head but still a comfort to me
Johnny walker Dec 2018
This Christmas the only thing I've done In my home, once our home to light Candles for
Probably would seem silly to some, but they're to light her path should her spirit come calling my way this Christmas
Candles at Christmas for Helen to light a path In case her spirit should come calling this Christmas
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