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An encourager
Is an friend
Who try to
Be god's gift
Of friendship
To show others
That i see myself
Is an encourager.

One of my gifts
That god gave me
Is friendship and
Encouraging others
To know that
Your only friends
Is our family and god.

No one can't stop us
For having friendship today
But we have a power of encouraging
And that is what we needed
So be an ENCOURGER everyday.

                 By K-mari ©2016
DEW Aug 2016
I lay bleeding in the crevice
trying to scream the pain away
like a fiction, was noble bliss
I closed my eyes to end the day
and along came the man
that would silence my fears
bandaged wounds
skins of beers
dirge of tunes
smiling, "Cheers!"

I could walk when morning came
shake of hands
sharing names
Eljago, he said proudly
I cringed admitting my name
regardless he called it fitting
I said much the same

With Eljago's farewell words,
he strode in danger's path
Mount Death on his horizon
I looked on, "Absurd!"
walking after him,
"Why head there?"
He said love tests all men
but for some, there is a fare
"I'll join you on this quest!"
Looking mournful, he said,

Long was the journey!
'Neath forests, o'er hills
Nests of creatures, exotic thrills
Barbarian territory
Witch's lands... chills.
"I tire," I complained
Eljago urged we continue
"My wound gnaws me!" I shrieked.
Still, he pushed us
I collapsed, swamped in sweat
Angered, he chided me
and warned of the danger
I languished despite he
There was no roar or crack of twigs
no arrogant warning
the creature's maw like a cave
came to swallow us, darkness
Eljago swift, his might awing
cleaved it in two
while I sat bawling
Like two halves of a hill
each side flattening trees
the forest hushed in chill
as the beast was no more...
What did he use,
to fell the monster?
Eljago pointed to Mount Death
he insisted we go faster

The Journey was longer
than I could have known
at a faster pace
you'd think I was thrown!
I twisted an ankle
Eljago gave it strength
I fell over
He picked me up
I puked
He fed me
My legs gave out
He carried me
I wept
the air was so thick
I could barely breath
He finally stopped
He told me stories of his love
On an island constantly devoured by the sea
Eljago was loved immaculately
Her name was Vailloria
she came from the sea
they had ten children
but angered the Gods
for Vailloria was wed
despite Eljago's perceived odds
to have her for himself
he had to face Dragado
God of lies and darkest shadow

I told Eljago of my life
in laborious
and how I'd fallen to die...
Eljago, my savior,
to cry.
He had never heard a story,
so mired in turmoil
adversity made him strong
but it made me so weak.

Eljago carried me further,
to the top of Mount Death
There, I watched him approach
the throne
of the Shadow
of Death.
Dragado stepped out from shadow
his features made of bone
he looked down on Eljago
and laughed a roaring drone
"Is this what she wants?
That pathetic adulterous crone!"
Like thunder was the strike
right down on Eljago's head
never had a blow
filled me with so much dread,
but Eljago stood for glory
Eljago stood for love!
In fact, where was Eljago?
There he was, above!
His strike was like an eagle
or an axe
or something mighty
it split Dragado quick
but there was something
a puff of cloud and shadow
no residue of anything messy.

As the mist cleared,
Eljago glanced at me, confused.
I shrugged, scratched my beard
hoped the fight would be continued.
Eljago dropped to his knees,
clawing at his chest
"What's happening to me!" he cried.
I rushed over at his behest.
It was sudden,
it was cruel,
no honorable way to end a duel...
The shadowed hand of Dragado
burst from Eljago's chest
clutching Eljago's heart
failed was the test.

Eljago smiled,
he looked into my eyes, relaxed
he handed me a little scroll
"Find Vailloria..." and passed,
before his last words were said,
but I knew what we wanted last.

Dragado sat smiling
on his spectral throne
For once, something brave I said,
"Take me to Vailloria's home!"
Laughing, he obliged
A dark door opened
I walked through with confidence
and emerged on an island's bed.
There was Vailloria, waiting
beauty radiant as a breath of heaven
around her, children played
I walked to her right then
I handed her the scroll
She read it with her children ten
Who was Eljago, to you? she asked
Thinking of his tears,
I said, "He was my true friend."

LeV3e Aug 2016
She asked me, if we could still be
As if we ever really
were in the first place.
In this case, I forgot my heart on the night stand, and I
dropped the price I charge for a one night
Standing ovation going out to the
Fools chasing pyrite, it's alright cause,
In the lime light tequila takes your clothes off, and
though the night life soaks your soul, the salty rim leaves you thirsty for more.
There's no cure, for Levee, see
the ocean is where I'll always be, and
no matter how shallow it seems, depth will be the death of me... and our friendship.
Dereaux Aug 2016
We have had this friendship together
and made love every single day
every single day

With champagne and dressed up in leather
we went all the way
really all the way

But when our love got really, really hot
you kind of left me cold
you left me cold

You said, you needed someone younger
apparently I became too old
I became too old

Now I’m here watching the days go by
sitting here all alone
sitting all alone

Our friendship has sailed out on the ocean
and it sank like a stone
like a stone
Star Gazer Aug 2016
The perilous path is lit;
The well-trodden road remains,
We ventured on with quick wit,
And with fading shoe-size stains.

It was time for we to be I,
Now as twisted words echo
Of deceit you can’t deny;
While true colours start to show.

This is where the ships sink
twisted tides held no part in our demise;
it was more or less timing
that broke the 'us' into you's and I's.

This is where the word 'ends'
in friends finally makes sense.
Valsa George Aug 2016
Friendship – a seamless sky
Far too complex to gauge or delve.

At times like the early rays of morn
It fills one with joy.

At times like a gentle breeze
It cuddles and cossets.

At times like dark clouds
It overcasts the mind.

At times it comes blowing like a gale
Sweeping us off our feet.

At times it sprouts like a seedling
Growing out into a tree, giving shade.
It blossoms like a Night Queen
Diffusing in the air, a heady scent.

At times like the plaintive notes from a flute
It saddens the soul.
Like a rainbow it may swiftly vanish
Or remain like a beacon
Guiding us when storms rage.

In darkness, it burns like a candle.
In loneliness, a sweet presence.

At times so silent
At times so very eloquent

Finally like an unfinished tale
A fond memory
A lingering scent
Like the life – sustaining breath
It remains…..!
Just brooding over the several shades of friendship and the myriad experiences it gives!

A Happy Friendship Day to all my friends on HP
Randy Mcpeek Aug 2016
Farewell to a friend

A friend of mine told me she was moving to New Mexico.
I told her I was happy, and, I secretly envied the fact that she could go.
I went to buy her a gift, along with a card to wish her luck.
Then I sat in my car realizing that a part of my life would disrupt.
The tears started to fall, as I thought of the times we spent together.
My friend was leaving, and she never judged me. Her words of wisdom would always be treasured.
Caught by surprise at my show of emotion, I signed her card and tucked it away.
Hoping that she would understand what I had written, and, tried my best to convey.
The realization that nothing is permanent, everything changes somehow.
Makes me both grateful, and sad, because of what life doesn’t always allow.
People we get to know, and to trust; well they too have a path they must follow.
Knowing you need to let go, and wish them the best, is a bitter pill we all have to swallow.
I hope that she knows that, because I knew her, I will always know this;
God made a diamond, and she shines more brightly than many I’ve known to exist.

Randy McPeek
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