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You are a delight
Cause your words match against the laws
The volume silent between you and me is intuitive
How can I be the source without your light

Delightful like the stars
I know from miles, you are clever
We may not met yet
But nature tell me that you a change of greatness

Your thoughts show me greater confidence
Which make me feel emotional
Cause you have a power of positivity

I resemble you
Cause you are
A Delight.

K-mari (c)2020
Tall, red like roses, hair short like the waves is my pretty boy
His smile brighten my days
That I like him already

Blue is our sky
It would be like in heaven
If I come by him and make him flip
I realized he has no ring
But he all in his feelings
And I got feelings for him
I wish I could marry him all like now
Cause with him I am everything

K-mari 2020
Follow the star that no one could see
Should I be the Guardian of the stars
With no light or shadows
Upon my return to the sky
In my mind
All my
Who I am
Not bad for me

Tick, tick and tick
My all is everything
In which I rise
Above the mountains

Times will be lesser
Of the decade
To decide everything
In between the horizons

Stars gotta fall down
Without the use of memory
In which I think all my
Life is a Gift without
Where the branches grow
And never stop
Till it is not completed

Tree of life
Above in the sky
Like a million stars shining
Through the process

Life is a Gift
For others who are loved
To see many more
Than one gifted.

By K-mari 2017
The dark gift, my friend
Between the fields and mountains
Whose will work overwhelmed
In my thoughts of life
How will you be disappointed?
Of not being dark gift, my friend
Darkness of misery with no luck
In addition we may need help
To whoever else is needed
Humanity has rise to be strong
Against the wall of fire
Up until no confident return
But will be no more dark gift.

                    By K-mari ©2016
  Oct 2016 K-mari AJani Jones
Scars on my heart tell a tale of a little girl;
Misunderstood, different, outcast,
But one day she’ll take over the world,
And the tear drops on her journal will no longer be vast.

Stars are bright tonight,
The night reminds her of what the future for her will look like,
Whilst the winds sing her a tune,
Of the things that are not impossible even if they are not in sight.

What she observe now is rare,
Watching the rivers reflect back what they see,
A beautiful rose stuck among the thorns;
She read that message loud and clear.
No more shedding tear drops on your journal.

                              Jonesy 2016 ©
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