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K-ROB May 2020
I've been running so fast, and I need to slow down
Before my whole word comes crashing down!

I've already hit the ground, but I got back up
And I'm ready to go another round!

Found out today it's a miracle I'm here
Now everthing that was blurry, seems so clear!

I couldn't have asked for better family and friends,
And I can't believe I wanted to call it the END!

suicide attempt
Jasmin jazz Mar 2019
She loves to be a family...
Her heart longs for it.
But fate doesn't allow her.
She had both mom and dad.
But they threw her away.
Bcoz she is a GIRL.
Tears fill her eyes as
She think of her parents.
She tried to end her life.
But the word 'Amma' stopped her.
Her heart beats for 'Amma'.
She breathes in for Amma's scent.
She yearns for Amma's touch.
But all her searches ends in darkness.
You are the reason for
She is being an orphan.
Why don't you take her home?
Why don't you give her
love,affection,food and shelter?
The word 'Amma' means 'Mother'
Tuffy Mutombo Aug 2017
Alive in your hands I am
Dead in flesh but woken in spirit
Struggling to face my burdens
This love of yours I want to inherit
Your love I will fight to earn
Trails and tribulations won't keep me away
Although I struggle to walk your way
You never put me away
You messiah
are a God who will always be higher
Becuase your love is like none other
God is pure, strong and mighty,
With us as children of holy spirit,
We can praise and worship for,
Strength, help and holyspirit.

We as God's image could be,
Wise, wonderful , beautiful,
God is always there for u,
As long as we could be like him,
The mighty father in the universe.

We can do things like him,
Play, decorate and music,
Don't worry about the evilness,
God is always protecting u from evil.

My heavenly father,
My holy spirit,
My christ,
I know you can keep us in,
Your hands.

— The End —