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Because I am with myself all the time. Everything I do is needless effort, your eyes, your eyes, your eyes, it turns away like running feet in the mist, seeing God for the first time, I cannot see in your soul, do not enter mine, you may or may-not find what you want.
cass Apr 2
cursed with dark magic from taking the wrong path,
a girl made her way towards the masquerade ball.
many had told her not to take the shortcut,
but her shoes were blistering her heels and hurting her toes.

it was only a shortcut.

knocked out by a strong wind,
waking with no recollection of what happened,
she continued.

the ball was extravagant and many were there.
the crown prince was present
with his eye on the girl with the antelope mask.
how delicate it was made and how smooth the material was,
the beauty of her must be stunning from underneath.

they danced all night until the party began to die,
and it was then that the prince wanted to know the identity of his love.
but the mask was stuck tight to her face,
and embarrassed the girl.
she spoke about the shortcut,
and the prince knew.

his true love cried before him,
but his father would never let him marry a girl in a mask.
so she ran away with the treacherous thoughts in her mind,
with the crown prince shouting from behind.

she ran until her feet wouldn’t,
and found herself in the darkest parts of the forest.
Xgaizer Mar 5
You look at me like I was everything
You follow me like i was a King

You treated me like I was your Queen
You smiled at me like I'm the only one you seen

You see me like I was your Prince
Save you in so many evil whence

You see me like i was your Princess
That can save you on so many curses

So I give you so many kisses
build an empire with those sadness

Let us make a promises
build walls with those pieces

I put you inside my chest
And love you for all the rest
whence means a place at least for, just bare with it. thank you so ,much :)
japheth Feb 11

princes - s
wait - i
at the - h
top of - t

their tower. - e
waiting for - k
a rapunzel - i
to toss their - l

long hair up - t
tied at the end - s
with a grappling - u
hook and climb it - j
Yuki Feb 10
The Little Mermaid gave up
her voice so as to be near
her beloved prince and
that’s how little girls
are taught from the
earliest age that
as women the price
to pay for love will
always be their silence.
Tori Schall Feb 3
Follow the path, that I’ve set out to claim.
So many things, that I could never dream.
Don’t leave me standing, out here in the rain;
Where it spirals down, in cracks and in seams.

Once upon a time, in a far far land;
I read a story, one of make believe.
Where dragons would soar, so noble and grand;
And knights on horses, wore hearts on their sleeve.

The princess would wait, and hope for the day;
Where her dearest, would take her heart and strum.
And when she is free, she would gladly say;
Praise my savior, O’ I knew he would come!

And as this adventure, comes to a close,
She will awaken, and sing out her throes
Deb Jones Jan 6
I am sitting and waiting
In my window nook
I am perfumed and fluffy
Just the right look

I am so hungry
To see the first glimpse of you

But you are probably lost
Don’t want to look unmanly
By stopping to ask for directions
Unshaven and wrinkled

And most likely
Off the bottle of wine we were supposed
To share together

You could have saved
Us both by using your GPS
But nooooooooooo...
What an ***
I am not waiting for a Prince Charming. But if I was this would be my luck.
ollie Jan 9
“You’re going to do great things”
She says to me
“I get that a lot”
“But I never really know how to respond”
And I don’t know why
You’d think after so many times I’d be able to formulate a response
I’m not used to it after so many times
So many adults with that same look
“You’re going to do great things”
And it’s not something everyone hears
There’s not a manual on how to react
Sometimes it hurts
Because I often feel like I can’t live up to those expectations
I am made of those expectations
And I wanna make it one day
I want to show them
That I am made of more than the same type of joke and the same ferocity towards grades
I’m willing to fight back
But maybe that’s not a great thing
Because that’s an incredible thing
The fight I’ve placed inside myself to keep going could be incredible
But they told me I’ll be great
Leading marches and showing kids just how fun being alive can be
I am so desperate for the next high that I would do anything for it
This world is full of highs to reach
And maybe great things are relevant
I try to be someone people admire
And pausing at railroad crossing signs isn’t how most people accomplish it
But I’m so adrenaline filled that sometimes the people in the trains wave back
Throw your energy into someone else
I wanna go home
To a sketchy town
Where no one ever looked at me like that
“I know you’re going to do great things”
My brain is on fire
Picking apart the way they try to look me in the eyes when they say it
I used to look back
And now I look above the head and beyond what is capable of being displayed physically
People stopped judging my performances when I was twelve
Because it got too much
“Sometimes I forget it’s you” she confessed
“You stare into my soul, I can’t explain it”
There is hurt here
That cannot be mended by fourteen year olds
Who are told all too often
That their expectations are going to climb so high that they’ll never come down
That was the high they’d been trying to reach
Shubham Solanki Dec 2018
I sit by the window
Staring out with hope
Gloomy face eyes low
Captive in this castle
A solitary dreamer
Waiting for the one
Riding with her sword
My dauntless damsel
To rescue me away
far-far away from
this deranged world

I wonder though
What amuses you more
Am I less of a man
Or do you doubt
A woman's valour
Capable of Creating
Life in her ****
Open your petty mind
Break thy stereotypes
Crush the misogyny
Prove to the feminine soul
Chivalry isn't dead anymore
Glumbugged Dec 2018
I'd wonder how I got so high
Up in this glass sea of a sky
But I have you to teach me why
You woke my wings so I could fly
A Prince, you are, that's way too kind
You've seen my worth within your eyes
But I won't lie and say I mind
When all is taken, we're just guys

A battlefield you met me on
A place you had no place to be
I, a poor kid, my life was gone
But you of all were royalty
And sought me out risking your name
No one would have thought you were sane
Yet saving me, you did, with glee
For that, I am truly happy

Two kids of war
Now Groom and Groom
A tale of sorts
Should have some room
We've made it far
Just you and me
A lot was hard
Sometimes crazy
My ever after
And Forevermore
Thank you, my king
Whom I adore
Xasriel Dawn, Prince of Munitus
Vanul Dawn, Bridegroom to Xasriel Dawn

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