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Princess is beautiful and elegant
Elegant as she is
Her beauty is not defined by beautiful dresses

Prince is handsome and charm
Charm as he is
His charisma is not bound by a coat

Legacy to pass on with a daughter to hold on
Elegance to be in born
With beauty to build on
Sarah Flynn Oct 18
you can call me a princess,
but I won’t wait around
for some prince.

hand me the sword.
I’ll slay my own dragon.
I’ll fight my own battles.
I’ll be my own hero.

and if that prince shows up
trying to save me
when I don’t need saving,

he won’t be fighting someone
for my hand in marriage.

he’ll be fighting me
for his own **** life.
Tiana Oct 18
Oh Desert Prince!

Your existance is like the wandering golden sand of your fascinating desert;

Light enought to flow through every chambers of my heart,

Gorgeous enough to be the life of the caravan's artistic mirage;

Your love embrace me with sheer darkness and chills of starry nights,

But warm enough to magnify me to stay within your sight;

You are the desert Prince,
You flow like poetry,
Amaze like magic
Priceless unlike jewelries,
And your love seems like a beautiful tragic,
Awakening my deepest desires that I didn't know even exist;

Loving you is like enjoying a never ending magic carpet ride,

That keeps me on edge whenever passed by a strong tide;

Oh desert prince!
You keep me mesmerized how Scheherazade did to Shahryar with every story she brew,

Not Arabian nights though but there's always an unfulfilled thrill in every word you sew;

Oh wondrous prince!

Now when you have played the most melodious echo with my heartstrings
that'd shy away the Qanun,

I'll never let go of you,

Though I don't know if I'll ever have your heart as a miraculous boon;
Tiana Oct 17
You are the desert prince,
You flow like poetry,
Priceless unlike jewelries,
Amaze like magic
Whereas your love seems
like a beautiful tragic;
Been reading a book
Dreamer Sep 12
The thorns surrounded the castle,
Not even leaving space for air to slip in,
As they had a secret to guard deeply within ,
The were rumours of a pity full Princess being prison in it,
Many wonder the reason for it ,some thought she was as beautiful as heavenly being while other felt sympathize for her.
As every story has a prince this story also has generous prince who heard the rumours and went to save her.
After days of struggle the thorns were removed  . He entered the castle and found Princess staring at sky and said "Princess I have come for your rescue" after hearing the words the Princess turned her head and replied smiling " silly man, the thorns were there to protect you from me".
Surely thorns are for protecting roses yet some thorns are for protecting us from roses
Mahe Barzh Sep 7
" different from the first one. "

her fingers are glossy.


glossing. n

classy. i stand gazing.

like uh, a primitive, eye

she tells me their sensitive

and i believe her. because I

am quite the gullible guy

for sweet.. pretty..


.innocent. looking



she magnetically slapssss

and caresses the back of my dome.

tap tap... tap

' hmm a heavy stone, '

tap tap... tap

'it has a lot of content'... tap

tap tap .'oh'. tap tap tap




She begins her


from the top of my head


            tippy toeing        





         her  fragile nails

Like a

rehearsed fantasy..

she's been wanting

                                 to do.

she closes in

and rests her

index finger

across my neck like a

scythe shape sun....

she approaches  breathes.

in...and... whispers..


  “What are you thinking?”

And within that.

          my eyes smile.

[i don’t really know,  some sort of brain activity..... ]

                  “I think”

[your pretty, inside, outside,worldwide, ]

        [and ]

“I think”

[_<(^.^)> <(^.^<) (>^.^<) (>^.^)>]


She still keeps going                                    [ it’s a long walk…………]








closing in


this time in a more arrowed position across the more pronominal areas.

‘Why are you hesitant ?'

on being religiously

silly ?."

"Like if

    you dislike


              the idea of

                         being  bright?’


people are .........   ]

“Wait What???"

That’s not true.

only sometimes...


but still

“that's  so wrong

And misleading. "

but please go on”.
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Last Updated on April 17, 2017
isabella Jul 21
Once upon a time,
A starry night,
A forgotten world.

Once upon a time,
Laughter heard,
Smiles traded.

Once upon a time,
Timeless reality,
Clock ticking obliviously.

Once upon a time,
Damsel in distress,
A fearsome dragon.

Once upon a time,
A Prince Charming,
All shining armor.

Once upon a time,
Timeless love,
Endless happiness.

Once upon a time,
A promise broken,
A clock rewound.

Once upon a time,
The spell of ages,
Heavily obscuring.

Once upon a time,
An open window,
Tendrils of smoke.

Once upon a time,
A fiery beauty,
A timid monstrosity.

Once upon a time,
Love forbidden,
Lives forsaken.

Once upon a time,
She fell in love with a dragon.
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