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My Petit Prince is dead
Long live my Petit Prince.
There will be no funeral procession
No flowers no crown
No guest list no readings
No musical selections no choir
When my new Petit Prince takes over
As his perfect twin's Nemesis
Always fit and ready cavalier
Born to rise from his ashes
A brave yet inconstant heir
Who kept his secret horses to himself.
His forever surviving princess is a mix of joyful mermaid
And melancolic grasshopper
Who likes to dive and swim
Into words and phrases
And elaborate new grammar constructions
Magic happens
In moments

A new story unfolding
Out from beneath the old mold
That served but never soared

Prince Metternich
Demanded a new desert
Fit for a prince's company

He commands his kitchen
"Let there be no shame on me tonight!"
This prince is not sweet

A sixteen-year old apprentice
Feels the heat of a palace kitchen
The stakes burning high

When the head chef finds himself ill
The palace's young apprentice,
Franz Sacher, greets his magic moment

With destiny
He cooks on the fly
A dense cake

Of dark chocolate,
apricot jam,
Unsweetened cream

That he'd never made before
Tasted before, imagined before
But that came to him

In a freak circumstance
But what is an accident?
To Him who has none
"Dass er mir aber keine Schand' macht, heut' Abend!"
("Let there be no shame on me tonight!")
Fairy tales are lies, lies
What happened to my prince?

He's imaginary
'Cause it's a fantasy

Where are you now my prince?
I believed you would come

Take me to your castle
So we can run away

I want to be with you
Don't leave me here my dear

The ending is near, near
Why did you deceive me?
The Three
Faces of Eve

Colin A. Ross (July 14, 1950) is a Canadian psychiatrist and was president of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation from 1993 to 1994.

Ross works in the Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma, a hospital in the Dallas, Texas area. He also directs a trauma program at Forest View Psychiatric Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Most of the people the Ross Institute treats describe very traumatic and abusive childhoods, however there is controversy about his methods and claims.

Ross has also produced several documentaries and educational films about Dissociative Identity Disorder. In 1999, he teamed with producer James Myer in the making of Multiple Personality: Reality and Illusion. The docu-drama featured Chris Costner Sizemore, a woman that became famous because of a rare diagnosis (at that time) of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). Ms. Sizemore's life was portrayed by Joanne Woodward in the Fox motion picture The Three Faces of Eve.

I'm writing this
From the top of the hill
Black berries in my palm
Thinking of you
Maybe you'll think of me
Up in your room
Barred off from the world
A twisted fairytale
But we aren't Rapunzel
We aren't Disney quality
Who wants a homoflexible prince
And a purple haired queen
Besides your hair
Isn't quite that long
And I don't own a horse
But I do have some letters from you
And you have some from me
Maybe I'll travel around today
And see if you got back to me
I hope you did because I miss
Everything about you dear
I hope you might just
Think of me sometimes
When times get tough
And words aren't enough
I can be your rock to hold you up
And I can be you anchor
To keep you grounded
You can be my muse
The subject of all my dreams
We can be a lot of things
Rapunzel is not one of them
200th poem. Cool or pitiful? Undecided.
Willow Trees
I rescue myself not to dig a big hole for myself
I wanna go out of my way to be really something
Cause all the regretful thoughts I have about others
Don't let me sit on my chair
And my solid motto is to go forward
With no doubt, fear n shame
I'm prince charming yet isn't bloomed
Axel May 26
Happy ending is when the prince kisses the princess
Happy ending is when the bride is laughing with her grooms
Happy ending is when people find love in a small room

But a happy ending to me is when I write poetry in a small room or under the trees and maybe sometimes in the bathroom.
Happy ending can be infinity
Happy ending can be a story
But my happy ending is myself and my poetry.
I found love in the words I write and I found love in the words I say
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