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Toxic yeti Mar 11
I shape shift into
A wolf
To be with my pack
My only family
To lead them to food.
Meals to eat
We must.
Every full moon

I shape shift in to
A wolf
So I can lead
My pack to victory
And beyond
To the moon
That we howl at.
Every full moon

I shape shift into
A wolf
To lead my pack
To help humans
Find bombs
And drugs at the airport
The enemy shall not
Be victorious
This full moon.  

Every full moon I
Change from woman
To a she wolf
Leader of my pack.
I had set my self a goal after Helen died and that was make her known to as many
people I possibly could not
only In this country but all over the
So far Its going very well but often In life If not a famous person when you die that It over, I was never going ever let that happen to Helen no
It all began last September 2017 with one poem which I was happy with, but always felt I could do more and I'm still writing now I just can't stop love writing about
keeps me happy the most Important factor to helping succeed In my goal Is the truly amazing support I've received from all you fellow poets
Who have given me amazing support by reading my poems of Helen I write from those who have written there first poem to those who have written hundreds I can't thank you enough for all your
You have turned me who had never written a poem to being a confident writer but helping me In my goal to keep
Helen memories so very much alive bless all of you
and thank you
sincerely JB Walker
Another thank you to all of lovely kind people who helped me with wonderful support by reading my poems of Helen I write helped me succeed In my goal of keeping her memory alive
Johnny walker Feb 18
No more kissing will I ever do or holding hand as we walked no more rides In the car with Helen sat beside me

No more trips to seaside or dinky doughnuts down by the sea nice cups of tea no more Ice cream or watching donkey giving ride on the beach to the children

And no tea and white buttered toast at her favourite cafe In the mornings no kissing goodnight or waking to
her upon the morning light no more brushing or washing her hair

No helping Helen to dress in the mornings or
getting her ready for bed In the evenings and all of this sadly missed for I'll never do any this
The sudden awareness she not there and all the things you did together you'll no longer do
Alaina Moore Feb 2
Overwhelmed is a term tossed around to the point of underwelming.
I am a depressed person in a glass cage, with no way to hide my fear.
Like a million little cuts across my body, and not a **** one distracts me from myself.
I feel like I'm pounding on the glass screaming, "I wish you would just be happy!"

I'm a depressed person wanting telling a depressed person the worst things to say to depressed people.
The irony is a silent needle that sews the lips shut.
Pretend you're alseep while pretending to be alive.
I sacrifice myself for others worthy of the life.
Exhausting to carry their burdens, and the tears they can't actually cry.
Faces rest in palms as if hands are any sort of shelter.
Inability to let things go makes me feel like I have to rip them apart.
Living like this makes you ill beyond belief.
All I want is a good night's sleep.
Chloe Jan 27
Beautiful words
From the awfully depressed

Hear them say
It will all be ok

Creative creatures
Words can be teachers
A short 3 paragraph poem on my feelings about what poetry is
Pourquoi ça m’a arriver?
Pourquoi j’ai reçu cette Miracle?
Pourquoi pas les autres?
Pourquoi pas quelqu’un d’autre?
Pourquoi moi?

Il y’a des gens beaucoup plus important que moi:
Des enfants,
Des mères,
Des pères,
Je ne suis personne.
Ça devrait être quelqu’un d’autre:
Le petit garçon qui cri pour ça mère chaque nuit,
L’homme qui devient juste être père,
Le Grand-père qui a tout ça famille entouré de lui,
Pourquoi moi et pas eux?
Je ne le comprend pas!

Je ne peux pas exprimer comment je suis heureux,
Mais au même temps triste pour les autres.
Je veux reconstruire ma vie.
Chaque jours est important,
Alors je ne veux pas les gaspiller.
Je vais les utiliser pour faire du bien.
Je ne sais pas comment encore,
Mais maintenant c’est ma seul objective de vie.
Je ne veux pas que ça soit pour rien.

Coco 07
Miracles are a huge blessing but can also be hard to accept.
Les miracles sont incroyable mais ça peut être  dure à les accepter.
Seeing others happy was hard once
I would sob and weep at the sight of a couple holding hands in the park
I would scowl and hiss when someone would mention what makes them happy
So I put on a mask and I painted it yellow and drew a smile and I kept it on my face for years
Occasionally people wanted to see under my mask
But when I would show them they would walk away as they saw something that could not be fixed
Like a glass vase broken into such fine pieces, you'd think it was a powder
So I would put my mask back on and repaint it when people started to get interested
However one day someone came by and said they would like to see under my mask
Though I knew it was dangerous I revealed it to them and they began to glue my pieces back together
I noticed that she had some broken parts herself so I did my best to stitch them together like an endless jigsaw puzzle
After a while, I threw away my mask and my paint and my brushes
Then I realized the tables had turned in a way I would have never thought
Others saw us happy and would hiss and sob
The only difference is
If someone shows us what's under their mask we won't walk away
I have endless amounts of glue
Amanda Dec 2018
Love you no matter what
Every day good and bad
All I need is a little appreciation
For the memorable years we have had
You are welcome for stroking your head
On those nautious nights we faced
They have worn us thin in spots
We are stronger from being in that dark place
I will always do my best to protect you
From each threat we find ourselves staring at
In return all I ask is for you to tell me
I look beautiful when I'm feeling sad and fat
Thanks for your patience
Waiting for me to get ready
And when I can't contain rage
For keeping your voice calm and steady
We balance eachother like a scale
You're the yin to my yang, the no to my yes,
We disagree often but the one thing we do agree on
Is that we couldnt love eachother any less
A poem I wrote FOR my mom TO my dad for their anniversary if that makes sense... rotfl!
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
Thank you for letting me share
Showing me you really care
Opening your heart to me
As i shared my history
Listened with an open mind
Never judging always kind
Thanks for showing that you care
With compassion that is rare
Being what i needed friend
As my soul you tried to mend
thanks for being who you are
A thank you poem to a friend
Makenzie Marie Nov 2018
Have you ever considered that what you're going through is not for you
it's for those watching for how you respond?
Give them hope.
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