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Aman Aug 30
The support which.....
Was missing....
Life felt like disbelief....
When everything was.....
Turning black.....
Someone stood up....
Gave relief.....
And a way......
With a future so bright....
After passing the......
Inspiring tunnel....
There was no need....
Of any light....
Someone gave....
The helping hand....
Felt like a warm hug....
In the midst of......
Utter coldness....
Which gave rise to....
Confidence and.....
Loneliness and sorrow.....
Were overcame....
Love and care....
So that....
Person can laugh....
Smile and cherish....
The moment....
Which was brief.....
As someone....
Gave the....
Help, save, helping hand
we are cut from the same cloth
you and i
we do not know how to be anything but
the giver
the helper
the lover
who bends over backwards
with no fuel
we split ourselves open for others
and wonder why it stings
when we sew ourselves up again.

Esther L. Krenzin
Carl D'Souza Jul 28
In an ideal
would every person
be compassionate and helpful
to others
to facilitate the joy and happiness
of others?
Laura Apr 10
Light a candle
and just put it
inside your heart.

Let that light shine
brighter and brighter
from within.

For there are people
out in the dark
who are lost.

Let those people
find their way
into your heart.

Just be their guiding light.
Im lonely
The wind has come to comfort me
Perhaps not in
Or whatever you people to tell me to snap back to
But i'm glad I don't feel alone

I can watch the pretty girls' funny shows on Netflix all night
Who's words weren't written with them in mind
Or any mind for that matter
Or who's shows aren't even "theirs"

Hopefully my puffs of bright beaming teeth breath
Fuel these winds onward
To someone else with worse problems
Or better
So be it
Stephen James Mar 29
condensing a life
of learning to aid others
in just these three lines
a haiku
I dreamt of a flying dog.
This poor puppy
had a unique talent;
it could fly.
But it was
to show the others,
it was shy.
It was afraid
of what the others would reply.
Inspiration came to this puppy
when it saw a
flock of geese
fly by.
The poor puppy
covered its head with its paws,
and started to cry.
And that's where I come in.
I walked by
and say this poor puppy
standing by.
"Go on, little puppy,
go on, fly!
The puppy tried,
and flew with the geese,
and it was the most beautiful scene!
I felt so special
helping someone get somewhere
through there dreams.
The puppy flew,
as did my heart.
A true dream that inspired this poem.
Toxic yeti Mar 11
I shape shift into
A wolf
To be with my pack
My only family
To lead them to food.
Meals to eat
We must.
Every full moon

I shape shift in to
A wolf
So I can lead
My pack to victory
And beyond
To the moon
That we howl at.
Every full moon

I shape shift into
A wolf
To lead my pack
To help humans
Find bombs
And drugs at the airport
The enemy shall not
Be victorious
This full moon.  

Every full moon I
Change from woman
To a she wolf
Leader of my pack.
I had set my self a goal after Helen died and that was make her known to as many
people I possibly could not
only In this country but all over the
So far Its going very well but often In life If not a famous person when you die that It over, I was never going ever let that happen to Helen no
It all began last September 2017 with one poem which I was happy with, but always felt I could do more and I'm still writing now I just can't stop love writing about
keeps me happy the most Important factor to helping succeed In my goal Is the truly amazing support I've received from all you fellow poets
Who have given me amazing support by reading my poems of Helen I write from those who have written there first poem to those who have written hundreds I can't thank you enough for all your
You have turned me who had never written a poem to being a confident writer but helping me In my goal to keep
Helen memories so very much alive bless all of you
and thank you
sincerely JB Walker
Another thank you to all of lovely kind people who helped me with wonderful support by reading my poems of Helen I write helped me succeed In my goal of keeping her memory alive
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