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Mazzy Ram Sep 2016
Sunny days
Nights with pleasant dreams
Gloomy days
Lonesome nights
Beaming light
Heartfelt rainy nights
Heavy disheartening mornings
Haunting nightfall
Patchy light
Unsteady darkness
Hide tide
Low tide
The feelings stewed towards
What bittersweet seasons
Jonesy Sep 2016
It was a gloomy night,
I remember it now like it was yesterday,
No stars shone for they were out of sight,
Quiet on her perch she swayed.

She always sang to me the sweetest tunes,
As a reward for reading her one of her favorite stories,
Who knew this would have been the last time that I would have seen her underneath the moon,
Where she has gone will always be an unsolved mystery.

I soon learn how to move on,
Both for her and for me,
Even though in my sorrows , pains and griefs,
I know that my little nightingale is free.

                                       Jonesy 2016 ©
What planet of my life
Is there anytime?
In the front door on my own
Blue butterfly upon the air
As my world is our last word
To see many people will forget

Mission of compassion
To save the day before I
Who is on the ground
When is love and wisdom
Of all walls against

Colours of Shadows
In which I am alive
For whatever reason I rise
Away with it or not
But why would the key disappear
I did it for whereismyworld.

                   By K-mari ©2016
PaperclipPoems Sep 2016
Do you mean the ones who live on the other side?
Clear across the ocean, two miles in from the tide?

The ones that live with little means or the ones that live like we were meant to?
That work, play, stress, fear, and cry, just like we do?

The men who were created from the earth and the women from Adam's rib?
The ones who fall asleep staring at the same galaxies wondering if we're all there is?

Do you mean the ones in straw houses near dirt roads?
That learn how to survive on the land and wear the clothes that they sew?

Others and me,
I'm sorry, pardon me... I'm just slightly confused
Because when I think of them, I think of me
I can't separate the two.

Thanks for the topic!! It's a good one. :)
All around the world
The day comes of deep colours
To rehearse things
That are really trueful.

I care about cradle of clouds
Above my head
Black beetles to show oppression
Into their words
When I am my everything, my friend.

Celebration of friendship on the road
Happy whether they help or not
As the sky give an reflection as pure
Then I will have a day of everything.

                         By K-mari ©2016
I write about this poem about what feelings I has today when my teacher saying something about herself trueful.
Melissa S Sep 2016
I would like to say that I am not selfish
but I would be wrong
I think we are all born this way
and before you disagree with me
Think about it....
We are all constantly in the
Pursuit of Happiness
We want to escape from whatever
is making us unhappy or suffering
No one wants to be miserable (all the time)
There are lots of ways to do this
There are many choices out there
Even when you are thinking of others
It is of some benefit to you
because making others happy
Makes yourself happy
This is just the way I see it
I know some will disagree and that is okay
It doesn't make us bad people
To want to be happy
It just makes us human
the poetry contest theme: Me and Others.
right side or left side?

we are always in between--
fighting our inner demons.
we have freedom to choose--
choices that make us who we are.

what are you going to choose?
"LOVE" is define as "me" and "we"
Jonesy Sep 2016
As i stare through my glass window,
I see your face; sun-kissed,
Your eyes match the sunrise that i admire so much.
All is still.
A silent breeze disturbs the movement,
As the sun says goodbye for the day.

Again I see your face,
All is clear now,
What I am looking at,
A vast reflection of what i used to be.
I was like the  sunrise,
People couldn't wait until I was " Up in the sky,"
But now they treat me like the sunset,
As beautiful as i am in the sky,
They can't wait until i drift down (out of sight).

                                        Jonesy 2016 ©
Prathipa Nair Sep 2016
There is no I without Me
There is no Me without Others
Others highlight Me
Uniqueness defines Me from Others
Others create someone in Me
Those are connected with Me are Others
Some stay and some leave
At the end of Me,no Others would join Me
No joining of Me when others walk away
Only one thing remains true
No Me or Others but only We!
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