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Since my darling has passed she has left me
with an Incredible
passion to want to help
other people
need and kindness even
I didn't know I had So through tragedy, there
has become a new
that has a purpose again for life, that has all come through my own tragedy
of loss that of
wife So Incredible this Inspiration Helen has given me from poetry writing has helped so much In my
and has made me a much stronger a person I'm able to see beyond my
the grief that I'm not the only one I feel the grief of others who
I believe this wanting to help Is a gift from Helen this Is what
wants me to do not to lie In my grief the rest of my life but to be positive do something with rest of my
Through my own tragedy of loss that of my wife, Helen has give an Icredible passion to help others, I can see beyond
my own grief to others who
suffer loss and that I'm not the only one to suffer loss and that I'm just a much kinder person thanks to Helen a the wonderful gift she has given me
Johnny walker Mar 13
I never showed Helen my tears or let her see me cry even though she was dying saved my tears for when I was
For had to make the decision that no one wants to make that of to let go agreed with Doctors and their staff
and that was not to let her know the only time I ever lied to her, that she'd be coming home knowing this  not to be
But In that time I never showed my tears or let her see me cry the hardest thing I've ever had to
Many times I've asked her forgiveness even though I had no choice but In the end
Helen knew she wasn't coming home Helen never let on but what she did say
was I'm giving up can't do this any
I didn't have to ask her why Helen's quality of life with all the pain she suffered In life was so poor
But In all that time I never showed her my tears or let her see me cry had to be strong for the rest of the family
Helen was an Incredible lady who deserved so much more In life than she got
I tried so much In the 20 years we had together to look after her best I could  just hope I did enough for
Hope It was enough I did for Helen In our twenty years we were together
I've retreated Into fantasy
hiding In all those things kept secret stored away In my mind It's
the little world now no one from the outside can touch or see In my own escape from reality I no longer want to be a part
Fantasies of Helen It to where we can live our life again do some of the things because of ill health we couldn't do, she was Incredibly **** lady "wow
did she know how
tease sometime she would place her hands under bare ******* lift them whilst pushing them
With this come to bed look In eyes a voice such a wicked laugh just couldn't
help but be overwhelmed
and consumed Into her Incredible passion the smell of her perfume on her *****
I would caress all her body press my face Into her lovely scented ******* tease her ******* with my tongue till they become stiff with excitement nibble gently her ear
Helen would react to this wildly that's when you felt her true passion oh the sensation on entering her body
to feel her back arch
and feel her nails raking my back the hotness of
her breath the ecstasy than to collapse In true pleasure of
releasing tension our bodies slowly relaxing to fall to sleep
Memories of making love to Helen even through memory I still feel her so
Johnny walker Feb 18
How I miss the touch of her hand upon my body, to lay with her In my arms to kiss her nakedness to almost trembling through sheer excitement of seeing her undress before

She's drawing me Into her
Into her beautiful smooth warm body to feel the sensation of our nakedness
the smell of her perfume as our bodies come together In the pure ecstasy through making love

Kissing her lips her neck her ******* drawing her legs around me to feel her scratching my back with her nails through sheer excitement till both
would collapse In unbelievable pleasure

And then to lay In each other's arms with satisfying smiles on our faces than to
together Oh God I miss her so, to know I'll never share this again I can only relive through memory but at leased memory Is  not the end for me
Haunted by memories of In Incredible ******* with
Helen I know my memories are not exactly reliving but
then at least I no It not the end
for me
Johnny walker Feb 18
So many heartbreaking stories shared on this site
much pain and suffering
but we all have something
In common we all read and write poetry

We share our poems our stories that give all amazing Insperation through each others words we spread love amongst each other help advice others so much In

Something so special on this site to encourage people to believe In themselves and
to write what they believe no matter what, so much love that sadly the rest of the world Is lacking

Finding poetry was the best thing ever did and through poetry writing gained so many friends throughout the world a wonderful tribute to Hello Poetry
A tribute to Hello Poetry for helping so many people through out the world to come together through poetry writing so a very big thank you to It's founders bless you
it was December
do you remember
cause I do
you make me so happy
you make me feel so very alive
it is incredible
it is inevitable
our love
is like a dove
so pure and beautiful
you make me feel full
i love you
12-20-18 <3 Emilee
don't forget that.
are yourself,
and no one else
can beat
Johnny walker Dec 2018
People would always remark on Helen
wicked laugh, It was naughty but nice but
such a turn
But If you nibbled
gently her earlobes whisper naughty but
nice, she would become
a wildly passionate
She always gave her all
asked very little for her self, but loved with an Incredible passion unforgettable moments
she has left me to
Helen gave so much In life asked very little for herself
but she left me Incredible memorise to cherrish
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Remembering the first time I started loving
Helen, the very first time
I laid eye's on her, to look upon her face and to feel
radiating warmth of her
love, eye's that could tell all with just glance, a voice
naughty but nice such a tease she could
But all done tastefully you'd be left with the feeling of just wanting more, but Helen's Incredible kindness to all
everybody loved
What you saw In her Is what you got, there were no lies to Helen, just a beautiful person to be and I had the privilege to be her husband and to have known such a wonderful lady the twenty years we
It was a privilege to be Helen husband she was an Incredible lady who loved by all unforgettable that she Is
Blanche Apr 2018
She is a firecracker in a silent room.
Her toothy smile
which spreads from the centre of her lips
to the tips of her ears
is contagious.
Her eyes are the blue-green colour of the ocean on a warm summer day
peaceful at the surface
and the magic held within them is reserved only to those who take a closer look.
Her hair is golden
like her soul
and her locks tangle to no end.
The springs bounce with every step she takes
the ringlets so perfect so you would think them unnatural.
But they definitely are;
she does not have the patience to sit still
for more than an instant
her body carrying her wherever fate decides—
sitting down to curl her hair would never cross her wild mind.
Her laugh comes from somewhere deep inside her slender body
somewhere far behind her rib cage
where the vibrant rhythm of her body originates.
Her heart cannot be contained
too big to fit inside even the biggest of bodies.
There is not a mean bone to be found in her
for she is filled to the brim with love and joy.
Her legs must be the 8th wonder of the world
so skinny they could snap at the lightest breeze
and yet they carry her across tracks so fast
you would think she was pacing herself with light
not the other children scurrying along behind her.
I, too, sometimes feel like I am scurrying behind her
for her imagination races at speeds mine never could.
She is the most vibrant piece of clothing in the closet
the loudest song on the radio
the spiciest food at the dinner table.
I would like to thank the old, tea-loving
Asian woman who has come to reside in my sister’s twelve year old body
for making her the most interesting book on my shelf
the most watched movie in my collection
and the quirkiest soon-to-be teenager I know.
The world is not ready for the greatness she holds
but everyone deserves a Lily in their life.
my sister loves the fact that I write poetry, and she asked me to write her a poem. this is dedicated to her. x
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