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Jeremy Betts May 17
Know that I know
Failure is unstoppable
The situation is never unlosable
Trust me,
I'm already the biggest loser you know
How did I get over here?
Where do I go from there?
I don't know
How deep can shallow go?
That's probably something you should know
Terminal velocity, terminal illness, hospitality's critical
There's only so fast ****'ll flow
Don't you worry though
I'll find the lowest low
Thee frequency is what's incredible
Watch me make the possible impossible
The predictable shockingly unpredictable
Knowing is half the battle
A cartoon told me so
Still waiting for it to help slow the fall though

Bardo Sep 2020
Who are you people ?
What is this place??
It's's incredible... it's amazing !!!
The most amazing thing I've ever seen
   in my whole life
Ha! Ha! Ha! It's mad...yea! it's crazy
It's Night...right!! But here! Here! a
   whole City in broad daylight
People going about their business...
   faces I've never seen before
What is this place! Who are you

I'm asleep but... but I'm awake, wide
   wide awake
I'm here! Now!!! Looking out... at this
    right here before me
It's strange...'cos I don't feel like I have
   a body or a face
It's like I'm just an Eye looking    
But look! I can move, I can move
And I'm tired, tired of these dreams, I've had them before
What good are they, yea! their
   fantastic and all that
But their useless, quite quite useless
You know what I'm gonna do,
I'm gonna go up to one of these guys
   and I'm gonna grab him
Gonna shake him! Shake him hard!!! Make him help me.

So I go up to one of them, this guy, and he turns and
   looks at me
He looks right at me...
"Back in my world", I say, " back there,
   I work, I suffer, I struggle
Every day trying to keep body and
   soul together
Can you help me? Won't you help me?
   Won't you..."
And... and he looks at me with these...
   these anxious eyes
With real fear in his eyes
I say "What do you see when you look
   at me.  What do you see ?
(A mortal man from the world of men)
Why do you suddenly look so afraid ?
What... what do you see !!!"
I get funny dreams at night sometimes (if I quiet my mind for long periods), I call them "conscious' dreams, you actually wake up in your own dreams, become completely conscious in your own dreams or maybe a place beyond dreams themselves. Their amazing to look at but unfortunately they don't help you in any way, don't give you the Lotto numbers or the name of a winning horse LOL. This is a poem about a time I was struggling in life & got one of these dreams and was so annoyed at their seeming unconcern that I decided to go up to one of the characters in the dream and grab him and make him help me. Quite Twilight Zoney this.
TS Jan 2020
Hey there - sleepy head,

Today is a brand new day. You are going to face a countless number things, people, and words today, good and bad. The main thing I want you to remember when you face this day is that you are so incredibly brave. You are fearless in the face of despair and rejoyce with passion at the sound of a good song. You have all the potential of a great day locked inside you, all you need to do is find the key. Be patient with yourself and remind yourself of the little happy things in life - nothing too small. Romanticize this world and everything in it because you only get this one life, lets make it a glorious one.


PS- You can do this. Walk into that building with grace and peace. Let your inner ocean be calmed by the tranquility of the breeze. Yes, you are a hurricane of a girl but only YOU get to decide when to storm.

Ithaca Dec 2019
I don’t think you realize just how much you mean to me, and my biggest fear is that you never will.
Julie Grenness Sep 2019
Yes, it was an incredible aroma,
I walked past a shop called, "Pizza of Roma",
In our little Oz suburbia,
I'm having pizza, not to disturb ya!
Tantalizing scent is this,
Yah, pizza, full of bliss,
Ah, aroma incredibilis!
Feedback welcome Have a laugh.
Kitbag of Words Jan 2018
an incredible incite (the ruthless volatility of words)

~for L.B.~

the only place of solitaire solitude in the city accompanies me
like a faithful country dog that doesn’t know better to be afraid,
of moving cars, sleepless night terrors and unscripted “dreams”

where image and words say come “follow me” with ruthlessness and no cloying come hither looks and
see and take and recall with perfect midnight blue sky clarity for

the incredible incite of credible insight

surfacing unexpectedly in a intemperate pool of slushy snow,
that will be an ice storm of painful confrontations with naked
inner truths standing outside in sunny sub zero playground

there is great risk.  volatility gone wild. when the speed
governor is removed and you live at 100 mph on local streets,
when the merest slight of an accidental incidental touch
transforms into an incite incident and hell is the threat
that you will not die today and your own words will ruthless
pull from the nerve places where sensible and sensual cannot
coexist and this write this script is a poetical insight inside, an
incredible incite and what your spilling is spaghetti sauce blood
when you left your brain on broil, instead of the faking daily of
slow simmering ineffectual intellectual words that just don’t
cut the crap. your addiction complete, you cannot live without
the incredible incite, the ruthless volatility of words,
otherwise why rough write what you see
in the blind
beyond the blind

1/6/18 5:03am
Twelfth Night, Act 1, Scene 5
“I took great pains to study and ’tis poetical
Abby May 2019
I could never be disappointed in you
The moon and stars shy away when you come out
The sun envy’s your smile
So do I
You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me
I could never be disappointed in you
You are incredible. Don’t forget it.
Deepak K B Jun 2018
He gives his heart a shake,
And laughs until his belly aches.
The only other sound’s the break,
Of distant trees and birds awake.

_Deepak K B
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