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How incredible will it be
To stop time
Then stay close to
And feel safe

Let the ink
Who you are to me
After all
That remains
The same
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Muse
Mystic Ink Plus May 2019
That eyes
That promising eyes

To live/die for
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Stunning
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
I worship at your altar.

I worship at your altar my love,
For you are truly wonderful.
Phenomenal does not even catch your vapour,
Too quick to fall in love with you is the true believer.

But Goddesses are there to be worshipped
And I kneel before you my Queen.
For I am forever enslaved by a dream of your kiss
And shall bear your symbol, through thick and through thin.

Through anything I would carry you,
If my aid you should ever need.
Just think of me and never be alone or blue;
For I shall always be your faithful steed.

The one you can depend upon, to be there automatically.
I would sense that you were not ok
And I would try to make you happy.
I would never let you feel alone, for I am always with you.
If you ever need anything at all, then I shall fetch it for you.

I humbly beg for your touch at night.
In my bed beside me sleeps an angel.
I would simply roll over and hold you tight
And never let you come near any danger.

I shall protect you until the end,
Be you wife or nothing or my best friend.
Whichever you wish, anything you can have,
I shall always be here for you; I wish you to never feel sad.

Unless we are watching a romantic movie together;
I love them like I could love you, let us be together forever.
One long ride through life, with you at my side;
Our family forever even after I die.

I shall always protect you in any way I can
And I would lay down my life to protect your children.
I believe with you I could become a great Dad,
But I don’t even know how you feel about me, my chosen.

My light in the dark, the devourer of my heart (it is yours),
Forever; all I ask for is your love…evermore.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Violet Feb 2018
“To The Women in My Life”

Take ownership of every inch of you
Each individual strand of hair
On your head
That glint in your eyes
Your sharp, dangerous smile
The suffocating curve
Of your hips
Your slender legs
That’s all you

The declarations exploding out of your mouth
Like fireworks
Popping, popping, popping
Beautifully disrupting silence
Beautifully making your presence known
Staining everything it touches
In hot, vibrant color
That’s all you
That all belongs to you

Remember that
Tattoo it on your heart
Because people will try
To wipe it away
Like eraser shavings taking up space
You are not temporary
You are eternally beautiful
Let my smile remind you
My natural laugh
My loose shoulders
You are phenomenal
A strong, powerful woman
You’ll leave your print in the stars

“Step Up”

“...I think it has to begin with women who have the creativity in their hearts and souls — who want to be musicians, who want to be engineers, who want to be producers, who want to be part of the industry on the executive level — to step up.”

Why are women being told to “step up?”
Do you not see the tears in each word
The blood in each lyric
The fire in every performance
You cannot wash it all away
Or remold it like clay
Women do not need to step up
Neil Portnow
You should step down
Tony Luna Sep 2016
Four hour drive to Nevada
Long *** drive I knew, I should've had some *****.
No traffic, just a bunch of rear view lights displayed as stars.
No sight seeing, just mountains and lame *** cars.

Music plays, and laughter took place.
I sang to keep the drowsiness off my face.
We encountered some dips,
And I began to dance; but didn't move below the hips.

Mainly listened to hip hop,
That kind of rhythm you cant just stop.
You gotta dance all throughout to the last note.
Even if someone sees you dance and prays for an antidote.

We arrived to our destination close to midnight.
Once my body touched the bed, I no longer saw light.
Only to wake at four in the morning,
Laying in bed breathing and writing.

Seven forty five small black box starts to yell.
My family woke up, and made our way out of the hotel.
Set course to the lake, hopped on a boat.
Sailed to a shore that wasn't remote.

My aunt's family is pretty cool and chill.
Their boats and seadoo made the weekend that much more of a thrill.
The food and drinks never seemed to end.
I climbed a cliff and prepped for my descend.

Jumping into black water,
On our way back, scolded by my uncle as if he were my father.
I didn't get mad, with my adrenaline, I never know when to stop.
So I listened and never went back to the hilltop.  

Jorge took his boat back in with a big floating device.
Diego told me to hold on, that was his only advice.
I haven't smiled so much in so long.
That's how it should be all yearlong.

Touching land again, my existence was then recorded.
The video was sent to my mother to show I wasn't wounded.
The water began to call my name, so I entered it's depths.
The water touched my skin like a cool breeze kiss.

Going back to Aquarius, we were burnt as hell.
I'm sure we stood out more than Wisconsin's well known carousel.
Showered then went out to eat.
Returning back to the room to sleep cause I was beat.

I met this girl named E with much more consonants and vowels.
Saying I jumped from a kiddy cliff, her words played constantly in the back of my head like howls.
Well E, I love my life and get injured on the daily.
I can only imagine myself screaming like a little baby.

I mean there has to be a reason those rocks are carved out like skulls.
I've climbed trees higher than that castle.
But jumping such height, I'm not sure I can do.
But if I do jump and the light vanishes who will come to my rescue?

Packed up our gear and headed back to our room.
My uncle and I stayed in, but my aunt changed into another costume.
Drank a beer then fell asleep.
Woke up to the sound of my heartbeat.

Two hours later and there was still no sound.
Looked out the window and there was no one around.
My cousin woke, and began to talk.
My fam got up and we began our walk.

I swam for a good two hours.
My aunt, cousin, and I got on a raft; I kid you not we should've gone to the doctors.
Maribel skipped on water, Monica broke her finger nail, and I coughed blood.
Hell I'd go to the ER, if and only if all my trips were funded.
This trip I'll never forget,
That goes for the blue water, and the yellow pink sunset.
Three weeks after the crash, I went on this amazing trip! ****, just ****, this trip was so much fun! I wish it didn't have to end.
I am phenomenal
I am intelligent
My blood is not about phenomenal
It is about my body, personality and

Having phenomenal blood
You have to show the strength and the
Power of Phenomenal
To be able to handle it yourself.

Peoples who are phenomenal today
Are not phenomenal today
Peoples who aren't phenomenal today
Will be phenomenal tomorrow.

Blood is Phenomenal
Phenomenal is Blood
Be the Phenomenal blood.

                By K-mari ©2016

— The End —