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100 followers, and this is my 300th poem!
Thank you guys so much <3
I love y'all :)
A "poem" every day.
A hundred days ago,
I decided it would be a good idea
To post a poem every day.
I thought I would give up after a week,
But now we're here,
Not having missed a single day
And it's been a hell of a ride.
Sadness, Anger, Happiness and love
A little part of my feelings every day.
Sometimes named,
Or not.
Sometimes a full poem,
Or a quick scribbled note.
They changed me a lot as a person,
And the way I'm seeing things.
It's been one of the best decisions I've made.
I've met so many amazing people
And read so many amazing poems.
We have a hunded now,
But I'll see you when we reach
200, or imagine,
If we reached a year.
Wouldn't that be amazing.
Thank you for reading my poetry,
And supporting me whenever you could.
I love you guys.
A "poem" every day.
Johnny walker Apr 16
I've travelled the
corridors of the
mind and discovered
who I really
someone who has
never quite been
sure who I really
Through the love that Helen gave me brought out
a person I never really knew I was that of a
kind carrying
Through the Inspiration of
my late wife Inspired me to spread my love
for lost and the lonely who's everyday burdens never seem to ever
So sad when I read today of a multi-millionaire who
Is giving
hundred million pounds
to rebuilt Notre Dame Cathedral I'm
but we have people families, children, starving whats more Important
human life to me
It's a no brainer the
needy would
first every time for having a good heart I see the suffering If I could I would
end It
I see the every day suffering In this life we live, people families
and most hurtful children
Is this a celebration,
Or eternal death?
Is this a good thing,
Or an internal war?
Writing so much more,
The best filtered out.
But the poems never shown,
Maybe the best of all.
If poems are sometimes,
Actually true feelings
They will not be seen,
Because we cannot be honest
A poem every day.
as of right now its 100% official
i am paying 6 billion personally for the rio grande wall
jewels-precious metals-benjamins-pesos
one thing we can beg to ask ourself
free the deserving
inept to the fact but i need secret service
i need incognito
i need silent protection
i swear to all above the lord
the wall will be build im buying it right now
wake up get ready an open my government
i ask for nothing in return
ask yourself
spread love
i love you its all going to be ok very soon
trust in my check-book
1 thousand billion account
blake Jan 22
one hundred days and nights
i want to spend with you
my love, my friend,
i want nothing more
than to see you grow
and become the man
i always knew you could be

right now it seems pointless
that you're stuck inside this loop
but don't fret, my friend, as t is helping you.

one hundred poems and songs
i grant and give to you
as you are my love
and my world belongs to you
Jim Davis Dec 2018
Take a slow look round
See what you can see
See all is a lie
Truth lies with your heart
Trust your heart to know
You must live the life
You are meant to live
And die much too soon
With the thought of me
As your best sweet hope

©  2018  Jim Davis
Just found this in my old notes!  Don’t remember writing it, but I am getting old!  Not meant as an ego trip but as a celebration of love!
Aduain Nov 2018
Generals and Admirals,
making the decisions
On squaddies lives and welfare
Creating the divisions
These combat explanations
The dictionary assigns
The following descriptions
Only the words benign.

A fight between armed forces,
Or, Take action to reduce;
The need for family losses?
Or more souls abuse?
Down among the soldiers
Is there anything more obtuse?
Stood by an adolescent shoulder,
Death in hands to use.

Brigadiers and Field Marshalls creed,
Battles must be won!
With no time for a private’s need
Or their families at home.
One day, with waiting over
Lovers may return,
Some that is, the others
Died in Hades, so listen, learn!

They died, and in their passing
Our freedom they allowed
Take heed, do not stop asking
Be heard and scream out loud,
To those we must make listen
To historical loud spoor
where fields of blood still glisten,
Please! Let peace endure….
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