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maybe you will think
maybe you will feel
we all have reasons
we all have decisions
we all have explanations
does it count
does it matter
will it evaluate who we are
will it assess our personality
sometimes it will take seconds
or minutes
or years
what if it takes 100 years
to get back again
to turn that chance again
to hug her again
to say you love her
to say sorry
to make her feel
she's the one
she's the only one
of all the hundreds

julius May 20
i stop at the t-junction
between your throat and your collarbone
loving people with a t-suppliment
overthrowing any judgement

you forced me up
and squeezed lemon juice down my throat
i'm pretending that this was never real
but feeling my skin flake and peel

do you ever miss the pain of a new scar?
because there is too much space between my fingers
and it feels raw and unwelcome.

there is something alluring about
unraveling string-
loose ends splitting and breaking
forever vanishing into oblivion
i came home and ate a lemon and rubbed the peels against my eyes until i cried blood
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2020
If you want
To love
Love that deep
Even a stone heart melts

For whatever
It worths
Longing to have
A recycled soul
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: That makes sense
Author Note: Make stone humanoid, then add some emotions which makes it human, then after.
hybridstorm May 2020
Pieces of broken glass,
Scattered colors,
An orange ribbon,
And a fresh red rose.
Be out of the box. Never confine your potential because of words or worse. Realize that you are not a clone. You are a product of tomorrow. You can never be someone else successfully. So why try?
100 followers, and this is my 300th poem!
Thank you guys so much <3
I love y'all :)
A "poem" every day.
A hundred days ago,
I decided it would be a good idea
To post a poem every day.
I thought I would give up after a week,
But now we're here,
Not having missed a single day
And it's been a hell of a ride.
Sadness, Anger, Happiness and love
A little part of my feelings every day.
Sometimes named,
Or not.
Sometimes a full poem,
Or a quick scribbled note.
They changed me a lot as a person,
And the way I'm seeing things.
It's been one of the best decisions I've made.
I've met so many amazing people
And read so many amazing poems.
We have a hunded now,
But I'll see you when we reach
200, or imagine,
If we reached a year.
Wouldn't that be amazing.
Thank you for reading my poetry,
And supporting me whenever you could.
I love you guys.
A "poem" every day.
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