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If you wish to loss weight

Before anything,
Make confirm
If it wants to lose you.
Genre: Clinical Abstract
Theme: What matters | Mutual Understanding | Count Steps | Calorie Chart | Workout
timmyxholiday Feb 26
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Mr Uku Jan 12
I’ve been running about round the park like a ****
And it’s too ****** cold and I’m too ****** fat
I’ve forgotten my gloves and I ain’t got an ‘at
And the shorts that I’m in make me look like a prat

There are dogs on those leads that are too ****** long
And the people that walk them are walking them wrong
And I get tangled up with the lead and the pup
And the dog walkers laugh as I trip myself up

I gasp and I wheeze as I trundle around
Past the kids on the swings who are laughing out loud
Cos the sweat in my shorts makes it look like I’ve ******
And my knee’s swelling up cos I’m getting a cyst

The friction is burning and hurting my thighs
And I’m not getting thinner, they’re still the same size
I finally get home and collapse on the mat
I’m not sure it’s worth it, I think I’ll stay fat
Week 2 of the 52 poem challenge brought this poem out in me.
Naomi Hurley Jul 2017
Parched skin becomes moist
With dew drops dripping down the back of my neck
And beneath my *******

My face deepens like a ripe peach
As flesh disappears
Skin dissolves into


A cool exterior warms
And my body is tingling, trembling,
Buzzing like a thousand fire ants
Swarming around my thighs
My arms
My core

Encapsulated in sweat,
This shell is a temple
One that thrives on progress

I am *****

I am filthy

I am strong.
Workin' on my fitness.
WJ Thompson May 2017
I spoke with testosterone,
and after he ripped apart
the concrete in my driveway,
he sank into a pile of rubble.
Lighting an ironic cigarette, he said,
"Teach me how not to care"
before he fell asleep.
He's been there for a while.
Maybe we should check on him?
10 AM I am pumped to workout
1 PM I workout
3 PM I am no longer pumped about anything.
Sushant Bhujel Apr 2017
A life is all about a thought,
A thought about the win before you start,
A start or a loss without the start?
Without the start it seems a mighty struggle,
Struggle that delivers you pain,
Pain that hurts and haunts you daily,
Daily haunted by the pain, until someday tolerance takes over
Tolerance takes over and you make it a way of living,
A way of living then meets your plan,
Plan you planned to build your masterpiece,
Your masterpiece that once was your dream,
Your dream that once was given a thought,
A thought you thought was hard enough,
Hard enough to make it a choice,
A choice you worked out in this life,
This life thus, is just that thought.
That thought
'Whether to start or not'!
neha Feb 2017
you've never been good at maths,

but that's okay,

i can be your calculator.

the process is hard,

but the answer's straightforward.

so you'll get there,

we'll get there.
Need that for life
Got to do it
When you wanted to lose weight
In the gym
Have to work hard
for Workout to be done.

Why losing weight off ya body?
Because it called "workout"
And being healthy is good
But don't eat too much fry things
Cause it can damage your life
Strength and Personality.

Workout is healthy
Healthy is workout
So be healthy and exercising today.

        By K-mari ©2016
MG Apr 2016
it rarely occurs to me
how beautiful one can be
yet those who truly stand out
do not receive the recognition they deserve

a pretty face will get you many compliments
a slender body will too
but that is all you will get:
words words words
and though they can have a thousand meanings
they will never be enough
because people throw their words out with insincerity
for convenience

i want to move people
i want to make people feel things
and after long hours of contemplation
i now know what i truly need
i need not a pretty face
nor a slender body,
but i need a beautiful heart

a heart that opens up for the worst of the worst
a heart that loves unconditionally despite its painful past
a heart that pieces up broken others before itself
and you are beyond blessed to own that heart

so if you ask me who you are to me
well, you're the most beautiful person i know
we all have our insecurities, and all our lives, we work to eliminate them. we work out to lose weight. we make ourselves up to become more attractive. we do these things, thinking we will feel more perfect, in a sense. but sometimes we question how others who work less to physically enhance themselves allure the most desired people. the answer is the aura of their beautiful hearts. those who are worth it see through the Nike shirts and MAC makeup, because to them, the most fascinating part of a person is the heart.
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