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Thank you lord for the gift of life
How could we ever pay you for that and
All the good things you have done for us
None of us will be alive if not for your
kindness, grace, love, faithfulness and protection,
So we gather here today to celebrate thanksgiving and to
Give glory to your holy name by giving praise to you -for
In this harsh and cruel world we live in you have blessed
Everyone of us and like the proverbial tree, we are
Indeed flourishing and thriving and also multiplying in
Number so for this and many more we are saying "thank you."
Gracious Lord accept our thanksgiving like you did Abel's.
© A B Faniki  10/7/2019 all right reserved  an  Arostic saying Thanksgiving
Arden Sep 23
Hey dysphoric trans girl,

I see you.
Your outfit is really cute today.
And I'm really proud of you for getting
Our of bed with such grace.
The weight of dysphoria is heavy
Let me carry it with you.
You're essential to the world we live in.
You're more than a trending topic.
Your bodies existence is a radical act
And it's survival is worthy of celebration
Disappointment *****.
Being able to still be disappointed
Means you are engaged in your life.
You are an active player.
That's good!
Every part of you is a girl.
Especially the part you don’t like today.
Your voice, hands, and feet are feminine
What else could they be

A dysphoric trans boy
Zane Smith Sep 16
it's crazy to think
some people's lives just started
some people's lives just ended
all over the world.
a celebration of life has begun
a mourning of death has begun.
no matter your age
no matter what stage of life,
everyone's still learning.
making mistakes
sure some have it easier than others
sure some have it harder than others
but in the end,
we have the chance to live
to live as in to be present.
we are here on this earth
while others aren't
recognize your opportunity
to be.
here is your reminder, here is your sign, to open your eyes.
Randy Johnson Aug 19
Mom carried me for ten months, I was one month late.
Tomorrow will be my birthday and I'll be turning forty-eight.
In just two years from now, I will have lived for half a century.
It was 576 months ago when my mom gave birth to me.
lake Jul 25
let's just take a minute
and try to slow it down
before i let you finish
i wanna take a bow
let's just have a toast
we made it this far
i'm not one to boast
but i think we're on mars
imagine if i quit back then
repeating the past again
imagine if i didn't try
i wouldn't be able to fly
got a lot to thank for
i'll be here for the encore
we endured, now let's enjoy
**** it, make some noise
Ashes, warm and crumbling
Of my memories and doings,
A hot gust of wind
Will soon blow them away
To be lost forever
Beneath the Sands of Time.
O August Fire!
Do not delay;
My mind is blank,
My voice, it is choked,
Burn away my senses
And my worries along with my name;
I do not need these attachments
As I lie on my pyre
Waiting for your touch.
My body, now shrouded, is cold;
No one weeps for me,
No one held me close when I died,
No one needed me.
Carry me to your ever-lit abode O Fire!
Help me celebrate my freedom.
Let us remember today how much
God has loved us all.
And let us remember today
why Jesus Christ was born.

Love He told us in which to abide.
Love the reason He was crucified.

Este dia te recibimos Dios
en nuestro corazon.
Para darnoa vida eterno,
el Padre te mando.

Amor un regalo que uno puede dar.
El vino para nuestros pegados pagar.

Love, the greatest gift that one could give.
Love, is how we all were made to live.

Today love was born in Bethlehem
let us all come celebrate!

Our Savior and Lord of all The Christ,
Our New Born King!

Love each other is what we must do.
Love why Jesus came and died for you.

Let us remember today how much
God has loved us.
And let us remember today,
why Jesus Christ was born.

Milton L. Delgado
This is what Christmas is only about...everything else, in my opinion, is *******!
AmeriMav May 22
In my arms, can this be the day?
No more waiting, no more delay
For months we've waited, seemed so long
Yearning to hold my soul's heartsong
Now playing at a grand forte

Our smiles beam with brightest ray
In this moment, no sky of gray
Holding me, where you belong
In my arms

Silent starburst of love's display
Emotions roar like waves at play
Feel my chest, heart beating strong
Oh time stand still, this touch prolong
All I want is for you to stay
In my arms
Rondeau form
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