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Fireworks flash bright
Sky flowers blooming above
Dazzling night lights fade
High above is a world of color
Steve Page Feb 19
Do you ever escape your grief?
Do you every find release from sorrow?
I can’t say today, perhaps tomorrow,
but today I’m growing round my loss
- not diminishing its presence, but recognising
that my present is not my finish
and that I add to this grief:
my joy, reminiscence, and celebration
of those who are no longer at my surface,
but remain my foundation.

Do you ever escape?
I think not – I hope not.
For they are not a shackle,
but where I found my feet.
The anniversaries of loss come around and fall in the echo of more recent losses. I'm grateful for passed friends and family who helped make me me.
This is New Year's Day.
The new year has arrived today.
I hope things will be great during this new year.
I hope there will be no misery, suffering or tears.
2021 came to an end at twelve o'clock last night.
During this new year, I hope things will shine bright.
I hope life will be very pleasant in this year that is new.
We said goodbye to 2021 and we're saying hello to 2022.
Robert Ippaso Dec 2021
Christmas comes but once a year
A time of joy, a time of cheer,
Families united, presents galore,
The feasting and chatting never a bore;
The laden tree glistening, lights burning bright,
What better to gather with an Eggnog each night,
Celebrate family and friends we hold dear,
While thinking of loved ones sadly not here;
But together or not they live in our heart,
A special safe place from which they shan't part.
So let's lift our glasses and offer this toast,
Health, Peace and Cheers to All we love most.
To dance and sing and rock and roll
                Yes, I've got time
To squeeze from my heart a thousand poems
               Yes, I've got time
To visit the mountains of the North and the South
                Yes, I've got time
To love a pretty face and give her gifts
                Yes, I've got time
To drink wine and eat the best cheese
                 Yes, I've got time
To make mistakes and fix myself
                 Yes, I've got time
To smell perfume and flowers and honey
                 Yes, I've got time
To sleep in hotels and smoke in hallways
                 Yes, I've got time
To uncover the laws of the universe
                 Yes, I've got time
To break them when I want to have fun
                 Yes I've got time
To shatter the stars with the power of angels
                  Yes, I've got time
To take the cities by storm with music
                  Yes, I've got time
To sleep like giants from fairy lands
                  Yes, I've got time
To write the poem that makes the muses jealous
                  Yes, I've got time
To sail the through the torrents of eternity
                  Yes, I've got time
And if I'm wrong and I have not even tomorrow's grace?
I'll still declare that
                    Yes, I've got time
To all the earth
                     Yes, I've got time
jaden Nov 2021
To transition is to attend your own funeral time and time again in hopes of allowing yourself the delicacy of being truly known
Identity becomes a public affair and day to day life reads like a eulogy
Imagine you are the corpse, the coffin, and the church your body rests in
You haven't lost yourself just, killed that version and put her inside a box for only her dearly beloved to see
You now become the house in which they’re prepping her body for eternal sleep
You are the final destination
The one stop shop for little girls who become boys overnight
I became him over night and the next morning i wrote her eulogy
Its been almost five years since girl became boy and i am still giving her eulogy
I am speaking of a little girl to people that only know the grown man she died to be and i am so incredibly tired of doing so
I see family and the remnants of the little girl i was believed to be and i am forced to take part in their mourning
Every day feels like the day after you lose someone you loved
There are bits and pieces of her around my house, and my mind, and even my body but she is gone
She has been gone for almost five years and i am still attending her funeral
There is no longer a corpse, coffin, and church just a man her memories rest in
I am the man her memories rest in yet i put her to rest long ago
I need the world to do the same, for my dearly beloved to do the same
For we are gathered here today not to mourn the loss of a daughter, a sister, or niece
We are here to celebrate the gaining of a son, a brother, and a nephew
I am celebrating the birth of me and giving her eulogy in the same breath and i am tired of doing so
See i am left carrying the grief of a person who still exists
I exist
Changed but still present, still breathing
There never was a corpse, a coffin, or a church
There was only ever me, my body, and the world around me
this was for kc storytellers and completed sometime mid april of this year (2021)
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2021
If you have to
Wear something
Something special
For this dashain

Wear your smile
My dear
Kassan Jahmal Sep 2021
Body ties, feeling myself tied to you;
likewise to connect to each other.
Dial on circumstance; you're ringing
in my head about how to press the issue.
Press on your right side; those familiar
buttons. I'll find myself lost in you

Celebrate the occasion; set flame to love,
Lit the fire's of desire, warmed the night.
Doing the best of things the world hasn't
seen. All the very things you and I like.

Pouring on a drink, taking shots of you;
its all leading me into the mood.
Leading the way of where we shall go;
You've often been high on your love,
right now this little vibe still on the low.

So let's celebrate what we have now;
until it becomes the world's favourite show.
If I were a fire, and you were my candle,
I might burn your body,
then illuminate every dark space
and make it bright;
even if it doesn't reach everything,
at least we haven't gone astray
for a while.

If I were a fire, and you were my candle,
we would burn at every celebration,
in birthday or wedding cakes.

If I were a fire, and you were my candle,
we would be a farewell gift,
and leave a scar on every melt.
Indonesia, 3rd September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Kelly Mistry Sep 2021
Completion...of a step

What does it mean to be done
Is there such a thing?

Sometimes the moment of doneness passes by
Revealed only in hindsight

Savor the moments
Of completion
Being done

Even if only of this step

The best laid plans can always go awry
So celebrate along the way

Celebrate the effort
The intention
The support you receive

Doneness as you expected may never come to pass
If it does
You will more concretely see
                                                    all the steps it took to get there

Either way
We all benefit
From celebrating milestones
All the steps along the way

Whether that means dreaming an idea
Or completing a voyage
Across a sea
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