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What does the Quran say, to love,
but not to hate,
the people come on earth according to his will,
no one has the right to make them pay,
for their sins.
self destruction, mass collapse, this is not what Quran teaches us, it teaches us to love,
but not to hate,
the path taken by one, cannot define a group,
as all they want is peace, i know we want too.
a man goes so deep trying to achieve his Allah,
so unknowingly he becomes blind in his path,
and creates a deadly scar,
Quran doesnt teach us that,
i say Quran is in everyone's heart and in brain,
as for it teaches us to love but not to hate.
so i am not a muslim! but first of all i am a human!so i dedicate this poem to all my muslim bros and sis on this day of EID and hope that you all have a prosperous life ahead. Happy Eid! and yeah i have made an insta acc biohazard_poems  i will often post poems! do support and follow!
kevin wright May 6
The doorbell rings
with answer there stands
two meters distant
disheartening plans

10 minutes to go
she will be here soon
in lieu of  70 ans

the lines are formed on path to fire
the banter freezes
my head bows low
crossing finger on one weeping glow

someone i know

the waggon of life with hearts in tow
drifts along past those who once aknew
heavy the  tormented eyes
the dog walker waits for the box in pass
silence as the waggon takes her away at the last

her story is all
resolved is her family
touched are the friends
in faith her memory
tomorrow,  the honour
Moomin May 3
In ancient times was born a day, for festival and joyful feast
Where all would gather eagerly, to pour the wine and roast the beast
And at first these new days, gave the people needed rest
Gave them pause from toil and worry, made them feel that they were blessed

But over years and under Eons, new days contrived were added on
Days to worship fellow men, or worship season, moon and sun
And soon this list of special days, got beyond all real control
And came to be under compulsion, and so began to take their toll

And we forgot the origins, the purpose and the why
And we embroiled with heavy hearts, with cost and groan and sigh
A day for Christ born and dead, on a day he did not choose
To self-indulge with merriment, and Christianity re-use

But soon became the bearded saint, and jolly man of snow  
Or chocolate feast and bunny hop, and mystic mistletoe
A day for thanks, a day for dads, a day for Saints and ghouls
And one for lovers and for mothers, and even one for fools

Remembering ****** victory, or the start of a new year
A day to gorge and one to fast, for fireworks and fear
And a day for every one of us, so we are worshipped too
To make us feel loved just once a year, cause once will have to do

And then the days become the law, and choice is left undone
Compelled to celebrate each time, or risk us being shunned
For who can deny a chocolate egg, for child or lover sweet?
Or deny a mother's floral gift, or children's spooky treat?

Who would dare to question these, and stop from living lies?
Who will defy these decrees, and in the face of pressure fly?
For we comply, against our will, while we incur the debt
Though the birthday boy be a loathsome lad, for one day he is the best

And children challenge strangers, for sugar under threat
And mum is glorified one day, then daily we forget
For if we are forced to love one day, when and how and who
How less likely all year round, do we tell them “I love you”?

Yet among these obligation days, one was left behind
A day given long ago, but one to which we're blind
Remember that day of rest that was, when families were one
And the world would stop and contemplate, and gather in the sun  

No more days like that for us, this world has gone beyond
Past truth and love and God above, to whom we once belonged

And so I choose to have a day, where no-one is adored
Where no purchase is required, one which we can afford
Where the corporates do not dictate, and sell plastic love to us
And the measure of our affection, is not how much it cost

And give no name, nor choose a date, but fellowship hold dear
And warmly tend to love and friend, on all days of the year
Pyassa Lias Apr 15
Drunk on life
I’ve stumbled, plenty a times whilst sober
A straight line, I once walked
With shackles around my feet
My cheeks hurt
And my eyes begin to water
Drunk on life
Laughing until I weep
Abraham Mar 11
Throw down
cruise deep,
interesting views
through your sleeping curls
and thighs

remember the party!
remember the party!
laze under blue pearls and drums
that cool us
(you said they would)
like lemon shots spiced with barley
and cocoa shells

cruise into your sleeping curls
and thighs
Nigdaw Feb 19
on the sofa
binging on bargain bucket box set series
and copious volumes of alcohol
warm in our shared delusion
that the end of the week
requires celebration
Billy Feb 14
People celebrate today
A day of love, a day of joy
People profess and confess
A special time once every long year

I see people kiss
They snuggle and cuddle
They say ‘it’s a special day’
And say ‘i love you’

It makes me wonder
What about the other days
Do these souls wonder about each other
Do these souls dream of one another

The universe makes me feel so lucky
And today isn’t really that special to me
Because whenever I’m with you
Every day is a Valentine’s Day
While I stand in the crowd
I miss the familiar shout and cheer,
I have come to greet you, O Spring!
You have filled my garden again
With bright colours
And its air, with inspiring scents.
Soon, there will be fruits to pick
And I shall not tire of writing and singing
New songs in your praise.
We shall then join our hands to revive
The wilting love and gaiety,
Acquire a fresh voice to express
Our merriment;
It will be an occasion to celebrate.
Enter us, O Spring, become a part of us
Give us joy that lasts for a long time.
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