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rebecca 5d
we chant and drum in agog celebration,
leaping through fires of creation!
queen, dance around the fire they bring,
collapse into the kiss of the green king!
time has almost come
for the gods of the sun
to warm the ground beneath our feet!
bringing fire, new life, rebirth, heat!
earth mother, open up!
give birth to new crop,
so, on this fertile bright night,
we cast out the darkness,
welcoming the light!
happy beltane!! blessed be!!
Grand occasion
heartbeats shaking,
Will I make it to the end?
Life's journey,
filled with memories of before
(Soon after we'll explore)

Search more of yourself,
till there's nothing less to find
Within the many hearts,
passion of ideas in our minds.
Every moment written in history,
(We'll leave nothing behind)

Celebration of living,
a precious life. Pieces of silver & gold.
Celebration, a grand occasion,
the ashes to dust, till the dust is old.
Celebrate life,
(we don't know how long we're here for)
Descovia Apr 17
Your cooking and your beautiful heart
is not the only thing which keeps us all alive.

Throughout the years you have been through pain
and faced obstacles bringing you restless nights.

You were the one that kept the light in your children's eyes vibrant and bright.

Your heart blossoms with love and spread beneficial energy to those around you.

Nothing is complete or worthwhile without a mother's touch.

Il tuo amore guarisce

Happy birthday in this life time and many more for future times ahead!

Birthday doesn't only mean aging celebration on earth's surface. But tells how well one has grown wide and bestowed on earth's ground.
Obviously she's  prosperously come from womb. Her birth was full of fortunes, wishing @Kiki Oshinbajo a propitious birthday.
A birthday diluted with protections, peace, and harmony, healthy donkey days. Peaceful  Birthday,  'KIKI'

  #C9fm made up
Belated Birthday Wishes
To Kiki Oshinbajo, daughter of the VP of Nigeria 🇳🇬
Kara Shirlene Mar 20
The wonders of Springtime
Whisk me away.
The glisten of raindrops
So freshly they lay.
The chirping of birds,
Sweet songs do they sing.
With echoes of laughter
They joyfully ring.
A newness of life
As sprouts start to bloom.
A colorful sight!
Ridding Winter's dark gloom.
The magic of flowers
Stretching up toward the sky.
Green grass all around them,
The aromas sublime.
The buzzing of bees
Hum happy and free.
In fields of wildflowers,
What a sight to be seen!
The wonders of Springtime
Fill me with bliss!
Naught a happier sight
To be seen than this!

©KSS 4/2015
Happy Spring Equinox!
Grace Feb 1
I hope today is jubilant celebration
Of a boy we watched grow up
Into a man made of liquid gold
I hope today you eat cake with your best friends
I hope today it takes you seemingly forever to blow out the candles
Because you have everything and everyone you could wish for
I hope today you laugh until your ribs hurt  
And smile until your cheeks collapse
Onto the firm bed of your jaw line, weak with exhaustion
I hope today when the sun has gone down
And the moon casts iridescent shadows on the patch of Pacific
You hear every night crashing outside your bedroom window
That you crash too into your memory foam pillow
Feeling the weight of love this world has for you
We admire more than your pretty face and rich brown curls
Your emerald eyes emit a light of their creation
Your hands covered in rings
I don’t believe to have hurt any living thing
Your lungs with strength incomparable
Sing loud emotions we feel but didn’t have the courage to speak
Your heart is brave, beats hard, loves deep
And moves mountains with the overflowing kindness pulsing in your veins
I hope today you never forget you are loved by a million
I hope today you get a kiss from your number one
Golden Boy,
Happy Birthday, my love
Happy Birthday Harry
Erika Jan 8
For all those stupid promises
For all the torn paper roses
To our love that loses
Raise your glass and here is to us

A difficult path makes us strong
Do not know what is right and wrong
I do not even know where to go
From this place you dumped me and so

I am tired and I always try
Still, I am not enough that is why
It's so easy to say goodbye
To hurt, to crushed someone and lie

This is for all the tears we shed
To people who broke us and shred
Take that ***** and drink all day
We will rise! Cheers to that! I say.
Let your poems speak for yourself.
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