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A puzzle I am
You wont figure me out
A puzzle I am
You will not find all my pieces
A puzzle I am
You wont put me back together
A puzzle I am
You see the broken, tattered pieces
A puzzle I am
You did never solve
isabel mayaka Feb 2020
The angles
Of your body
Intrigue me so
I want to solve you

I want you
To write
On my arms
My legs

My back
My face
With your lips
Make me your journal

When we
Wake the next day
I no longer want
To be me

When we
Wake the next day
I want to be
Your idea
arian Oct 2019
if i were a thing, i'd probably be a puzzle.
the one wrapped in plastic,
and smells like a fresh one.
a puzzle that's always challenging,
the one that attracts people's interest
but not everyone could solve.
or maybe i don't want to be solved,
maybe i just want to be heard.
Masha Yurkevich Apr 2019

Every conflict is just an opportunity to solve a problem.

                                                              ­          ~ Lisa Hodge
My language arts teacher keeps on saying this, and so I finally decided to make something of it.
I'd stink
in pink
till ****
is dart
only to
start a
fight nobody
would win
with the
heart of  
severity when
she may
see their
epitaph here
would din
and mire
little hen
a girl in my heart
Bek Blanchard Nov 2015
My mind transfixed on this perplexing enigma
Left, right, up, down,down
Six colors spinning around
Yesterday i almost had it solved
But the ******* green square just wouldn't line up
I almost surrendered; frustrated by the puzzle
Which has always given me so much trouble
But for some reason i can't put it aside
Addicted to getting all the colors in line
I know there's an algorithm, but my mind's not mathematical
Day by day becoming exceedingly problematical
I won't give up...
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2018
Without you I am lost

How do I navigate winding emotions alone?
What is needed to direct my feet forward instead of backwards?
Which way is North?
How do I know without owning a compass or even a vague faded map?

Sobriety is quite a puzzling place to lose your way
I need assistance

Someone to help me solve
The riddle I have become
I am in the process of discovering my true self and it is challenging to say the least
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