Gargi 5d
It’s one of those
nights, right -
The remnants of rain
bouncing off the train
water on the seats
neatly left alone,
no glances thrown.

Tired women catching up
on each other's days
and work,
giving in to sleep
one by one,
until I’m the only one
at the deafening wind.

It’s a new world
when the train stops
and the wind drops.
So my feet take me

It’s one of those nights
Every night.
i love travelling in the mumbai local late at night when everyone's so tired they don't even look at their phones.
Xaela San Jul 25
It has been a long time since I know you

Years after years of friendship

Still everyday is a new discovery

- It was comforting

And it has been my familiarity to see your face

Like of those of your gentle smile

That have become my everyday view

From morning to the end of every day's session

- It was comforting

But nonetheless, I never knew I was slowly falling for it

Even in your mere presence

In your mere peaceful silence

- It was comforting

Reminiscing to those mementos

Of those times I spend with you

Keeps the butterflies in me out of control

- It was comforting

But I know it won't be for always.
because i hope this feelings to disappear
Aprajita Jul 13
Maybe I'll beat my mother today,

The game she plays with me;

Is getting better for her everyday,

I never liked it in the start,

because I never understood it, in the first place,

But now I've started to play and started to understand life,

One step at a time, bit by bit, a little every day

One board, Two players and 64 squares,

She is the snow white but I keep the dark pieces to myself,

Queen is the most powerful out there,

But the king is important to the game and mostly to the queen

It's a game of life; you do anything to protect your empire

And anyone who stands against your empire is your prime enemy

In a usual game your opponent decides according to their own strategy and also use their opponents perception

But when you know your opponent thoroughly,

The game becomes pretty easy to play and to learn

I know a few things about my current opponent, as well as about my darling mother

I know that my darling mother would lose one day,

Don't mean to sound rude, I know this for sure because she sacrifices everything even her Queen to protect her King

In a relationship, a woman is a Queen, a man is a King and together they make a powerful empire

And as tales as old as time say; once upon a time,

One empire ruled, and after a period of time, it falters and a new empire takes over

They always forget the prime saying that all empires fall eventually.
It's the way of things.

Like a leaf,

Every leaf was once productive,

But after a time it was rotting in ground

Every kingdom was under the reign of someone

After a time someone else took over,

Eventually, this is what happens, in every game

Birds were returning to their home

The branches on the trees were swaying with the gentle breeze

While humming a forgotten, old tune,

My darling mother was assembling the piece on their respective places,

And scolded me that I give an open hand and play recklessly,

She is right, I know she is,

I want to say something but I won't because she had told me a rule that never interrupt your enemy when they're making a mistake

I know she is my mother, she worries about me

But she doesn't knows and I don't want her to know that I'm just testing my team; and their limits

My pieces have been there on their seats for centuries,

I have just arrived

My pieces have known their potential, their power from a lifetime,

I don't, yet

I'm new, for now but not for long

No one has ever won games just by resigning

I'll end mine, when my opponent is finished, completely

Then I'll begin again with a new game, with a new opponent

We learn so little from victory but so much from defeat

It's human nature to learn from own and others mistakes,

It does not matters to me who is going to eat whom

I'm willing to offer my King

After all after a few moves even a pawn can take the place of anything, you want it to, even a king

I don't know about maybe,

But I'll beat my darling mother one day

And from then, everyday

Today is a new day,

But my opponent is still the same, the board is still the same, the pieces are standing in their place,

Mother went first, “Pawn to E4”

I replied with, “Pawn to E5”

And the game began.
A repeating day since I've known. A game.
I walk every day like in the desert
I do not know what for
for whom and for what purpose
my existence

I walk every day like in the desert
in search of some answer
in search of some kind of truth
which in fact is not present

I walk every day like in the desert
bright sun beats me
cold of Russian frosts kill
but I'm going and I don't know why

Mary Velarde Jul 6
On the 21st floor of a corporate building
down in Valero street,
there is an orchestra.
The delicate-paired symphony of
clicking keyboards
and heels tapping on cold cement
to the beat of
practiced impassivity.

The seconds also made sounds
along with a chorale
of both sweet and bitter voices
singing like cicadas faintly next to your ear–
"I told you so".
The second you glanced out the window
will have been the twelfth time;
gawking, scanning the view
like a hawk.
But a hawk is vicious—
and you remember how everyday
always seems to feel like a train ride to
a dead end,
and how Fridays are finales
to a weekly competition
where you reward yourself merely with participation
because you’re here,
you’re here,
but you’ve crawled your way to be here.

You’re not a hawk.
But you gaze down at the people
crossing the intersection of streets
and maybe that’s just as good as life can get.

You’re a lighthouse.
Watching as the hours and people go by
through a small office window —
but how do you call yourself a lighthouse if you
have lost your light?
The script says,
“I’m making a living”
and one ought to take it as it is.
But more often than not
we fail to ask ourselves
if we’re actually living,
or just merely getting by.

the latter sounds more like a normal thing.
It's 6:14 PM. It's Friday, and I'm still in the office. I miss my dogs.
Relive the moment
Re-read The history
repent from the past
Reiterate the words
Rethink the logic
Remember the hardships
Restrain The inscurites
Rewrite The map
Retype the joy
Reassure the foundation
Recite the goals
Re-do the next day
I'm going to the school
And last, i'm going to home
Sunny everyday
Rain weather today and snow again
Sunny everyday
Rain weather today and snow again

And sun
and rain
and snow again
And sun
and rain
and snow again

I'm play the computer games
I'm eating food
Sunny everyday
rain weather today and snow again
Sunny everyday
rain weather today and snow again

And sun
and rain
and snow again
And sun
and rain
and snow again

And sun
and rain
and snow again

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