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myself urges to understand
with no capacity to bear despair
i try to rest somewhere
between the thoughts
i am unable to sense sweet words:
a full well illusion
engagements with People
Ordinary days
no more,
Only if you just have
Trivia Snippets?
Garlic, Onion, and Potatoes
  (Small List in The Kitchen)
Thyme or Mint
  (Every Night Drink)
Full Names of Poets
  (Long list on The Desk)
at midnight
Estelline Jan 19
Feeling like a monster in my own skin
Can’t let nobody in
They can’t see the mess I hide
I hate their staring eyes
Like fireflies in the night sky
I see them everywhere
Just want them to pass on by
Then when they’re gone I’ll cry
And wonder why
I can’t become their friend
I’m always too afraid to offend
And too self conscience
Overthinking everything
I try to pretend
And smile through my pain
Keeping it locked up in my brain
But It’s making me go insane
Dare I start to complain
But everything I do seems to be in vain
Everyday it’s the same
Will it ever end?
Estelline Dec 2021
No please don’t
Not right now
I raise my finger across your lips
They’re softer than I had imagined them to be
I’ve never felt them before…

Your furrowed brows switch into shock
I drop my shaken hands
It was out of character for me
I’m sorry…
But I can’t handle you mentioning her name

Why must you always talk about her to me
I don’t know…
I want to talk and listen
But I can see the way she makes your eyes glisten
If only I knew her secrets

Just let me leave and walk away
Then you can say what you want
I won’t fuss
Because I know you’ll never love me the same
And I’ll bear the pain
Like I do every single day.
Lalaouna Amina Dec 2021
to spell incorrectly:
utterances, circumstances,
suggestions, assumptions,
But the terror:
to state Button as Bottom!
answering questions
Lalaouna Amina Nov 2021
It is cold, Ginger Tea.
Nothing much, just
I like honest & modest people.
He is not, yet.
at 4a.m
Lalaouna Amina Nov 2021
I could not remain still:
It is unbearable to be Somebody than to be Child in the present day world.
myself in the three past years
Lalaouna Amina Nov 2021
One of the audience
she is
Observing, listening & noticing,
what she needs
she is
she needs to read more
to act
in cognive psychology class
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