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Meruem 5d
I've been thinking about you lately,
It's tough that I am miles away.
There might be 3003 steps to peak,
But this seems like eternity for me.
December 5, 2018 - 0640

Trust the process..
Karo Nov 25
I remember colour
of your eyes
a burning gold
full of joy
they say sparks
will never die
but your laugh
is gone
Vhien Miguel Nov 21
I went out today because I carry a cross,
I went out yesterday because I wanted to,
Each and every day, I come to think of you
Can you at least come to think of me too?
This is a distorted poem,
Nothing like the usual,
but worth reading like the pain worth feeling,
Endure so much, that's what makes us.
Madhumita Nov 15
Today I woke up
hating myself
more than I did yesterday.

Today I wept;
wished I could change,
become a different person.

Today I vowed
to save myself,
to start anew.

Today I failed again;
my resolve trapped
inside my leaden bones.

Today I will sink,
with the hope that
I will rise,
Living life on repeat
Helina Nov 2
I know you can get any girl you wish to get
But I'm just begging you take a chance on me
I promise to love you everyday,
I will support you all the way
No matter what path you choose to take.
I know it sounds similar to my other poem, but yea...
I wanna sleep hearing the rhythm of your breath
And wake up seeing the sunlight touch your face
I wanna be the one to witness your first smile every single morning.
I wanna be the reason of that smile
I want you beside me when I wake up from a nightmare, whispering sweet words and kissing my fears away
I want us to be with each other as we pursue our dreams
Share vows in front of *** and them
I want you to be the other pair of my ring I would gladly wear every day
I want you to be with me as we sit in a rocking chair while watching the sun set, recalling how we begun
I want you to hold my hand and say that it was enchanting to meet me
I want you to be my everything in this world full of probabilities of losing anything.
Bansi Adroja Oct 6
Do you ever count the bad days
and wonder why
you let those hours pass you by

Why get out from under the covers
the comfort of memory foam
and the cold side of the pillow

Why sit in traffic
listening to those same over played songs
wanting to scream at the top of your lungs
at the changing lights

Why sit at a desk
with almost strangers
checking for the count down to lunch
or any type of break
from the relentless machine
of the everyday

Why not pack up and leave
move to a place where you count
do something that matters
without a six am alarm
but that's just another thought
to pass the day
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