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Refusal turned her brokenhearted. She couldn't held
the water
drip from her
eyes. Had
her swim in
pool of her
tears. Wrestle
not with a girl,
stay aloof,
refusal hit
her harder than
any huge
cork could
make her
yell for apology.
However to
husband his
wife ought
tobe a man's
first duty all
day everyday long.
Maria Mitea Mar 21
be dignified of every fall,
no matter the severity of the drama,
as a ”buen maestro” not a spectator
walk with dignity through the film of your own drama,
maintain the path, invest your soul,
you will never be who you were,
whether you're laughing or crying in pain,
do not compromise with the false spirits,
give up egocentrism, expectations, lamentations,
make time and create space, detach from everything,
every day do your inner work,
lie down on the floor and respiro, respiro, respiro …
more respiro, rest, rest, rest, float, float,
floating awareness, detach and let it go of everything,
let it flow ...
for your own soul to be reborn.
Jonas Mar 8
"Yeah I know, I know.

It's okay to show emotion,
to let it out sometimes.
I'll be careful yes.
I'll ask for help if I need any.
Onions and garlic to the oil for more fragnance, right?
I forgot the lasagne recipe tho.
I got skinnier? You think?
Swalloing food isn't easy at the moment, I'm trying.
Hm? Ah stain, where?
I just washed it tho.
How do you get ink stains out?
And red wine?
Yes I will go easy on the alcohol.
Work has been rough. I'm not good with...
I said work has been rough lately.
No you're not deaf. I just mumble you know that.
My teeth are in fact not stuck together. See? grrrr
At least the stuttering got better.
I actually managed to ask out a women the other day.
Yes she is cute.
That's why I never tell you anything.
I'm getting a bit cold here.
Hope you don't mind that I borrowed your coat.
It just fits me so much better than you.
No but the colour brings out my pretty eyes so much better.
Yeah I know I got your eyes, you kept telling me.
Better get going or I'll miss the train.
I'll see you then.
Bye Mom."

rests flowers on her grave
Just because I'm strong, selfsufficent and an adult and stuff doesn't mean I don't need you.
You need to understand
You are the Portrait I wish to observe
You are the Canvas I wish to paint
You are the Mirror I wish to see
You are the one
Bound forever and ever

And here I'm
Who smile at
The thought of you

Ani Feb 10
like the waves
like the stars
like the trees or like the grass.

like the cundle beside you that gives light to your darkness

like the plate on the sink half empty and now *****

like the cup of coffee that you shared that specific morning

like the rain and like the clouds
like the sun and like the snow

like the book you've just read
or the movie you've just watched

like the arguemnts that reminds you true love
like their touch or their kiss
like their hug or their lips

that's how beautiful life is.
hard times but this is beautiful
Illusions of space
Illusions of time
We skillfully handle
In everyday life
Some suffer from
Illusion of knowledge
Worse than ignorance
May result in crime
Handling and convincing them
Giant Devil to fight
so the dancing dust bunnies gleam
in the soft light of the noontime sunshine
as it smiles down on me through
smudged second-story windows
bringing with it a reminder that even
the most ordinary everyday moments
can sparkle like stars in the midnight sky
Leah Carr Dec 2020

But then stopping
And feeling
Feeling so

𝐀𝖓𝖓𝖆 Nov 2020
No exceptions.
Are we living an enormous and humongous cycle or am i trapped in the same loop;
Amy Perry Nov 2020
The more you look around
The more you realize
Every day people are doing
Everyday things,
Things they don’t really want to do,
But must, to get ahead, to stay afloat,
To not get knocked down.
But the more you look around,
You see the hurt, you see the failure,
You see it imminent within you, too.
You resist and you pull away, and you
Tell yourself that you are different,
You will lead a different life and have success.
But the more you look around,
The bleaker it gets.
Sometimes life is better with the blinders on.
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