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Color 6d
every day
as i go through the motions
i wonder

is this all there is?
Peace Ekeinde Apr 19
Who are you to cause me and it will come true?
Who are you to plan against me and it will pull through?
I have done you no wrong even by doing you no good
Your evil intentions are yours so let it end with you🙅🏻‍♂️

I say on what ground do you challenge me?
I say on what ground do you challenge truth?

Judging those who commited offence you were once absolved of
You are like an infected man isolating the sick with those who are well😷

If your principles are straight then why do they bend at the part of integrity?

If your disputes are clear then why do they dull in the eyes of transpericy?

If your judgements are Just then why do they fumble at the sight of probity?

If your arguments are pure then why do they stink at the presence of veracity?

If your foundations are firm then why do they crumble at the establishment of candor?

If your basis are true then why do they contradict the very definition of truth?

I'll tell you why you wicked and ignorant fellow
And please do well to peruse

Your basis are anything but true
Your foundations are anything but of truth

And any foundation that is not built on truth
cannot establish in reality it rule
being not able to hold even a clue
and even though it does
It will fumble and crumble as every vanity would

But any man that would walk in the light of truth💡
Desperately searching for the path that is true🧐
In confirmity to
fact and reality
Veracity and integrity
Probity and honesty
Spiced with faith love and charity🧡

Will find peace in the sight of the almighty
Mercy at the plea of his felony
Peace at the presence of his enemies
Blessing gift joy and prosperity

And finally when his end falls on him
It will mark the beginning of his immortality and divinity
For he has made good virtue his foundation and Truth his SOLID ROCK 😇
Please encourage a young poet🧡
Eleanor Apr 10
Today we talked about Christmas  
and saw a Liverpool match on T.V.
While we tried not to let these things hurt,
Because that’s life for my family and me.

Yesterday I saw a red car
And friends of his walked by.
I also heard his favourite song.
And Robert asked when horse would die.

We must always count the dinner plates
And number of seats in the car.
We must constantly watch our words
Because pain is never far.

There are more red things in my life now
Than back when Aaron was alive.
I didn’t do that on purpose  
The colour just seems to thrive.

And if he was still here  
I'd share a Spanish teacher with him.
And still see jam on table clothes.
And porridge bowls filled to the brim.

I wear a red heart around my neck
And a blue one for me.
The green one’s on its way in the mail
To represent child number three.

I still use Viber to talk to people
But there’s no annoying messages to see.
And I always see boys with bright curly hair,
Whenever I feel lonely.

My runners look like the ones we bought him
Just before he died.
And dinner tomorrow would have been his favourite.
Something spicy, slow roasted, not dried.

Today we talked about Christmas  
And watched a Liverpool match on T.V.
And because these were once happy times,
They will now never be pain free.
There are a lot of small things related to loss that happen everyday. Everyone's experience is different but similar in how they affect you.
There were these moments when you’d remember something I’d forgotten
Or blotted from my memory
Often highly embarrassing episodes where I’d exposed my clear ineptitude
And you’d lead me back through them, laughing,
Walking in the gardens of my shame and naming all my
Clear inadequacies until you creased with tears in your eyes

And you’d think I’d hide
But it was love
and I miss you

You’d quite often leave a small amount of liquid
In every glass you drank from
So that every time I picked it up in a hurry I’d hurl it
Onto my trousers, or sofa
Or the pile of letters you’d refused to open and I’d curse and rankle
Wishing you would just tip things down the drain

And you’d think I would go insane
But it was love
and I miss you

And when you pulled the duvet round yourself to make the perfect
Bed based sausage roll and I shivered through
The night because despite the fact I’m twice your size
You had a vicelike grip that would never

I’m ill-equipped to deal with the real of you being gone

I pace the places that you were and get lost a lot

But not lost like we used to when you’d tell me it was just around the corner
And I’d point to the fact that the century had provided me
With an infinite map in my pocket
And you told me “**** it, let’s just go this way and see what we see.”
And we’d end up in some seedy part of town with some ****** staring me down and you’d hide behind me laughing
And we’d have to run for it, me with these knees

And you think that I’d go mad at you
And tell you that you wind me up
And tell you that I’ve had enough and you can figure you own **** out from now on

And now you’re gone
And it was love
and I miss you
Glenn Currier Mar 21
So many hours of each day
I go about doing all the things I want
accumulating long moments
without a thought of you
but when I do stop to notice you
to commune I am again renewed
and filled with your love.

May I take a few long or short moments
with you each day
for refills.
Dark Poet Mar 16
I hope to not be trapped in a hell that I call my own
Maybe I will be happy and not feel so lonely
But happiness is what I pursue
If I finally obtain it
What is there to chase after?
What is there to spur me on?
I hope to be somewhere good
With nothing but the things I need
And everything is just perfect
In my own little world
But what if that version of Someday
Doesn't exist
And I am only left with a bad taste on my lips
Wishing that I had never thought of Someday
Of a world that is better than ours
With no pain
No suffering
And no wishing that you could die
Sadly I think Someday
Will only ever exist in my mind
A place of war
And heartache
People and their wavering lies
I'm sorry that I told you of Someday
A place so perfect
That it will never exist
I'm sorry that if for a moment
I gave you the smallest glimmer of hope
That one day
You could find this Someday
And everything would be fine
That all is good in the this small world
That I'll just call Someday
Ordinary Love
by Michael R. Burch

Indescribable—our love—and still we say
with eyes averted, turning out the light,
“I love you,” in the ordinary way

and tug the coverlet where once we lay,
all suntanned limbs entangled, shivering, white ...
indescribably in love. Or so we say.

Your hair’s blonde thicket’s thinned and tangle-gray;
you turn your back; you murmur to the night,
“I love you,” in the ordinary way.

Beneath the sheets our hands and feet would stray ...
to warm ourselves. We do not touch, despite
a love so indescribable. We say

we’re older now, that “love” has had its day.
But that which love once countenanced, delight,
still makes you indescribable. I say,
“I love you,” in the ordinary way.

Published by The Lyric, Romantics Quarterly, Mandrake Poetry Review, Carnelian, Poem Kingdom, Net Poetry and Art Competition, Famous Poets and Poems, FreeXpression, PW Review, Poetic Voices, Poetry Renewal, Poetry Life & Times; also winner of the 2001 Algernon Charles Swinburne Poetry Award

Keywords/Tags: Villanelle, ordinary, commonplace, everyday, love, bed, sheets, warmth, comfort, delight, limbs, night, light, white, hair, back, hands, feet, romance, passion, desire, longing, ***, intimacy
Euphrosyne Mar 1
How I miss those morning haze
With your beautiful bare face
With that gloomy and shiny face
Keeps my heart in pace

A face that I can not forget
Every moment of my day
Willing to be with you everyday

Our daily first sip of coffee
I miss those days
I miss you
I miss the feeling secured by you

I just miss how we bond with each other
In every morning in everyday
and in every hour
I miss you so much
Would you mind to come back?
I miss those days can we go back? I just want to replay those moments because I cherish them every second I'm with you diane.
Treetops glowing gold
in the moment of sunrise
fading to mundane.
I accidentally / inadvertently saw the sunrise one morning I was spacing out looking at the orange glow and then it crested The Horizon and shone in my eyes hahaha I thought this is incredibly beautiful and it happens almost every single day but few are around to see it at the very moment it happens.
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