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Follow the star that no one could see
Should I be the Guardian of the stars
With no light or shadows
Upon my return to the sky
In my mind
Taki Kumiko Oct 2016
It was a night like any other. Then I saw you.
From that moment on, I wanted nothing more to stop and stare at you.
It was painful always having to look up to the heavens to meet your gaze.
But I endured it all.
I constantly wanted to be near you, even if you outshone me in so many ways.
I ran towards you.
But no matter what I did to get closer,
You’d seem much farther away from my grasp.
Then finally after so much I had gone through,
Finally I caught up with you!
I did it.
Then I looked again.
You weren’t as bright as I thought you would be.
I was disappointed.
Things weren’t going the way they were supposed to be.
I took one final last look at you.
Deciding that you weren’t my whole world after all,
I looked up.
I was surprised to see.
You were only one star among millions.
You didn’t outshine everything else after all.
I was just too blind to see,
That you weren’t the only star in the galaxy.
one last deep thought before I hit the sack. Duh. FINALLY. Sleep embrace me!

— The End —