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Vice President Boss
The call centre VP boss flew from America to Thailand
She’d been in sales 20 years and knew it all
From presenting to rebuttals to fronting and closing
This was why she was the big boss and flew to Bangkok
One of the reps said to his pals take her to a Go Go bar!
See how her ******* twist and if she can drink and grind
Would you **** her another asked? Of course he replied
They got the business meetings over and official stuff
Including signing the new contract for another year
Then it was time for a team dinner with pizza and Pepsi
There were many photo ops for the website
Later they all went to a ***** Twister bar for fun
She paid for seven buckets of beer and more food
Music played dancing gals danced hookers hooked
A couple of the lads got bjs then and there
Others went back to private rooms with bargirls
The Yankee boss nodded to the TL and a rep
She took their hands grabbed some beers
And they all went to a room to make love!
What ensued in the ***** Twister bar stayed there
Had she done this before or was it the first time?
None of this would appear on the company site!
over 18s only adult
Man Nov 2022
be the judge of me
and see if I give a ****
I know how hard I work
I know who I am
can spit in my face
and still call myself a man
Zywa Apr 2022
A boss claims to be

caring, but he is a child --

that always wants more.
The concept of 'Boss' --- In reference to: "Circe" (2018, Madeline Miller) --- Collection "Inmost"
nick armbrister Sep 2021
The Big Boss
My manager is a locust brain
He doesn’t know what he’s doing

My manager is a locust brain
The job is kaos when he’s in charge here

My manager is a locust brain
Production takes a dip under him

My manager is a locust brain
He got the job by kissing arses

My manager is a locust brain
The supervisor is much more skilled

My manager is a locust brain
I ignore him due to his utter ineptitude

My manager is a locust brain
Even the toilet cleaner hates him!

My manager is a locust brain
Because he can’t read or write

My manager is a locust brain
Due to his lack of experience and *****

My manager is a locust brain
Simply because he’s my manager

My manager is a locust brain
And we’re gonna set him on fire!

My manager is a locust brain
Is my manager no longer cos he’s dead!
Big Virge Sep 2021
James Brown Wasn’t Wrong... !!!

You Have To Pay A Cost...
To... Move Like A BOSS... !!!

Otherwise You’ll Get Dropped...
Like... HIROSHIMA Bombs... !!!

If You Don't Move Strong...
And With Power Like KONG... !!!
That Helps You To WIN...
EVERY Fight That You're In... !!!

Because To Move Like A KING...
Takes... REAL DISCIPLINE... !!!

Which ISN’T Something...
That Subordinates Bring... !!!

A King Has Linchpins...
Just Like Wilson Fisk...
Or Bosses Equipped...
To RAISE TITANIC Ships... !!!

Or Flip Scripts Like CRIPS...
Whose Bloodline Is Rich...
And BRUTAL Killings... !!!

If Their Path Is Crossed...
By... Bosses Or Cops...
Who Need To Get Stopped...
Because What They’ve Got...
Are Movements That Flop...

Like Heads Who Can’t Box...
So... Quickly Get Rocked...
When Chin Checks Connect...
Like Bullets Do Chests... !!!

You See Bosses Don’t Sweat...
When Pressures Upset...
Their Plans And Projects... !!!

They Just Use Their Minds...
As Well As... Wise Guys...

Or Made Men Whose Vibes...
Prove That They're Willing To DIE...
To Maintain Gangster Ties...
For Dons Or... " Patrons "... !!!

Escobars Or Those Known...
As Yes... Don Corleones... !!!

That’s Right Gangster Bosses...
Who DON'T Stand For NONSENSE... !!!

They Move Like Top Shottas’...
Who Fly... Helicopters...
So QUICKLY Solve Problems...
By Using SMART Plotters... !!!!!!!!

Who Stand By Their Sides...
That's Right Like Their Wives...
And Give Good Advice...
Because They Are Guys...
Who Are MORE Than Wise... !!!

When It Comes To Insights...
That Help Them... Survive... !!!
In Times Where They Face...
Detection And Fates...
That Fill MORE Than Graves... !!!

So Bosses MAINTAIN...
By USING Their BRAINS... !!!

And By Knowing That Fame...
May See Them ERASED... !!!

But Bosses Have Style...
And Have To Profile...
A FEARLESS Mindset...
When They Face Arrest...

Or Those Who Leave Heads...
of Horses In... BEDS... !!!

And Bosses PROTECT...
Their Fam’ To The END... !!!

But When They Face Threats...
That Limit Their Resistance...
An Option They'll ACCEPT...
And WIFE To Quell Threats...
From Their... Opponents... !!!

Right In FRONT of THEM...
And Then Say... "What's Next ?"... !!!

A REAL BOSS Moves DREAD... !!!

Or Are Those Who Express...

When It Comes To Poems...
Or Spoken Words Said...

So That’s Right I’m The Type...
When It Comes To Tight Rhymes...
And Poetic Lines...

One of The... TOP FLIGHT... !!!

Because Cash Might Be Nice...
And Can Get You A Wife...
Whose Body Is Tight...
And... Corporate Ties...
Or A Gangster Type Life... !!!

But You’d Best Recognise... !!!

That Just Like James Brown...
It’s... How You Get Down...
That Proves You’re No Clown... !!!

And That You Are STRONG... !!!

NO MATTER What Lifestyle...
Or Money You’ve Got... !!!

If What You Profile...
Is A POWER That ROCKS... !!!

That Makes Others NOD...
In Acknowledgment of...
The Fact That You’re One...

Even If You Are NOT... !!!

Who'll ALWAYS Get Props...

Because You....

... “ Move Like A BOSS ! ”...
It's a serious thing, that only a few can, and truly do !
Shevaun Stonem Aug 2021
I am no longer running away
from what I said.
They know and I know
I am smart,
so never again will I lie saying,
"I don't know."
But God give me the strength to say,
Out of respect for my privacy,
I do not wish for you to know."
-shevaun stonem
drop a like to claim your privacy too!
Ken Pepiton Jul 2021
It all comes together by the thirty firsts, I think,

There was a point,
this is honing that, honest, it connects,
the nature of things is

for different things,

the child's empathy with stuffed toys,
try that with a real lizard brain,
when you feel real centered
knowing what manner of men we are,
that it is given unto us to be, and all.
Or be
at all?
Are we cogs, or co-gnostic self willed double minded
beings in a mobmind

doing our idiotic best to make peace

in the confusion, I aided in the development of.
by my lonesome,
I've a military mind,
and I've given that to the causal forces facing war,
in an epic battle, reason to reason

the mystery of iniquity is already at work, and the logos
all on my side, all the logos in the feed, are
sending ads to me, paying me,
wee tiny
of attention, not to mention, the viral idea… gone
t'seed as a self, ya gotta love, simplicity,

but not too much.
- a gggreat idea but the idiot lost it...
Kelsey Jul 2021
Today my boss blindsided me in front of 4 people of power tellong me that if i hadn't resigned they would have fired me on top of giving me a written warning for no reason at all. I was the only staff member in my department for 6 months and they have done nothing but criticize me. I hope i can leave this all behind me because they will choke without me.
nick armbrister May 2021
The system was so slow to use and the boss was always on our back
Hurry hurry get your fingers out this job depends on you
I’ll fire your sorry arses if you go any **** slower!
My company and big fat profit depend on you lazy gets doing this job right
Don’t dawdle and stop gossiping about your Saturday nights
I’ve checked the order already and it’s only half done and needs to be sent
For that you can work thru your dinner hour without pay and eat after work
See what a good boss I am to you all I will treat you at Xmas
And so it went on day by week by month by year by decade
ACME TIRE FACTORY was always this way with a slave boss
And unhappy ******* workers who were no better than slaves
Why did we stay in the job when there was the dole doing nothing?
We were all mates and drank together every Saturday to forget this
Plus we also worked deliberately slowly to **** the boss off
We could live without eating dinner when our boss was upset
Our tools and line was ok but outdated so we milked it
It was us who ran the tire factory not him and he knew it
We could shut him down or burn his company without interference
We made 2 out of 3 vehicle tires on North American roads
Why change a good thing when we hated but loved it?
Phoenix Black Jul 2020
You taught me to be a 'yes man'
You ground me down like salt
I once was full of questions
Now I ignore every fault

You taught me to be a 'yes man'
You hated to hear 'no'
So if you walk towards a cliff
I'll just smile and let you go
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