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Phoenix Black Jul 2020
You taught me to be a 'yes man'
You ground me down like salt
I once was full of questions
Now I ignore every fault

You taught me to be a 'yes man'
You hated to hear 'no'
So if you walk towards a cliff
I'll just smile and let you go
Akvpoems Jun 2020
It's easy to be a boss.
It's hard to be a leader.

It's easy to toss around instructions to someone telling him/her WHAT to do.

It's hard to explain to someone WHY it needs to be done. Sadly, the 'WHY' convinces people more than the 'WHAT' whenever you need them to cooperate.
We get better results from people who act the way they do because they know their 'WHY' than people who act the way they do because they know only the 'WHAT'.
rowdy lee May 2020
do not be kind
just be honest
that means
be kind

oh, yes
how to be really kind
sometimes it is easier to be quiet
more than
to be kind

there is nothing kind about silence
as you
losing time
for everybody

be kind
to yourself
Aaliyah Salia May 2020
I am my own boss,
I listen to my ownself.
I don't care if the people talk behind my backs,
I don't care if people throw away my ideas.

I know my worth,
I know what I'm capable of,
I know that if I just hold on,
I will reach my goal.

I am my own CEO,
I am not just a girl,
but I'm a woman with big dreams, big goals, and big plans.

In the end,
You'll see,
how I will push you behind,
and wear a crown on my head.
One must never lose hope and continue to struggle to reach and fulfill their goals and dreams.
SA Szumloz Apr 2020
Don't work for the green
Work to please
Your innovative self
So that you can help
Others who're lost
Be their own boss.
V C Vaughn Apr 2020
Sometimes we get lost,
We wander off our path, or we forget how far we’ve come,
Or we forget that we’re not girls any more.
But women in charge of our own destiny.
Not depended on a man’s opinion,
Of who you are, or who you should be.
Hold fast to this.
Know that you deserve to be loved,
For the strong independent Boss Babe,
That you are.
Never settle for less than you deserve.
Rise up and show your daughters and the Nigh Sayers,
That though your world is small,
It is yours, for the making.
Create a world where Warrior goddess strive and thrive.
The path is yours.
You are strong, beautiful, smart, and a warrior.
You come from a long line of amazing women,
Warrior and goddess in their own right,
Women who survive and thrive,
Always remember you are a warrior goddess,
It is a family tradition.
Remember to always hold fast to father God,
He is always there for you.
Honor and respect mother earth
Don’t forget Karma is a *****,
that takes no prisoners.
You have the wisdom of many at your fingertips
All for the asking, WE will be there.
JDL Feb 2020
Blazed is the trail made by their mistakes
The high road created for all our sakes
Explorers of lands that were once uncharted
Now the cartographers of the paths they started
We are the proverbial parchment upon which they sketch
Vicariously imbuing their wisdom within each etch
The end of their journey is where we begin
For the trail ahead must be blazed again
Traveler Dec 2019
I realize this may sound
Well. Somewhat unnatural

Can you at least
Allow me to watch you

How soon love
Gets forgotten
Then Shall I bid you
Good night my love
Traveler Tim
S Smoothie Aug 2019
How I laughed confident like

Founded upon nervous undertones

hoping you wouldn't hear it

I sure gave you a good kick in the guts!

It took my breath away

The way I took yours

Now I watch you as a curiosity ******* for air

Like fish gaping flipping and flopping in a dried up rock pool

How does it feel?

That sense of suffocation?

I know you think you won't survive

Don't worry, you will...

I can attest to that

Besides we both prescribe to the same idea

And my saviour will save you as your saviour

Will you choke when you have to say our saviour?

Don't worry the blade gets sharper tempered by fire

Trials are for survival and transformation

You'll flip flop and gasp for air but the tide will roll in

And I will drift away and leave you to find your way

But not before the first cut,

The deepest

Is replaced by a scar across my soul

May God have mercy

Because you certainly don't!
Author's Notes/Comments:
Sometimes grace just gets in the way of Justice.
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