Temporal Fugue Aug 2017

Dripping sweat as the dollies all transude
as I'm striving to reduce my fat
the tattooed drones, oil muscled dudes
abs, so six pack, and flat
The Barbie babes, dance the aerobic dance
checking, each and every mirror
prancing to the hum and beat
hoping their skin will get, much clearer
Machines are full of perfect bods
each tanned and ultimate streamlined
knowing that it's a thought in my head
I just don't fit, as not that way, designed
It's the panoply I detest
the people are the show
perspiring in unity
having that shining
stinky healthy

I always feel like the ugly truck at the car show, in a good way :D
Temporal Fugue May 2017

I thought I'd drop by the gym
and ride the bike awhile
maybe lift some weight
and at the ladies, smile

You can imagine my amazement
it's like the circus came to town
animals all over the equipment
working out, and losing pounds

Elephants on stair steppers
zebras, riding ellipticals, and bikes
rhinos and ducks, on the treadmills
running from porcupines, with spikes

The bears lifting free weights
and gators on all of the machines
snapping at those that pause to watch
as they do ten more reps, of eighteen

All the cats are in the classrooms
lions and tigers, leotards to adjust
aerobically lithe and unchallenged
as with all cats, flexibility, is a must

I quickly left without a sound
marking date and time for sure
this place wont be clean for days
sweeping up, hair, scales, and fur

I had this weird dream........N/M :D
Joz Apr 2017

I got some friends,
I call them iron buddy.

The rusty one,
the shiny one,
and the fashionable one.

My rusty buddy teaches me
that to be strong I gotta
go through that dirty yellowish thing.

My shiny buddy proves me
that outlook is important but
it shall show the quality inside.

The last one, my fashionable buddy
whispers to me that although people like him,
not every person needs him.

From them,
I learn to be a better of me.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017.
Timothy hill Mar 2017

Give up or build up your strenghts.

Do planks and set ups also push ups.

Is it best too work out longer or shorter?

Shorter at intense, range will yeild epic results.

These are your planes work out 53 days.

Each day do 29 push ups 55 sets ups 300 pull ups.

Remix take protein supplements for hard core help.

Drink water only devotion is key in your resume.

Only thang's too focuse on are as follows.

Strenght and power calm and control your breaths.

Work out 3 to 4 mins use stop watch.

As your body, will change rapidly am a body developer skilled, at development and production of hulks.

Strenghts power will calmness.
Johnny Scarlotti Nov 2016

go to sleep in back of car
in walmart parking lot
wake up
get 1 dollar large coffee from mcdonalds
what a deal
then I read
until 9
then drive to gym
to take shower
brush teeth

then somebody comes bursting through the curtain
with a hard on
aw, timmy
not again
I tell him
timmy, that was a one time thing
I’m not gay

he shakes his head, says
you’ve said that everyday
for the last 30 days

Aseh Oct 2016

The finality and profundity
with which you broke me
has hardened me;
I feel now I have nothing to fear.

Except I'm encased in a glass jar;
An invisible boundary neatly capping
how much I can let myself feel.

And the rims of this glass jar
are curved and heavy.

Breeze-Mist Aug 2016

Doodle, and give weird answers
He'll leave you alone

Advice for anyone who has to take gym class next year.
It worked for me.

Need that for life
Got to do it
When you wanted to lose weight
In the gym
Have to work hard
for Workout to be done.

Why losing weight off ya body?
Because it called "workout"
And being healthy is good
But don't eat too much fry things
Cause it can damage your life
Strength and Personality.

Workout is healthy
Healthy is workout
So be healthy and exercising today.

        By K-mari ©2016

James Walker Mar 2016

Click clack
the plates are
stacked again
do they always have to
drop them?
I understand
the need to feel
the drive to express the self
so day in
day out
the iron is pumped
the veins are filled with the
blood of men turned
warriors but they leave
warriors turned men

A day at work
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