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دema flutter Jan 11
it seems that i gave you happiness,
all of it,
all of the happiness in the world,

even the little bit that belonged to me..
Maria Mitea Oct 2020

Do you treat me this way,  -  a place for burial,  
Why do you treat me  -  like i’m nobody  - ?  
-  With you being someone  -

Don’t you feel? -
- how i’m breathing underneath your feet,

Don’t you feel?  -  i’m a living nest  -  the birthing of new life,  
-  With the seed in my womb  -  i’m crying!  -  Why?
Maria Mitea Aug 2020
Greedy mind,
craving everything
and everyone to bow to your will,
as you being the God.

Who made you,
Greedy creature of
empty despair?

Will you ever desire to be unmade?
just emma Dec 2019
Do you remember the very first time you touched me?
It was dark that night, I was so scared because what happened next was really hard to believe.
Do you remember that I tried to move?
I was uncomfortable in my own bed -
That didn’t stop you, of course you felt you had something to prove.
Do you remember lifting my hair?
Probably feeling excited to find my sleeping eyes -
My body all over was paralyzed.
Do you remember all my terrified screams?
Probably not, I’m pretty sure that only I could hear -
Really hoping to wake up from this frightening, evil dream.
Do you remember how we had known each other forever?
You were my best friends older brother!!!

But I’ll remember that when I was 11, how you were so greedy and just like the ******* others!!!
And you’ll just remember how we were always hidden under the covers...
Skye Nov 2019
You sit up on your high perch
Face glowing, so beautifully
We gaze upon your light
Soaking it in and
Hoping to one day reflect it
To copy the moon and
Soon be near you

The tongues of fire worry no one
"We are safe"
They say
"What reason would they have to harm us"
And then stumble blindly towards
What they believe is good

And no,
You are not good
Nor are you bad
You are self centered
And have no awareness for others
Almost as if you
Have your own gravitational pull

And you are not kind
Nor are you cruel
You simply exist
And let the worlds revolve
Around you
Letting people get hurt
And doing nothing about it

For you
There is no good or evil
There is no light or dark
You are the light
You cast no shadow
And you live in the dark
It eats you up

You are unaffected by
Yet everything
Is effected by you

And everything wants you
So much so that
You implode
Under the pressure
And suddenly
E v e r y t h i n g

And no one can resist
Stars are black holes
harley r noire Aug 2019
all mine, all mine—
in this Elysian
castle of glass
made of nightly
wishes and tears—
princesses, knights,
kings, queens,
jack of all trades,
Johannes factotum—

you are all mine—
all mine!
you are all mine.
Aaliyah Salia Jul 2019
There were so many sacrifices,
so many lives taken,
so many lives given,
and yet we are ungrateful.

We want more happiness,
so we neglect what we have right now.
We become greedy for more,
for more and more of everything.

Why? Why can't our hearts be satisfied
with what we have?
Why do we need this and that?
and everything the rich have?

Can't we just live our lives the way it is written to be lived?
Can't we, for once, ignore the evil
and turn to good?

Is it so hard for us?
Is it so hard that if you don't dream
you won't live?
Let's not forget to be thankful for everything we have and don't have. After all, life is too short to be greedy.
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