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they call me greedy,
taciturn. . .

That I've learned
from my disease
--chronic listening--
which voices
I'd rather not hear.

Most of these sing song smiley faces
beat you to the punch as if they're racing
past you after a ******* badge.

You want a badge?
Well good for you.
Go online and buy one.
They said "spill your guts"
And So you spill out *******.
Thinking that you're making friends,
while I'm hard pressed to believe you
would be believed by anyone worth friending.
You want a badge? Good for you!
I'll make you a deal if you decide to buy one.
I'll pay the cost for the custom laser engraving:
"Sheriff Big ****" in the land
of      "No      One      Gives      A      ****"
aih Oct 27
What a fool to think that what we had could be real
To think that a repeated story could turn out differently
But here we are broken for different reasons
You’re mad because I’ve had enough of your *******
And I’m upset from all I have been through
Sacrifices and rebellious love gestures
All for a greedy boy who can never Love
Amanda Oct 15
In a Catholic school, I was nothing
but an untrained brain, a pair of legs
in a short skirt, and calves in knee-high black socks
pulling my skirt down, tugging at the wool
to protect myself. I never thought
myself to be apart of that group,
never gotten ***** or abused, but then,
I thought longer…harder about my position,

and your greedy hand still finds my legs
under the wool, despite my efforts, lingering
there for half a second too long. I still feel it
when I put myself back in that desk.
It wasn’t friendly. It wasn’t innocent.  
You knew what you were doing.
The excuses I made to justify
your behavior. I couldn’t fathom
how you, a man, much older than me,
could touch me without my permission—
How easily you could do that to me.
Invade my space while I sat there,
unsure of what to say or do. And now,
years later, I quietly utter beneath
my breath, “Me too.”
nish Aug 5
 \ why is it that time slips /                              
   \she slides and slithers /
     \right through these  /
        \ infinite crevices  /
          \found all over /
             \my greedy /
                \ hands,  /
                   \ like /
                   /    •   \
                 /       s      \
              /            a       \
           /             n            \
        /                 d              \
      /                                      \
    / in the dainty hourglass \
  /sitting aloft my skew shelf.\
I wanted to try shape poetry again, and I have to say this was MUCH harder than .leafing

It took forever to align the slashes to give this poem shape, without them it didn't look like an hourglass.
I hope you liked this poem and I'd love it if you commented some links to any shape poetry you've tried out.
Hope you enjoyed :)
Rapacious hands give
Covetous demands, cities
Built on genocide
Anya Jul 2
I am no celestial
I have no wings of gold
Rather than focusing on what we don’t have
What do we?
Rose May 28
Nature is, what you are not.
It’s fires swallow up forests;
so new life can bloom again,
while the ocean will take back beaches;
when land grows too greedy.
River waters rush and churn,
so only the strong can grow
with the power of evolution.
You burn so soft,
as not to wake the dark, but,
your fire will wither out,
for faint flames-
stand no chance against the wind.
You won’t move forward,
yet you won’t move back,
for fear of rocking the boat.
I say,
let the waters rise,
burn through the weak,
and I will rock this **** ship.
I say,
let's take a swim,
and let the water flip and carry us away;
for you won’t get far on the shore.
I sit and let the storms rage on,
for I’m a tornado of my own.
I just hope you’ll learn that peace,
doesn’t always get the job done.
Take a risk,
rock this **** canoe
and you’ll finally find how to breath.

Sincerely yours,
Raging Fire
Inspired by so many around me that can't seem to let loose and understand that at some point you have to take a stand.
Mister J May 16
Rays of sunlight shining dimly at dawn
Slowly illuminating the fading night sky
Stars becoming invisible as morning comes
As cirrus clouds streak the early morning skies

Morning traffic jams slowly building up
Quiet streets waking up with blaring car horns
Sidewalks brimming with people in transit
As the sleeping city slowly comes to life

Amidst all that chaotic, monotonous cycle
I find myself gazing at your sleeping face
Listening to your soft, gentle breathing
Entangled cozily in my embrace

Your tranquil snoring feels like music to my ears
Your calm face etched in my most beautiful memories
My hands can't stop from touching your gentle cheeks
As I contemplate if should I kiss your lips good morning

I just want to stay under these soft bed sheets
Staying with you here,  entrenched in your soothing warmth
Pretending to be asleep, waiting for your morning kisses
While pulling you back from the cold to my greedy, wanting arms

These are the mornings I want to wake up to
These are the mornings that I pray for everyday
Dear ***, please don't let her wake up yet
Let me just stay and stare at this small piece of heaven

I've prayed for you for a very long time
And in my search I may have been unfair to you
I may have done these with other people before
But this time, I know, nothing beats these mornings with you

So I'm sorry
If I didn't wait before
I'm sorry
If I never stayed faithful
I'm sorry
If I was in a wasteful haste
I'm sorry
If you were never my firsts

But now
I thank *** for leading me to you
I thank *** for staying faithful
I thank *** for His mysterious ways
I thank you, for waiting to be my last

These are the mornings that I want to wake up to
These are the mornings that I wanna live for
So please, If time can just stop for a few more minutes
I just want to savor how blessed I am to be with you

I love you with all my heart
I love you with all my soul
Stay in my arms, let's leave the world be itself
Sleep in my bed, let's stay here for a little more time
Enjoy the read!

Basil lee Jan 3
It all makes sense now
The world is ending as we sit on this hill
Pretending everything is just alright
The men with guns may just end it all tomorrow
They all act like its about time
They treat their money like their heart
All covered in an ignorant green slime
They are all happy in their dark minds
They don't want to change.
Why would you want to change what makes you so fat with greed?
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