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My looks were never a van-gogh.

                   But more the

abstract version of a never
                     published child.

I'm not pretty, never said I was.

But my colours

Hopefully I may rub off
                                       on you.

Looks aren't everything you know .
Seanathon Aug 22
No coloring known
Is such as described by man
Ever seen alive
Tuesday 12 - Just one of many verses
Crystal clear sky of Green,
And that red coloured stream.
If the trees turn to blue too,
Will that seem beautiful to you?
What's wrong with this happening?
I've fed up with u people changing.
Blinded by progression u don't see the crisis,
I still wait for the day u admit that Nature is the basis.
A plea made by the nature's messenger/ nature's part to find nature's lost self.
We people have become so worse that we don't feel gratitude for nature anymore.
And we are not humans anymore either. In a par of civilisation,we are only focusing about the things that profit us while ignoring the nature's saddest cries.
Ellie Harris Jun 13
Dear sunrises and sunsets, why must you be so different? Your beauty has a significant impact on others, as well as myself, and we are sorry for sometimes displacing your grace. The way your colours dance around the presence of the sun and the clouds, combined. Some days you don't appear in places, but we know you are always there, somewhere. Maybe at a different time. Always there. There is never a day where we are not blessed by your nature, the prepossessing sight brings joy to all. We thank you for that.
Dear sunrises and sunsets, why must we be so different?
Viktoria May 28

I recover
From long madness
Called N-U-M-B-N-E-S-S

Held me in
For too long
Behind bars
Made of steel
Of fears


Instead of

I wished many times
I could feel SADNESS
But all I felt was
And nothing else

Then I looked precisely
And found everything
Hidden in there.

Not only SADNESS


just like the colour WHITE
consists of all the other colours
Scarlett May 25
a wave of dusty pink engulfs the golden glow of heaven
that the dainty clouds bestow upon the magical Earth at sundown
Athira Nair Mar 23
The trees still green, I wonder how ?
The plants and bushes that grow on the ground
The green fresh look they still seem to have
After all these humans, don’t give a d*mn

The dust in the air, taking away the charm
The fresh green leaves,
I still wonder how
But I see them grey-
In a few years from now
With all pollution
That will take over the world
Grey will  be the color
Of the leaves

Children will  learn the color grey as
The color of the leaves
The color of the sky
The color of the air we breathe
Nothing seems to be fresh
Nothing seems to be a beautiful sight

We now as individuals, must do our part
To help these plants stay fresh and green
For the years to come they should
Be a wonderful sight to see—
The color of these leaves
Must be Beauty Green

                                                     ~Athira Nair
Laura Feb 11
walkie talkie
boy like shawty
shy but naughty
but whose identity?
"that's so girly"
prejudice from early
who am I supposed to be?
pink fizz and blue drips
materialistic shizz and new kicks
is it that hard for me to fit in?
besides myself, I feel it heavier on my shoulders than ever before
who am I and what have I found?
three, how unlucky
egotistical, dependent, broke, dumb,
drop out of school kid
with dreams that are too big
still this age
Noa Jan 23
white is the colour of something new, without being a colour.
white is nothing. what makes it something. something that screams without saying anything and at the same time it’s noiseless.
white is like crystal snowflakes that swirls in the ocean blue sky and searches for his something. his colour. and when he founds his colour. he falls into that colour and that nothingness white changes into something.
a new bright colour.
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