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Bardo Apr 2023
There's a Poet who dreams of a Gateway to Heaven
Not some cold austere Gate bolted and closed in your face
As if to say "Clear off! You're not wanted here anymore"
But instead a lovely warm welcoming Gate  
A brightly colourful Gate with lots of bunting and ribbons on it
And a big banner over the top announcing
"Welcome Great Poet"

It'd be a bit...a bit like Noddy in Toyland
And there'd be all these pretty young girls with bowls in their hands
Spreading rose petals on the ground for me to walk upon
A beautiful path laid out before me, a carpet of sweet scenting loveliness
And there'd be other boys and girls there too strumming lutes and harps
Like beautiful critics... singing my praises
Inside the Gate it'd be like this wonderful Park
With lovely flowers and shrubs and trees
With marble fountains and statues and quiet flowing streams
With radiant kids and beautiful people and  lovely marquees like as if you were attending some wonderful party or banquet,

And then you'd hear a bustle in the hedgerow
But it's only a bunch of publishers vying with one another
Trying to get my signature on a multi million dollar contract
Suddenly ahead of me there'd be this wonderful magnificent throne
It'd be offered to me... offered to me as my true place... my true home
And then a man would come and he'd humbly bow and kneel before me
He'd be offering something to me....
Why! It's the Nobel Prize for Literature
I'd smile and say "Ah shucks guys sure I was only doin' a few rhymes... and a few stories".
Aww now! LoL Gateway troubles.
StormriderIX Oct 2022
I am a plant.
I am a thistle.
                   Cirsium arvense.
                           Creeping thistle.
When you first see me I am a beautiful, colourful flower. But if you come closer, you will notice two things.
1. I can ***** you. My needles are few and nearly invisible, but very sharp.
2. I am not ONE flower. I am a cluster of a hundred tiny flowers.
            I am possibility.

My opportunities were not the best when I was a seedling.
                The ground was dry and the sun burning.
However, as the forest around me, the sunlight that hit me directly lessened. The rain made the ground more fertile.

The ground is still too dry. I need more moisture to live. It is difficult to see the sun at all through the dense trees.  I wish I could at least see a little bit of the sun.

I am a plant.
I am a thistle.
What if a human was a plant? I find myself resonating with my favourite ****, the thistle.
Pr nandni Jul 2022
Sun melted to pink, but Sky is still BLUE...
Not everything turns GOLDEN before the end
Only the HORIZON is colourful,
Lemme see...
Yeah, and for a long time sky is gonna be blue
Sky will remain blue unless you pour colours to it
Colorful, it was!
Soon all the colors mixed up,
And turned into black..!
That's how the life goes, right na?? 🙃🙃

Anyway, I'm back again... 🙂🙂
I S A A C Dec 2021
we were body to body
my head on your chest was my favourite hobby
until it went cold like hockey
how can something so intimate turn into just another thing?
another place, another time
another day I write my feelings inside
the colourful pages of my diary
wake up after dreaming of you with anxiety
my passion is fiery but the coals are growing cold
your hands I cannot even imagine anymore
your touch cannot activate me anymore
we cannot restore what we had before
sure we were body to body
and my head on your chest was my favourite hobby
but I deserve more, I cannot settle
we were golden but now there's rust in the metal
Nikki Sep 2020
Take out your sketchbook
And draw your future
Sketch your every dream
And every wish
Now let me colour it in
Page by page
Colour by colour
Let me make it all happen
And let me
be a part of it
Vishal Pant Aug 2020
A smile is rare among the crowd
even the sky has a gloomy shroud
colorful flowers replaced with concrete gray
more worship and less pray

It's becoming hard to be human
when everybody is concerned with their toman
loving yourself has become secondary
people's kindness is now nary

the world needs optimistic fools
seeing the good where none is left
chasing happiness in the gloomy seas of depression

I might become a fool
if somebody joins me along the way
and maybe these gray clouds will pour away
and the flowers might bloom again
SammyJoe Jun 2020
BLUE is when I'm feeling sad,
GREEN is my jealousy,
PINK is the girly girl I am,
RED is the anger inside of me,
BLACK is my grief and my sorrow,
ORANGE is when I'm full of life,
YELLOW is when I'm happy,
WHITE is my appreciation of life,
PURPLE is when I feel radiant,
GOLD is for when I feel precious,
BROWN is the essence of the person I am,
COPPER is when I'm suspicious,
It's true for I am a coloured woman,
These are the many true colours of me,
For I am a colourful person,
A Human Rainbow that's me!
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