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Nylee Apr 2021
You are not here for the truth
And I am not going to lie,
let us depart with a solemn goodbye
Nylee Aug 2020
This joke, ummm... me!
never gets old
oh, no
that's not entirely true,
I do age, you know
but just like wine,
You'd laugh harder
If you see me now.
Nylee May 2018
In the torch of fire,
someone is burning,
dying every second
to keep the flame alive
Nylee Mar 2018
Couldn't see the rain before it flooded everywhere.
Nylee Sep 2020
A tangent drawn over
Below looking for cover
Closely following through
Decide against going after
Elevating my view
Further towards the issue
Glued my eyes toward sad side
Happiness doesn't make my guestlist
It has been a while I've felt good
Jinxed my life with overthinking mind
Kind of never been ever kind
Letters and words, I cannot encompass

Much like my dreams that never came true
Not thinking about it doesn't make them go
Ongoing struggle keeping the feelings inside
Pushing it within, to not hinder my work
Quite unsuccessful attempts, and I see day becoming night
Rays turning dark in blink of time
Stars are no longer seen in the night sky
Turn the page over, how do I
Until almost I tear those pages out
Vanishing away is a thought lingering
What good I am currently exploring
Exploring the tweaks of my current life
You wouldn't want to share one with me
Zero is the number of chance, you'd like me.
Nylee Nov 2019
I am fine
The world just wants me sad
They materialize over my weakness
Makes me worry about normalcy
Feed me double my appetite
I think maybe they are right
I do need this and that

Business boom
When everyone is dissatisfied
Lose sleep over cravings
We are always missing out
But I don't need to worry about that
I've to tell me I have enough
I am fine.
Nylee Feb 2019
An account of life
A breathe of air
An ounce of care
Inevitably to live
The plants grow
The water flows
As the wind slows
There is life everywhere
Flying and swimming
Crying and grinning
Crawling on my hand
Unending cycle
With touch it tickles
Surrounding filled infinites
Tinier than tiny
I am killing them all slowly
As I live.
Nylee Jan 2020
What, how, why
Things flying by,
Don't trust,
So random!
Nylee May 2017
A single day,
for the whole life
you loved me,
made me who I am today.
Things that you left behind
and the struggle you went through
to give me better future  .
A single day to express my gratitude
and to apologise for my ill mannered attitude
is not enough
For my Mother
Nylee Jan 20
I'd always die for your attention,
I'd always cry for your attention,
I'd always lie for your attention,
I'd even live, if I get your attention,
Love, care, whatnots, I just need your attention,
It is suffocating, this suppression
attend to this sensation.
Nylee Feb 28
Are we closer or
farther apart from where we started?
are we becoming more or
less human?
we simmer in the water,
existentially becoming bleaker
in a world that is going faster.
Nylee Aug 2020
All that was August
Breezed through just like
                  Wind gust.
Inspired by Taylor Swift song 'August'.
Nylee Oct 2020
Nights are awakening
into the deep sleep.

Terrains keep changing
we need little more time
of the slumber
for the enlightenment
Nylee Dec 2019
I dreamt it
The worst scenario life
I was alive still
Even when I should have.

It is magical
The world so darkened
every beat metal
with my surprising survival.

ferns and thorns
no roses survived long
the sun came down
The eyes are forever sullen.

every good was bad
And bad had taken a worst turn
the sweet was sour
And bitterness had different level

I wanted to end
The dream and both
I'd like to finish
Before it ever starts in real.

Smiles remained
But devoid of slightest joy
voice pained
scratchy and weak.

the steep sleep
And the restless awakening
the sun was up
but eyes remained swollen.
Nylee Aug 2017
Feeling invisible in the light
Shadows in the night
Sun and moon do not know me
the me I never got to be
Nylee Nov 2021
Everything is a lie,
What I see as reality
is just my side of story
A pretty point of view
Live it, believe it,
illusion is beautiful
Nylee Mar 2022

I am a moonchild
Turning colder every night,
Hiding my face,
little more these days

Nylee Sep 2023
I reject you as I look at you from distance
You are just too good for me
Math doesn't math
We can never add up.

... At least before I know you,
You are better off if I leave you as a fantasy
A vision in my head
and don't see your human-ess.

I refuse to see you could be a messy
Always be my fake fantasy.
Nylee May 2019
The perfect has
more than million years to come
Till then let us learn
from all the mistakes we have become
We are far from done
And we already carry this big burden
Nylee Jul 2020
A new year
Adding a number to the age
One year less to go
The life is so unpredictable
Mortality is real.

This could be my last
Isn't it a thought
The end will be my new beginning
Won't it be beautiful
A start with a finish.

It has been a year
And the day is back
A constant reminder
Of a time before when I didn't exist
But then I appeared
To be a speck of universe
So very tiny part.

The day after the day
Is a withdrawal,
No greetings, no messages,
Just left over piece of cake,
But here is the reminder
Call this friend,
It is his birthday now.
Nylee Feb 7
Shed few tears more
Five years are no less
I break my back for you
For seeing the disdain on your face
Gave you more than love
Respect is a bitter fruit

It's all over
Written on my face
Running away from your case
Filing letters of application
Get myself out of this situation

Nights are sleepless
You running like a reel in my brain
Speaking all the words that you said
You read me like a book
But I have coloured all pages

Murky road ahead, future seems dull
I am not meant for this
I should throw away every snip
Track back to the right track
This is all going to be biting back.
Nylee Oct 2017
Blame you no more,
no less too.
Blame me in,
and well within.

Had thoughts,
did things,
and others did too,
finally came the outcomes
so did the blame
another rule of this game.

It starts from one
to another
and slowly it travels
just back to me.
Nylee Sep 2019
A**** real and reality
I follow the blurred real pictures
Which spiral away from divinity
Nylee Nov 2019
To prove that you are right
Don't do something wrong.
Nylee Oct 2019
Whilst the world wilts,
Sunshine dims,
River stills in between,
Winds are hurrying
The seasons are changing.

And we throw another plastic bag
We suffocate our lifestyle
Killing our species in style
Make it harder to breathe.
Nylee Feb 16
Anger flares, then dissipates,
But what remains in its wake?
Do you pace forward, fists ready,
Or stall, your heart ablaze?

In the darkness, do you recount
The lies, the destruction unfold?
Do nightmares and dreams converge,
A story yet untold?

When the anger reemerges,
Do you give it a voice,
A pen to honor its pain,
A chance to make its choice?

It can make you be reckless
It's hard to reign in once it comes
There are innumerable consequence
You don't realise what you become.
Nylee Aug 2020
all in the end
I'll always be unwelcome
whatever i contribute
I will remain invisible
this home won't accept me
but I still stuck around
trying so hard
in vain
one day
it will come
embrace me
I am leaving this place
but in my head
I cannot shake this feeling
that who would accept me
in the road ahead
I'd always be alone
walking through the forest
there is no one to call
my own
I reach the native land
it is by the sea
the waves do not reach me
the cool breeze skip over me
there is the absence of
the sun rays
but I am floating
in this helpless feeling
little more push
and I might just drown
Nylee Sep 2017
I constantly call them up
and cut before
they can reach their phone.
I have so much to tell them
but the voice,
it has nothing to say now.
I really want to communicate
the hurt I felt,
but really they do not deserve that.
It has always  been my problem
and they were part
that had shaped it certain way.
Maybe it was destiny playing its part,
karma leaving its mark,
or me just moving with the dark.
So now,
I leave yet another miss call,
and switched my phone off.
Nylee Jul 2020
Why am I me?
I had a chance
to turn into many
But why did I get
stuck with me
this version,
there are so many bugs
I am always lagging
Often I freeze midway
I am seldom muted
the voice quality
is so mediocre
the display so
why this me
Nylee Sep 2023
Why am I the August girl
always waiting
for the call?
Nylee Apr 2023
I am not your favourite person
it is not right, you know nothing about me
I am a closed book,
don't open me to read,
the empty pages are not yours to fill,
I am normal, don't make me feel bad
It is exceptional, the part you expect me to fill still,
But I am my own person,
Keying my destiny to be apart.
Nylee May 2017
Behind a closed door
There is yet another world
you don't know about
Nylee Apr 2017
Her life had acquired coffee flavour
and she didn't like to be that bitter
She wanted someone with sweetener    
To make her life taste better
Nylee Apr 2018
In depth
there's only fear and disbelief
deeper you will find nothing else
just void

the courage
is only the drop on the surface
wearing it like my favourite dress
not many times

there is rage
it intensifies how I feel
using every other emotions as fuel
it burns them

After the fire
Tired enough not to think much
and in a bad situation as such
I fall asleep

Waking the regret
funnily it keeps on returning
the cycle ongoing
bury it within

I am emotionless
with too many emotions dancing
improved a lot in masking
happy with my newfound skill.
Nylee Mar 2019
It is magical
when the nature creates the world
So perfectly imperfect
That I, a misfit, can fit right in
Nylee Apr 2019
All the praises
    Sweet sugary words
                            need to be ignored
To unearth the truth
Nylee Jun 2020
How is it that you have written a story about me
without even knowing me
How is it that you have translated my feelings
which I have no idea about
How is it that there are hundreds of words I've never used
describing my thoughts exactly
You have drawn me with a single stroke of brush
a replica the mirror can never make
is this my imagination or your imagination
who is creating me
Nylee Aug 2023
If i were to die, i would wish it sooner
There is only misery and bone pains on the crooked paths ahead,
It would be so much easier now,
It will be harder to see the castle crumble later.
Nylee May 2023
Time and time again
I find myself in immense pain
I've been fighting with myself in vain
We've coming into the cycle of unending suffering
In this life, I have nothing to gain
It is all the same through different lens
The answers are hidden inside
But we are not seeking it this time
who has the time, our busy schedule is defined
It will twist again upside down
We've to pay for every crime we do.
Nylee Nov 2017
Why do I pin all my disappointments on the wall
where they sit, stare and call
me to curse and cry
while they laugh on my wasted try.

why do I keep carrying those reminders
they are anything but sweet and tender
their work entails getting me to frown
or few tears, that is even better.

I cannot get rid of those
I am insane to seek them out like that
A ritual to get my daily dose of sadness
as if the day is going to be any less mess.
Nylee Aug 2023
A smooth road,
it is a mirage
A doctored image
The bare feet will feel
the uneven surface
all the rough edges.
Nylee May 2018
Does desire make you happy
or do they take away
the existing happiness?
Nylee May 2017
Build a detachment
over all things
that will hurt .
All the loved
cherished beautiful dreams ,
precious treasured possessions ,
long loved relationships .
all these things
can succeed in
breaking the heart
worst  way  possible
Nylee Oct 2019
I am in constant dilemma
To be them or to be me
Who do I choose
When everyone else is them
And I do not know
Who is me?
Nylee Nov 2019
Every good is dying species
It is rare to find something nice.
It is too late in the living
And I have stopped believing.

There is a creep around every corner
Comes out when naive comes closer,
Changes them to face harsh facts
No one's innocence is intact.

It is lack of justice and law,
Not fast with many flaws.
Lack of security in many places,
discrimination in gender and races.

Everything to consider even,
Odd to think as human.
For a difference of opinion,
No need to show the gun.

Very easy to sit on sofa watching TV
No consequence and no liability
I say my thoughts out loud
I have lot to complain about.

Every beauty is filled with ugly
Covered up nicely
Beneath the skin, an unpleasant view
We sell the same old as brand new.
Nylee May 2023
This place is my journal
Of things I have ever felt
In the only ways
I could have spelt
Nylee Sep 2020
who is the winner,
who is the loser,
ask the ashes, dust and paper.

the papers inked from history
what does it really tell.

the victor of half the world,
he had to surrender too,
who is the real victor
when the time came
and even the greatest empire fell!

A single word in history,
maybe not even that,
like losing identity
with a swish of a spell

Ink the story,
blue, black, deep
where I haven't even been
My ancestor's glory
won't keep the gleam
the light will fade off
the coming years will tell.

A select, an opportunity, a calling
it is coming with the wind,
but what does it really mean
what does it sell?

wise words,
and nothing, well!

No name for the fame,
a letter to begin,
but it is the end, expel.

My end, and yours
we'd leave the world,
leave behind our body
what of the legacy,
is there even one?
I'd be in places,
earth, heaven or hell

would it matter even,
I am going off empty hand
my hands that type won't accompany even.
Nylee Apr 20
Ice-hard, cold, yet I endure,
The tales of old city folks
they capture the essence of the place
For the world's embrace I yearn.
Bed beckons, but I resist,
For in the world, my spirit persists
Nylee Jul 2020
I haven't even touch upon it
All I see is blackness in my dreams
This darkness follows me like shadow
Is it an indicator to a bleak future
Am I made without a cure
Nylee Mar 2019
I bet you are tired now
Coz' you were in my dream
Yesterday night
Running a marathon.
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