life is bittersweet you could say,
you'll die one day
live the rest,
everyday is a chance, a miracle,
things happen,
thick and thin,
yet I'm so happy I get to spend my bittersweet life,
with you and only you,
m y    l o v e
Kim Essary Mar 12
We search hopelessly for the love of our life. Basic reality leaves us to compare in most of the choices that we make ,  
Problem is we choose the things appealing to our eyes and leave the the rest alone  
Perfect point to understand the worth of a gem, some cut and polished and shine like the sun but once touched by the hands of man the worth of the gem is less valuable in comparison to the love we find the value of a beaten soul that's been torn and hurt by another, when you see her bruised face you pass her by for she wasn't appealing to your eyes.
Have you ever inquired the behind the scenes of a gem at the glance of it when it's dug from the ground, beneath the dirt and mud tossed and turned and beaten by mother nature and her wrath, it's initial find much like the passing of the bruised , is tainted by this world we live , ever wondered in your closed mind the true value of it's worth   go beyond what appeals at your first glance , wipe the Earths  scum from the gem and shine it up now do the same for the person you passed that another person abused, take them in let their bruises heal get to know their true worth, for the next time you walk about on a life journey in search of a gem or true love , don't pick the ones that are so appealing to your eyes , dig through the rubbel or see through the bruises and there my friend is the finest most expensive beauty of a gem and the true love your in search of  to spend the rest of your life with.  Beauty is only skin deep but knowing what's beyond the skin and outer core of appeal is the find I would treasure much more than the fakeness of the appeal
A man is only as good as his word and with every book to get to the end you must start at the beginning , you will never know the book by judging what's on the cover just like you will never know the worth of the gem until you remove the tainted earth.  For the things we see on the outside may not be what they tell are on the inside
Kaede Feb 20
I still care too much for a shadow that had once loved me.
And of course, the shadow can't be blame for that.
Bee Feb 18
no good were the rucksacks from Tuesday afternoon.
fragile reminders of forest forts,and magic tricks.
folded away, forgotten like
the tepid tranquil locket in my sister’s top

drawer---claims ee inspired her(Never,capitalize)
windows of opportunity

ensue the missed fortune that’s taking a break.
occasions like obstacles
like the river
like the hills
like landmines
adjusting the kingdom.
chances are drawbridges or
stumbling blocks and barriers of
possibilities and anticipation.
monumental castles and adjoining log cabins,
the raw pecking orders.

shore up your nearest and dearest
to    lower case
memorial mountain.
out of harm’s way with tiptoes of an
ostensible signature claim to fame.

(EE Cummings couldn’t have found the words)
Amber Meza Feb 6
These feelings.
They don't come and go.
They are eternal.


Forgiveness is not something easy to come by.
I have to remind myself not to give in so easily.
Do they deserve the second chance?
Do I deserve the pain that may come with it?

I don't.
astrid Feb 4
i should've jumped off the cliff for you,
let the rocks throw themselves through my shattered soul
had my bruises cut open even more
and still run with my bloodshot eyes
paving a way through my cloudy sky,
struggling to avoid the muddy waters
as i keep my heart all still and complete;
for you to gratify again and again
to be sure you won't let me down.

jumping off a cliff wouldn't hurt as much;
one leap would have my life shut
with my hands tightly fisted with cuts.
i will let you dig my grave
their tears blotting the casket.
but i'd like to feel yours, how they stream;
how your eyes puff out when you scream
to make me stay, to make sure i stay
insist my death to delay.

my heart will stay with yours, dear
until its last beat cries out your name
my organs might detoriate
but my mind will keep our fate.
now lying ice-cold with my filth,
my heart pumps its faint droplet
circulating all the regrets and guilt
why i didn't take a ride
to jump off that cliff.
Rose Feb 1
Can we turn days into new beginning?
Can we mix up colours of life and put into painting?
Can we bring back time when there's no pain?
Can we be friends, again?

Can we dance to the tune of life together?
Can we take life's steps without fear?
Can we leave what's unbearable to find new gain?
Can we be friends, again?

Can we take away all those gloomy remnants of the past?
Can we rewrite a new story that will last?
Can we build bridge of friendship despite our differences?
Can you take chances?
Alex Jan 22
A single tear slides down your cheek.
Every morning at 3am the girl decides it's time to rid herself of her pain.
Your stomach is tightening. She would take a shower or rather sit down in the water and cry for an hour. Your throat is closing
Cry for the heartbreak, the hope and chances she gives because in the end no matter how many times she avoids the word she's always going to be just a FRIEND. Your light headed and shivering,
the water is cold. Your numb not just from the water, oh dear; your emotions went down the drain with your tears. You turn the water off. Sit in your towel before climbing into bed and falling asleep with nothing inside your usually chaotic head.
Mister J Jan 12
She's someone you love
And someone you've hurt
No matter what you did
How far you've fallen
How distant you've become

She'll open her arms wide
Welcome you to her embrace
Give you rest after all the pain
She'll give you another chance
And she'll say
"No matter what, my son,
I'll still love you."
I love you Mom.
Stara Jan 9
You told me you know you lost me forever
Because it wasn't you
Kissing me on that train

But you paved the way to lose me
when you pushed me away
When you hurt me
again and again

You led yourself to lose me
when you didn't kiss the wounds you made
When you never even tried to apologize
You lost me in dishonesty

You lost me when you told your ex we were over,  
before I left
You lost me when you lied
You lost me in your disrespect

You continued to lose me every time you disappeared
You lost me in your selfishness
And in your spiritless attempts to mansplain
how you miss me

To build me up
just to ignore me
and stab my bleeding heart
The heart I am kissing back to life

You lost me when you never
came after me
And when you didn't make an effort
to bring me home

You lost me when you weren't there for me
when I needed you most

You lost me when you took your hurt out on me
You lost me in the hurt you inflicted on my soul
You lost me when I finally had the strength to leave
You lost me by doing nothing
when I did

You lost me in your inner pain
You lost me when you let that pain
turn you into a monster
You lost me when you let that monster
turn you into a coward

You lost me by stonewalling me
when I opened my heart
to your pain

You lost me because you don't care
more than an inch in front of you
You lost me because you say you do care
You lost me because your words bare no meaning
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