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the broken, ask God
not for forever.
but for another chance at love.
I think we get hurt to learn and grow. Not to run away from love.
Poolza Feb 12
Light shines through window
Opportunity is close
I didn't open
A shaky breath on a window-
fogging the glass-
I draw a smile in it-
the condensation runs down-
and now the smile cries-
and I wonder-
do you think about me-
because sometimes-
on days like today-
I think of you-
and the missed chances-
and I think of you-
and the wasted time-
and I think of you-
and I get nostalgic-
and I think of you-
I think of you.
CM Lee Jan 29
The both of us were too guarded
Too scared for good things to end
We couldn’t risk it, so we stayed friends
Far too many words left unsaid

We messed around, fooled around
Didn’t expect we’d end up on the ground
Chances lost, never to be found
Who knew this is how it would go down

Tragic how our story went so far
Some things are just better apart
This might be the chance for a new start
Let’s just leave our memories to the stars

Maybe somewhere down the line,
We’d meet and say we’re fine
And we would really mean it this time
Who knows? We might even share a pint

It’s about time we hand this all to fate
Put them in a box and leave it at the gate
Go down the road on our separate ways
And with any luck, I might see you again someday
Paras Bajaj Jan 18
A part of me hopes,
you would read this.
A part of me hopes,
you would understand this too.

A part of me misses you,
with every breath I take.
A part of me knows,
that you miss me too.

A part of me feels,
heavy when I write.
A part of me feels,
light when it's about you.

A part of me thinks,
I will erase you from my brain.
A part of me believes,
someday we would meet again.

---Poetry by Paras.
Sometimes the same people you love are the same people you need to stay away from.
Sourodeep Jan 14
Bang on the wall
thoughts got stuck
after another painful fall,
she just ran out of luck.
Blake Jan 5
You weren't right then because of my age,
You weren't right then because of my situation,
You're not right now because of my circumstances,
But your there,
Inside me
Maybe we can not be so right together finally
as mother and daughter x
Ivan Brooks Sr Dec 2018
To Some people,every new year is like death.
For you don't know what's beyond the sky.
To many people,it represents a total rebirth.
So they they celebrate it without being shy.

To a few of us,a new day is a second chance
A chance to say sorry,correct or make amends.
To those who utilize it,celebrate with a dance.
Dance to the beats of many marching bands.

Sillo Anderson Dec 2018
A product of disciplinary mounting anger for shameful pleasures.
Saturated by agonizing defeat, plastering the souls of humanity.
Solely for self assurance of days being free, without subsidies replacing traditional beliefs
Nurturing concealed possessions soon to be free
Upon a dynasty we all fail to feel.
But sanity knows of me
And sacrifices taking places of serenity.
Though struggles grow profoundly
An instinct isn’t considered a gift
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