She's someone you love
And someone you've hurt
No matter what you did
How far you've fallen
How distant you've become

She'll open her arms wide
Welcome you to her embrace
Give you rest after all the pain
She'll give you another chance
And she'll say
"No matter what, my son,
I'll still love you."

I love you Mom.
jas Jan 5

heart pounds in my chest
this feeling has me wrecked
my mind going reckless
but thinkin bout you makes me stress less
ideally i never let anyone in
why start something i'm scared to begin
all they really do is leave in the end
lately about you i've been questionin
you really find ways to get under my skin
you shine on my world & light up my heart
looking at you like my fav piece of art
talking to you from sunrise to dark
you touch my skin , leaving your mark
what if i take a chance and leap
well shit than i'm falling to deep
i see you in my dreams , at night when i sleep
the memories we share , forever i will keep

day four of 365.
Nylee Dec 2017

There is a new day coming
With the old year going,
And I'm hopeful to not lose hope
Optimist to not become a pessimist
Expecting all the unexpected
After this last day well rested.
Tossing chances,
Lets see what comes hence.

jace Dec 2017

And now I look from here
   The chances I have wasted
      But the only chances I have wasted
         Were those I never wanted

A'ishah Dec 2017

We hold on to people
that hurt us, but when
its time to let them go
were afraid, afraid of
what you ask? afraid of
loving them, because
no matter how much
they had done hurt you
they still hold a special
place in your heart.
and here something
else that your afraid of,
afraid of being hurt, afraid
of loving again and
all you get in return
is a broken heart.
but sometimes all
all you have to do is
because if they done
hurt you some many
times and you give
them chances after chances
but they still tend to hurt you
then they DON'T LOVE YOU.
simple as that

tamia Dec 2017

This is a rebirth—
I will bid farewell to all this hurting,
I will shed this skin along with what I once felt,
and leave a little thank you note on the fridge
for all the bad days when I felt like sinking into my bed to disappear.

This is a reincarnation—
I'll revel in the familiarity of days long gone like past lives,
I'll listen again to the songs I loved when I was fourteen
and perhaps find new meanings,
I'll search for the innocence I lost to time and age,
and hang on to every bit of soul and memory I can muster.

This is a renaissance—
Little by little I shall rediscover my body and heart,
My soul will awaken with curiosity and be fuelled with a lust for life,
I'll fall in love once more with the world in a different light.

This is the revolution—
It's the dawn of a new age of knowing my own worth.
I have allowed myself to feel and hurt, to love and lose.
Like rebuilding a fallen civilization
I will step forward defiantly and vulnerably,
I will love myself and live unlike before.

Cheryl Dec 2017

some people said that
life is all about the chances that we take, and the chances that we didn't take
well it depends
some chances are not worth to be taken
so don't do the unnecessary
that's a way to survive in this cruel life
be smart people


sorry for the errors
Atomika Dec 2017

I look upon the door in front of me
Chances adding, subtracting it seems
I wish I can do more than the usual means
We're all still hoping for change right?

Inside me, lives a plethora of inner thoughts
Many things I live for and also things I wasted for nought
In the star-filled sky I wish for more
Even just someone I can adore

But we all have wishes besides what's inside me
Some may be living, some may be suffering
I am only a speck of dust in a bigger picture
I am part of the joint in a wider mixture

So what I wish and wish it may tell what my life would be
In this hand of mine, filled with possibility
Tell me your story and I'll tell mine
As our perspectives are different
But they all intertwine

It was just a spur of the moment poem xD I hope you find it interesting
Kee Dec 2017

You were right.
He only meant to use you for your body
And not your brains
All for your looks
And not your intellect
He wanted you for one thing
And not the rest
He was just another person
Wasting your time
And another person
Telling you lies
He was just another person
Just an excuse
And he made you question why
He just lied to you
So he could get his nut off
And have fun
While you cry
And he smiles
While you die inside
And you wish you never took the chance
Because you got hurt again
And although it won’t be the last time
It’s going to hurt for a while

Tristan Brown Nov 2017

There she was
Helpless as could be
Something so simple
Yet was breaking her heart

And there I was
In the seat next to her
All I did was watch
As the tears rolling down her face
Became wet spots on the paper
Haunting the rest of her days

In life it seems
We only see opportunities
Once the chance to take them
Is gone

Opportunity to say the words
We've been wanting to say

Opportunity to save the day
Of the person we've always wanted to say

Opportunity to do what's right

I look back and all I see
All I see is
missed opportunities

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