Kelsey Chupp Oct 7

so we leap
taking daring chances
into the things we do not know
but holding onto the feeling
that it will be worth it

ST Rossa Sep 26

To see you smile,
I'd write a comedy with a golden backdrop,
to set the right stage.
I have not yet heard you speak,
but how much i would give for a simple whisper.

Poor fool,
deluded in this delusion
wishing and silently screaming for you to turn,
look at me and know that I am here.

Like an eternal after, I'd wait for a gesture of yours
to put myself at your feet,
and when I see come my way
the sweet on my palate tells me
that your going to stop and stay.

But I end up swallowing bitter,
when you keep on going
and you pass me by.

I don't know if it's too late for us
but I miss you and for what it's worth I still want to get lost in you
in all your fears and layers and all the reasons you left the first time and all the others you won't again
and I wouldn't mind if you stayed long enough to watch the seasons change
and I don't want to dive into you
but maybe if I dipped my toes in the water I'd eventually drown and I  really wouldn't mind at all

Poetic T Sep 19

Liability was sewn into the
threads of what'd been given
                        but you threaded
every single chance..

You can only wear  promises
                             so many times...

If it takes 11 messages
To get 10 "seens"
Picking up your phone 9 times
Talking to 8 friends
With 7 telling you to forget it
But 6 thoughts run in your head
And 5 are pretty good ones
I'd think 4 words
Regret it maybe 3 times
But after 2 deep breaths
I'd take that 1 good chance
And say,

"Maybe we could work"

And by "we," I meant the 2 of us.
We'll count to 3, and the  we'll be
Happier and louder than the 4th of July.
Our hands meet; ten fingers become 5,
After 6, the sky is bleak
But we have 7 more hours to sleep.

By 8, we have coffee and conversation
And you leave me after 9 train stations
I ride alone for 10 more minutes
You've already left 11 new messages
I called you and you pick up at the 12th ring

I said, "come home," and I hear you crying

So maybe we go round gain
Here and there, tying knots and ends
For if a countdown ever would be
I wish the best for you and me

Because numbers are there
So things may seem fair
But truth is, no matter the stage
It is with you I'd like to age

Another artist made it better, so we continued the story.

He was sitting alone
Not looking for romance
Carefully reading his menu
Not just giving it a casual glance

He smiled at a picture
Of a boy munching down
On a burger twice his size
It reminded him of his son

His divorce had been difficult
Causing him great pain and sorrow
But tonight he put it out of his mind
Not wanting trouble to borrow

Then he saw her

She entered the diner
Not looking for passion
She was in a relationship with a good man
On whom she had invested all her affection

She sat in a booth
Spinning the ring on her finger
Smiling secretly to herself
She on him her mind did linger

The waitress broke her revelry
Asking for her drink order
She took the menu and looking up smiled
Suddenly her heart began to beat harder
Because she saw him

His heart leapt within his chest
As he spied the most lovely woman he had ever seen
She sat in a booth not far away
Like Cleopatra, a beautiful queen

He knew he was staring
He couldn’t stop his gaze
He felt himself pulled to her
Like a rat caught in a maze

He stood to go to her

She gasped at the look in his eyes
She felt heat rising inside
She wondered if she should go
But his look filled her with pride

She saw him stand to join her
And quickly looked away
She thought to remove her ring from her finger
But decided it must stay

She stood to leave

His heart fell into the abyss
As he saw her gather her things to leave
He knew that the fire in his soul
Would cause him to forever grieve

She left and married her man
She had known before that fateful day
She often dreamed of a stranger in a diner
Who had stolen her heart away

They never met

Give me everything
Your heart
your soul and more
Invest in our love and let it grow

alan Aug 12

open door
I'm out here searching for something more
it's something that is in front of me
I know
but it's something that I can't see
window pane
I'm trapped behind the chances I had
I'm stuck behind the dirty glass
peering through the broken cracks
because I'm stuck
in the past
thinking of what I could've had.

2:59 AM

when you find yourself entangled in your own empty bed sheets
9 pm on a Tuesday and thinking of my velvet skin
when you begin to miss me and my wild thoughts and the way I never knew better than to speak them
keep it to yourself
don't you dare tell me about the way you turn over at 4 am and forget I'm not there to pull closer
don't call and say you wish you would've done things differently because God knows I gave you that chance
don't be selfish anymore
just let me be and let me believe you didn't care the way I always thought you did

Mars Jul 31

One day in a dream
   I talked my brother​ into
          swimming in the ocean
A long shot
       He doesn't swim anywhere
              And seldom speaks to anyone
But he agreed
          And because he did
                    Its my belief
        We were rewarded with treasure

We swam for miles
To washed up boats attached to tired docks of the homes of greedy folks
Laughing hysteric
        while pushing limits
                 Touching what wasn't ours
From there to an island
Where no one lived
But as I look back
   He was somewhere else
     On his own quest
   I climbed a hill to see him
And at my feet
Pulled out of the rocks
Just what was needed
My own personal treasure chest
An amplifier
      with a microphone attached

               I think there's no way it works
Washed for years in countless tides
But Im always wrong
The universe always provides
     Flipping it on I dont hesitate
             Clear my throat
  And proudly sing like a fool
He tells me what he had found
             I found a voice
Making our way back to town
I follow
And very loudly thank my brother
For swimming
       to that vacant beach
                   with me that day

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