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lake Sep 10
i need to find some strength
to get through today
cause the more that i wait
i might make a mistake

cause everything happens for a reason
and flowers never bloom out of season
it never goes according to plan
with my feet still stuck in the sand

it's all just target practice
i miss and miss till i got it
i never really aimed correctly
but once in awhile i get lucky

most of the time i'm tired
of all these shots i've fired
and i don't have what's required
and the date has now expired
OC Sep 10
The truth is
There’s always dishes to do
a floor to mop up
a phone call to make
food to cook
fences to paint
people to see
about a dog, about a cat

About a life
you never own up to
because of all the little hurdles
all the small achievements
you rake in your confined Zen garden
neatly piling skipping stones
as if boulders don’t exist outside
as if there’s no mountains that require scaling
as if the big issues
Who you are? Why you are? When will you be?
are not looming over in the distance
casting shadow in the twilight of your days

The truth is
all these notches on your belt
are the sum effort of your laying lows
the trophies for your standing stills
the “what if”s you stifle into the pillow
because you know the odds
never scale with the effort

Truth is
minimal struggle dictates the average
but you decide on the endeavor
blessed are the meek
for they shall inherit the barrens
13th installment in this series of poems inspired by physics (for details, read the first one in the series here: Shared this with a struggling friend recently, let him know we all struggle.

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Nicole Aug 18
take every chance you get
every single one
cause right now
all i feel is regret
for not taking that chance
on us
Kiahlee Jul 6
You don't know why I like you,
So I wrote this poem just to tell you.
I really like how u try,
To make me smile when I cry,
The way u talk about finding a happily ever after.
I even love the sound of ur laughter.
The way u smile, and make funny faces,
All just to make me smile.
You and your charming personality,
Is the best part of my reality.
I can't get u out of my head,
I think about u before I go to bed.
And I'm hoping I don't scare u away,
Because I think u maybe the one...I pray.
I don't see myself with anybody else but you.
And I'm hoping you can be my Boo.
So I wrote this poem so u can know,
I want to be more than just a bro.
I'm sending this to my crush so wish me luck!
sophia Jul 2
I usually give people more chances then they deserve.

But when I’m done,

Who else does this
Of all the things
That I can be
I choose to mope around
And wait for things
To “let it be”
Sometimes I contemplate
Wether this life is unfair
Everyone gets second chances
While I just sit right over there

I’ve gone to search
For something new
But my imagination
Puts me in Jupiter’s many moons
I’m overzealous of things yet untouched
I wish that I could see
Like the Hubble and its keen eye
But not even a team of experts
Can cure me from my obstinate personality
So I let your records play
To the tune of my gloomy days

I can see the universe and its anomalies
I try to comprehend this world
But I can’t for the life of me
But I don’t need to if you’re ever by my side
Knowledge can be power
But love may never die

So when I’m overwhelmed
With what I don’t know
Let’s take a trip
To all these parts unknown
Where all the lizards can reside
I want to go
Let’s watch this sunset
For tomorrow is never known
Bhill Jun 28
How many chances
How many opportunities
How many failures...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 158
Sometimes you just want to know.
Aidan Jun 20
I trusted you
I trusted you and I have been forgotten.
I have been forgotten and left to deal with the never ending abyss that is my mind.
What have I done to cause this?
What have I done to be left all alone in this world.

The reality checks that we get are unique to all of us but what really defines who we are is how we react to it.
It's how we use this wake up call to our advantage rather than let it be our downfall.

But you have let it get the best of you.
Reality has told you something that you did not wish to hear so you turned the other way.
Away from the truth.
You chose to ignore the pain rather than fight through it.
Rather than take it as a lesson and learn from it.

You chose the easy way out.
In most cases, I would agree with your decision but not now.
This was the wrong time to choose to escape.
This was the wrong time to choose to abandon hope of change.
Change comes around regardless and it is up to us to be there for when it arrives.
Change leads to many great things in life
Change can also lead to various horrific things

I trusted you and you left me to fend against the truth by myself
You left but I will still welcome you back with open arms.
I will still allow you the second chance to let me down
I will still allow you the chance to escape once more.

Maybe I need the lesson in who to trust
But it's you who needs the lesson in fighting.
This poem is about not having someone in your corner at the most detrimental time. About the fact that even though they left, you would still give them a chance to do it all over again.
Tai Roberts May 22
I always wonder,
Why do we have to mess everything up?
Intelligence is the most beautiful and most terrible thing,
Because without intelligence we would be nothing,
And with it, we are the cause of destruction.

I always wonder,
Do we have another chance?
If we could change our ways, would we?
Or would we choose to carry out our lives with acts of cruelty?
Because as far as I can see,
It's easier to ignore the things that stand in plain sight.

I always wonder,
Are any of us innocent?
We don't blame the water when it kills something,
But we blame our kind for returning the favour.
Is that because we can feel pain?
Feel the burden of existence?

Now I wonder,
Is redemption even possible?
Because at the end of the world,
There won't be a second chance to offer us comfort,
And we will cease to exist,
With a stain on our infinite legacy.
A short poem on change, chances and legacies.
You were mine first
Before you were his
Do you remember
The park we visited every Saturday?
I still go
Just to remember
And to smile
And, sometimes, to cry
Because we missed our chance
All those years ago
I let you go
And now here you are
Smiling with him
Why didn’t I tell you
How I felt?
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