To you
I was never really fond of surprises
Then you came
The day I met you
I was glad to have found someone I get along with
That wasn’t the surprise
The surprise was when you first cheered my name
And how I wanted you to cheer me all the way
I wasn’t surprised when you walked me home
What surprised me was when I didn’t feel home when you walked away
So for many weeks or months
My heart jumps because of the surprise of you in everyday
So for many weeks or months
I wasn’t sure
And that’s not knew
I think I was never really certain of anything
I was never really certain of anything until there was you
And it’s funny how one I’m very sure of
Still surprises me
Like the night you tucked my hair behind my ear
Underneath the streetlamp
No brighter than you who have given light
In the past few months of chaos
Your eyes shined like they wanted to stay
It wasn’t surprising when you asked me if I like you, the next day
But I was surprised because, “I like you,” was all you wanted to say
The first time you said you love me
I wish I’ve said it before you did
I was pretty sure I’ve felt that way a long time ago
And it has been a while since those times
I couldn’t say it was a surprise when we ended
Neither was the fact that I didn’t want it too
It was amazing
How I waited for shooting stars and 11:11s
How I wanted to go back in time and make things better
How I tried to tell you and show you
That some things didn’t change
I still love you
I still love you
I couldn’t say it was a surprise when I stopped hearing that
But I was sure of what a surprise it is when you came back
You showed me what love is
In colors
Wrapped in silver and gold
When you looked at me
I saw what those stories told
In winks and glances
I am not letting go of any more chances
It was not a surprise that my heart still beats the same track
And I will replay over and over
That time you told me, “You’re not alone anymore,”
What a surprise that was right after all this time
When you hugged me
You picked up the pieces I thought were lost forever
Yes, you
I am not really fond of surprises
But you were the best yet.
I thought I've posted this already.
There are times when chances should be taken.
Times where these opportunities are seen.
And that's all that life is--always taking.
Always not.
But don't misunderstand.
That just because I hadn't took the chance,
hadn't meant that I had not seen it.
welp, another poem for the night
Ge Marquez Jun 28
In this vast galaxy powdered with glitter,
(each more bizarre than the other)
two lone stars drifted too close,
fluttering amicably as planets and moons pass them by –
shyly gleaming in the clouds or
slyly glinting sparks to the Sun:
destined to fall out of orbit whizzing to detonate a
So trace your fingers up my spine until you’re just below the top then tear away the skin until you find your way to my heart.
It’s been so long since it’s seen sun it’s felt so alone. Neglected and rejected, yeah, we’ve faced this world alone. So take her if you want her, we’ve recovered twice before. We’ve heard boys say “you’re all I want” then walk right out the door. She’s been racing at the thought of you it’s hard for her to breathe so take her deep inside your soul and make your home with me.
Willow Jun 16
She doesn’t deserve a chance
You’ve given hundreds more
Than she would ever need
All while she slept comfortably.

She doesn’t deserve a chance
You’ve offered thousands more
Than she would ever realized
All while she viewed simply.

She doesn’t deserve a chance
You’ve offerend millions more
Than she would ever believe
All while she thought easily.

I deserve the precious chance
You haven’t offered one
That I would take with love
All while I dreamt widely.

I deserve a chance.
Why give chances to people who are not worthy of them? Why not save your heart for the ones who care about you?
Onomatopiyya Jun 14
Every time it comes
The air burns
We suffocate but still
Everything is good

No, no drinking
Nor eating
That's the term
Through the sacred month

Every smile has its tears
Every game has its rules
Every start has its ends and
So this sacred month

Still we hope to be
With you again
Still we hope to see
You come back to us again

It's either we stop
Nor time stops
It's either we take all the chances
Or we take everything for granted

Choices are in our hands
Has always been
Since the first time
Our heart beats

Be wise or otherwise
Goodbye Ramadan, may He accept all our good deeds ❤
Gale L Mccoy Jun 12
my body craves joy
for that I surround myself
             I. in bright colors and chances
             in hopes I can catch them
             when I’m ready
             II. in false flora and sturdy plants
             that stay even when i dont
             that thrive even when I wont
i keep a fan blowing
on me at all times
so that I remember
what movement feels like
rin May 6
the store that never actually sells
but only gives if you'd ask
had finally closed.

not that money had been an issue
lady owner just finally felt resignation on her knees
missing driving at late night
without worrying about who might have broken
through the backdoor

as it always happens.

but that night before she could pick up her keys
someone by the front door stepped in.
bizarre, he didn't ask to get something
he came to give
flowers of a rare kind she fancies.

never did he asked for anything
except for coffee
but she only make black
and so she said apologies
afraid it's rude not to have milk
but the man only smiled and simply accepted it.

and since that night she didn't feel the need to leave anymore.

the store is still closed
but he is in
and everything she has to offer on display
of nothing really but insignificance are there
for him to see or to even pick up is up to him.
Damaris ZA Apr 26
Step by step
Into the silhouettes of failure.
And letting it sallow me whole.
For that is who I am.
Everything that means so much to me has no value for I am nothing, to this world.
Madeleine Apr 24
You knew I would be yours
the moment you laid eyes on me
                                        Looking at you I wanted something more
                                        but I clearly didn't see
You asked me out one night in my car
hoping to hear a yes
                                        my thoughts lingered far
                                        till a day or two later you got a yes
we set a date to go to the mall
playing mini golf and eating at Bubba Gump Shrimp
                                       I had put up a small wall
                                      dressing in jeans and a sweatshirt feeling a bit
You seemed as if you wanted to hold my hand
but couldn't get to it
                                   I admit I was nervous but wouldn't let you land
                                   even though I would have been lit
We left and I dropped you off at home
Hoping to be another day
                                        I felt a bit alone
                                        but I know I had more to say
I managed to be like glue and stick
you wanted to see me more but not over tea
                                       One day, for two months I got sick
                                       that wasn't my plan you see
you came and stayed
holding me in your arms
                                      I felt so weak all I could do was pray
                                      You had me under your spell of charms
Months later here we are
stuck tighter than glue and more like tar
                                     I'm glad you asked me
                                    giving you a change was the best thing
                                    I almost didn't see
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