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Jayantee Khare Oct 2023
Somewhere between
Tears and smiles
Simplicity and styles

Somewhere between
Earth and sky
Bold and shy

Somewhere between
Vogue and ethnicity
Chaos and tranquility

Somehow we are
Little weak but strong
We get along
the sailing stones
were thought to be
a phenomenon
it was incomprehensible
that a rock
the inanimate
     of all inanimates
should show signs
     of movement
here was mystique
here was mystery
perhaps a message
left by
cosmic energies
higher beings
there could have been
in never knowing
in letting
     the idea remain

we cannot bear
the unexplained;
where the miraculous
is founded
   in uncertainty
we must probe
and pry
until an answer
is found
whether for benefit

perhaps a balance
can be found
between the known
and what remains
acceptably unknown
the intrigue
and enchantment
are marred by
the bland
     the sterile
          the prosaic
koketso Nov 2021
It's in the struggle of achieving dreams where adversity introduces a man to himself.
Those are the same moments where you brawl with the inadequacies that plague you. The grotesque sight of failed expectations and debacles that burden your mental like a clogged bathtub.

I've met myself on many occasions in the heat of adversity.
Each man different than the last, because I rejected each mediocre version of myself and demanded more - better!
I have done this until there was no more to meet.

I can't tell you who I am, but for the first time in many moons...I have met the person I worked so hard to be and just for a brief moment, I can finally be content with who I am.
Au Oct 2020
my visions
aren't even mine,
to begin with.
Nylee Jul 2020
Why am I me?
I had a chance
to turn into many
But why did I get
stuck with me
this version,
there are so many bugs
I am always lagging
Often I freeze midway
I am seldom muted
the voice quality
is so mediocre
the display so
why this me
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
In this Ordinary Swoon
by Michael R. Burch

In this ordinary swoon
as I pass from life to death,
I feel no heat from the cold, pale moon;
I feel no sympathy for breath.

Who I am and why I came,
I do not know; nor does it matter.
The end of every man’s the same
and every god’s as mad as a hatter.

I do not fear the letting go;
I only fear the clinging on
to hope when there’s no hope, although
I lift my face to the blazing sun

and feel the greater intensity
of the wilder inferno within me.

Keywords/Tags: swoon, life, death, ordinary, commonplace, usual, average, mediocre, inferno, intensity, passion, cool, cold, pale, moon, blazing, sun
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