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Nylee Oct 20
After all this.
I was only meant to die.

not even a speck of dust,
in this entire universe,
I am an indistinct part of the dark night sky
Nylee Jul 18
A new year
Adding a number to the age
One year less to go
The life is so unpredictable
Mortality is real.

This could be my last
Isn't it a thought
The end will be my new beginning
Won't it be beautiful
A start with a finish.

It has been a year
And the day is back
A constant reminder
Of a time before when I didn't exist
But then I appeared
To be a speck of universe
So very tiny part.

The day after the day
Is a withdrawal,
No greetings, no messages,
Just left over piece of cake,
But here is the reminder
Call this friend,
It is his birthday now.
She wants to feel again
What I have never felt.

She wants to see again
What I had thought unreal.

I want to fade to black
But don’t want her to cry.

We are a couple birds
Slowly falling from the sky.
For you, am I just
Nathalie Dec 2019
In the light of dark
I choose to follow
this luminous light
There are no curves
in reaching this brightening
speck; reaching for me
from a distance which
knows no end.

Glenn Currier Jul 2019
I open the big glossy book
full of beautiful illustrations
galaxies, nebulae, moons and stars
cross into my view
as I travel its pages
I’m awe-struck.

In the black background
clusters of color and light
this page-turning cosmic flight
humbles me
a tiny speck
in the expanding universe.

Dark matter
dark energy
dot this inner space
wasted moments
in scattered remnants
undetectable by astronomy
or particle physics
in this collapsing sun.

Thank God for the stars
in my universe
who need no telescope
or cosmic observatory
to enter the inner space
to trace and find the heart
and grace
in this still expanding speck.
Written after again paging through a wonderful book I got several years ago: Voyage Across the Cosmos, A Journey to the Edge of Space and Time by Giles Sparrow.  Also after watching an episode of Nova on PBS entitled A Black Hole Universe.
Jaxey Jul 2019
I feel like a star
so small from afar
yearning for someone to come closer
and see that I'm more
than just another speck in the sky
come closer please
✦      .   ·   ✦       ✵ .     *    
the silence of the moon
   ˚ .      ✦   ˚ ✦ ·      + .       .    ✵ · ⋆           . ✫ ✵           . .  ✷  * · · . ✵ .    ·
⋆   .
   ˚ .      ✦   ˚ ✦ ·      + .  is timeless
and I wish  ⋆   .
   ˚ .      ˚  ·      + .  
⋆   .
   ˚ .      ✦   ˚ ·      + .  for a minor second
✦   + .   *       .   ·          ✵ .      *     ⋆ .  . *
   ˚ .      .   ✦    ⋆   . *    ˚ .       ˚  ·      + .  
that I was more
  + .   *    .   .   ·   ✦       ✵ .      *     ⋆   . *    + .       .    ✵ · ⋆           . ✫ * · · . ✵ .    ·
⋆   . *
   ˚ .         ˚  ·      + .  than a speck
of human dishonesty ⋆   .
   ˚ .         ˚  ·      + .  
⋆   .
   ˚ .         ˚  ·      + .  and instead+ *.   *    ✷   .   ·   ✦       ✵     *     ⋆   . *
a star
fallen from
the sky.
what are we
dust of the cosmos?
Jabin Aug 2018
Mountains watching over
open vein streaming
pushed through from
Creatures singing war songs
sheltering their love.
Secret wind
Crumbling avalanche,
at time’s tipping point.
No warning,
just down.
Speck of floating earth rock
spinning forever,
tree seed stretch
in space.
Silencing thunderstorm,
one moment,
to remember life
Roaring fire comfort,
stories of the gods
to guide us
But the season’s changing
compassion choking
yet good keeps
Sweet filling lung intake
scent of the flower,
the hilltop lilly.
The children reveal truth,
adults are hiding
the sunrise
Hannah Beasley Feb 2018
A black kitten stumbles towards me
Its young features-
Prominent in the thick fog
The kitten, teetering on its small paws

I kneel down-
In these looming clouds
This kitten-
She rubs her head
against my outstretched hand

This poor little guy,
Not knowing where to go
Such a small speck in this big, big world

The fog blinds me for a moment-
And the kitten was gone
K Balachandran Oct 2017
Countless stunning specks of diamonds,
the opulent night sky proudly displays,
for the eyes of  both believers and heretics.
Writes scintillating alphabets of beauty that spells,
eternity in millions of wondrous ways stunning us,
in colors of star lights that stare,twinkle,wink,
or keep a stoic silence,for us  from the firmament,
thereby displaying all the answers to questions,
even the ones, that one failed to ask, in the first place$
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